Vladivostok, A World Apart

Embodying a fascinating coastline and natural landscape, Vladivostok still retains the Europeanstyled architectures. As the starting point and end point of Eurasia, its beautiful scenery far away from the city displays a unique sight to travellers.



海參崴有三美 : 美景、美食和美女。五官精緻、身材火辣的俄羅斯美女構成了街頭亮麗的風景,這裏也是享受海鮮與帝皇蟹的美食之地,至於要欣賞經典的俄式建築的醉人景色,就一定要到訪這座建於1912年的海參崴火車總站,特具歐式建築風格,月台上有着西伯利亞鐵路紀念碑,上邊鐫刻着9288公里——世界最長鐵路的總長度,西起莫斯科,東至海參崴,穿越87個城市。這裏既是西伯利亞鐵路的終站,也是遠東的起點,這是人生總要瀟洒坐一回的夢想號列車。

Starting Point of the Siberian Railway

Vladivostok has been a battleground for the military since ancient times. It has now become the bridgehead of the Russian Siberian continent and the home to the Russian Navy Pacific Fleet. However, the rigor ambiance of military here can be hardly caught since the locals are always polite and the drivers are very kind to pedestrians.

Famous for its scenery, food, and beauties, Vladivostok offers both delicious seafood like king crabs and amazing street scene of girls with extreme beauty. As for witnessing the intoxicating classic scenery of Russian architecture, the Vladivostok Railway Station is exactly the place. Built in the European style in 1912, the station has a Siberian railway monument on the platform which marks the end of the Siberian railway and the starting point of the Far East. Siberian railway – the world’s longest railway, with a total length of 9,288 km travelling through 87 cities, from Moscow in the west to Vladivostok in the east, often serves as an aspiration to embark the dream journey of countless travellers.


海參崴的海港每年總有四個月會結上一層薄薄的冰,但借助破冰船一樣可以通航,如此得天獨厚的優良港灣,難怪會成為俄羅斯在太平洋沿岸最重要的港口,貨物吞吐量居全俄之冠。想要窺探這個軍港隱秘的一面,就要來到海參崴勝利廣場,這裡停放着一艘真正參加過二戰的太平洋艦隊海軍潛艇,這艘榮膺紅旗勛章及近衛軍稱號的 “C-56潛艇博物館” 內保留著各種機械、設備和物件等均是真實原樣,還有狹窄的走道、魚雷飛彈的壓力倉、迷宮般的鐵階梯,艇艙兩壁貼著不少歷史照片和資料,訴說著過往一段段英勇的事迹。置身其中仿佛親臨硝煙瀰漫的戰場,令人強烈地感受到俄羅斯海軍昔日的滄桑與輝煌。

Historical Submarine Museum

Although the seaport in Vladivostok has a thin layer of ice for four months every year, it can be navigable by means of icebreakers. It is not surprising that such a good harbour will become Russia’s most important port on the Pacific coast, with cargo throughput ranking the highest in Russia. As a visitor who comes here to unveil the secret of this military port, you will be surprised by a naval submarine, which has truly participated in World War II, at the Vladivostok Victory Square. This C-56 Submarine Museum retains all kinds of equipment in the submarine cabin, such as the narrow walkway, maze-like iron ladder and the pressure chamber of the torpedo missile. Moreover, those historical images and materials inside of the cabin reveal the heroic stories and reminiscence of the Russian navy’s past glory.


海參崴擁有迷人的海岸線和自然景觀,而最令人深刻難忘的就是 “托卡內夫燈塔”。這一座號稱世界上最孤獨的燈塔,位於整個海參崴半島的最南端,也正是歐亞大陸的起點和終點。古老的燈塔由石頭砌築而成,塔身下半部份為八角形,塔身上半部份是圓柱形,整座燈塔漆上白色,燈籠式圓頂漆成紅色,整體非常壯觀,是俄羅斯極具標誌性的燈塔景點,可媲美世界最南端的阿根廷燈塔。

距離燈塔才十分鐘路程,就有一家著名米其林推薦餐廳Octopus Cafe,這裏的帝皇蟹十分出名,在冰冷的海水中捕穫的帝皇蟹,新鮮原隻蒸煮鮮美無比,只加點檸檬汁已是人間臻品。

“The End of the World” – Tokarev Lighthouse

One of the main sights in Vladivostok’s stunning coastline is the Tokarev Lighthouse perched on a rocky Tokarevsky Spit. Known as the loneliest lighthouse in the world, it is located at the southernmost point of the entire Vladivostok peninsula. The old lighthouse is made of stone with its octagonal lower part and cylindrical upper part. The spectacular white lighthouse and its red lantern over the dome together mark it as Russia’s most famous lighthouse, as attractive as the one of Southern Argentina.

Just 10 minutes from the lighthouse, there is a famous Michelin-recommended restaurant named Octopus Cafe. The freshly caught and steamed king crabs offered in the restaurant is already an ultimate delicacy just with a single drop of lemon essence.


伊爾庫茲克被譽為是西伯利亞的心臟,在這片白茫茫的冰凍大地上,有著猶如《冰與火之歌》中那個漫長永晝的冬天,從海參崴坐內陸小飛機到此臨冬之城,只為一睹被列作世界自然遺產名錄的 “藍眼睛” 貝加爾湖。伊爾庫茲克昔時是流放之地,也是淘金熱之城,傳說沙皇的1,600噸黃金軍備在運送途經貝加爾湖時,因冰層不堪重負而裂開,黃金從此沉湖失蹤,為這個地方增添神秘氣氛。城中的東正教教堂金雕玉砌,其拜占庭式的建築風格加上童話般洋蔥屋頂,被當地人喻為 “天堂的窗戶”。

十二月黨人故居博物館,是俄國革命以後不少貴族的流放地,如今在博物館內旅客還可以一邊品嚐香檳一邊欣賞歐陸音樂會,體驗俄羅斯貴族曾經錦衣玉食的生活。由城中經一小時車程來到 “西伯利亞的藍眼睛” 貝加爾湖畔,這個深達1,680公呎的湖泊清澈無比,狹長猶如一彎澄亮的新月。乘坐復古蒸氣小火車環遊湖畔,可欣賞到風光綺麗的白樺林沙灘、七彩繽紛的岩石,還有遼闊的草原,教人仿若身臨人間仙境。

The Blue Eye of Siberia

The frozen earth of Irkutsk looks like the long and eternal winter in the great novel “A Song of Ice and Fire”. Taking a small aircraft from Vladivostok to this winter town, you can view one of the natural world heritage sites, Lake Baikal. Heart of Siberia, Irkutsk was a place of exile and also a city of the gold rush. It is said that the 1,600-tons of royal bullion of the Tsar sank into the Lake Baikal, which further creates a more mysterious atmosphere to the place. The Orthodox Church in the city is called by the locals as “the window of heaven” due to its brilliant Byzantine style and fairytale-like onion domes.

In Irkutsk Decembrists Museum, where socialite families exiled to Siberia after the Decembrist revolt, you can enjoy champagnes and European concerts like Russian nobles. After an hour-long drive from the city, you will arrive at the fascinating Lake Baikal, the blue eye of Siberia. The clear and deep lake is as long as a crescent moon with a depth of 1,680 m. It is definitely another wonderful journey to take a retro steam train around the lake and enjoy the lovely birch forest, colorful rocks, and the vast grasslands.

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