東方快車 一趟小說中的傳奇之旅
The Orient Express A Legend Tour in the Novel

“The body – the cage – is everything of the most respectable – but through the bars, the wild animal looks out.”《 Murder on the Orient Express》 masterpiece of English detective novelist Agatha Christie in 1934, has inspired great maginations for the express. As high-speed rail and aircraft are facilitating our lives nowadays, the Orient Express takes us back to the aristocratic life during the elegant 18th century.

From Paris to Istanbul



這列全新的東方快車,裝潢跟車廂服務保留了二、三十年代的原有風味,服務員一身筆挺制服並戴上白手套,跟酒店管家一樣為客人拿行李、送早餐等隨時服務,這裏每一節車廂都有着無窮的故事:著名的2869號餐卡更是裝飾藝術時代遺留下來的設計,全車廂以紅木鑲飾,處處都是砌木花卉的紋飾,流露一片爵士年代的氛圍。列車上的餐飲往往被乘客喻之為媲美米其林的傑作。旅客午餐和晚餐的時間都會換上華麗衣裳,投入英式貴族生活,在樂手的鋼琴悠韻下,享受美味的歐式佳餚,彷彿回到了1920 年代瑰麗的氛圍。

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, created in 1883, has become the synonymous of history. The train service was interrupted due to the two World Wars. Nevertheless, ignited by the movie Murder on the Orient Express, Sherwood bought at auction two original carriages and started his trace of other carriages. The relaunched 1.5 km Orient Express, also called as Moving Antique, has been restored to its original grandeur. Travelling in this train is like wandering in novel of history.

The brand new Orient-Express retains the style in 1920s. Dressed in trim uniform and white gloves, stewards are ready to provide travelers caring services such as taking luggages and serving breakfasts. Numerous stories happened on every single carriage. Decorated with redwood sculptures of flowers, car 2869 known as a dining car elaborates the prosperity of the 1920s. Passengers would sit at the table in fine clothes and savor the European delicacies with piano melodies.


「 藍色車廂 」為另一卡1929 年建造的車廂,全車沿用古典的萊儷水晶燈、上漆的花卉牆紙、法式水波西卡檬木鑲蕨的牆壁、紅木酒吧等,昔日是皇公貴族指定的包廂。東方快車提供一系列精彩行程路線,旅客可自由選擇出發地點或目的地,當中最經典的路線必然是從巴黎到伊斯坦布爾。行程途經整個古老歐州大陸,穿越匈牙利首都布達佩斯和羅馬尼亞首都布加勒斯特,旅客在兩個地方都可以下車到城裏走走,當中羅馬尼亞的佩雷斯城堡更是不容錯過,城堡於1873 年建造,過去是羅馬尼亞貴族的度假勝地,被譽為歐洲最美的城堡之一。

列車在第五天早上穿越充滿文藝氣息的多瑙河,進入保加利亞的瓦爾納欣賞黑海的美景,而在抵達目的地土耳其伊斯坦布爾前還可一睹色雷斯平原一望無際的綠色草原,為行程畫上圓滿的句點。每年3 月至11 月之間每周僅有一班行駛,對於古典列車的熱愛,加上對昔時貴族生活的懷緬,十天的東方快車之旅絕對是一次時光倒流的難得經歷。

Built in 1929, Train Bleu was once exclusive carriage for the royals. It is notable for the sycamore paneling, Lalique flower bouquets and mahogany bar. The train carries travelers from Paris to Istanbul, during which they can explore many historic cities. Among these destinations, Peles Castle, erected in 1873, used to be the vacation spot for Romanian royals and is now regarded as one of the exquisite castles in Europe.

On the 5th day, train will travel across the Danube, run along the Black Sea in Varna, Bulgaria, come through boundless Thrace plain and terminate at Istanbul. Every year from March to November, there will be one Orient Express available for lovers of classic trains and aristocratic lives.


From Vladivostok to Moscow




Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express, inaugurated in 2007 by Prince Michael of Kent, has been hailed as one of the world’s eight most sumptuous trains as well as one of the “500 classic routes of lifetime”. The 11,000 miles journey carries the passengers from Moscow to Vladivostok via Ulaanbaatar, one third of the way around the world. Available from February to September, the train brings travelers a 17-day adventure and stops at 9 cities. In Moscow train station, the magnificent reception room warmly welcomes passengers with military brass band and champagnes.

The Golden Eagle has 21 czarist style golden and silver suites, on which stewards are on call at any hour. Equipped with heating system and private bathrooms, the carriages are luxury sanctuaries against the outside blizzard. Dozens of famed local vodkas, Russian cuisines, fresh caviar and omul from Lake Baikal, along with the swirling snow, present you a feast of senses and mind.

列車停靠莫斯科時,可遊覽城內的聖瓦西里大教堂 。
Visit Saint Basil’s Cathedral when the express stops at Moscow.

Lake Baikal




In the military port Vladivostok, guests can visit the C-56 Submarine Museum which wrecked 10 fascist ships during World War II. In Ulaanbaatar they will get close with Mongolian endless grassland and desert. The major highlight of the journey should be Lake Baikal, the deepest fresh water lake in the world and known as the Pearl of Siberia. In summer travelers may ride a boat to tour the Jade-like lake and breathe in fresh air. In winter Lake Baikal is like the fairyland in Frozen with icy surface and snow-capped trees. It would be the biggest leisure in life to have some drink in the bar carriage and enjoy the running scenes through the window with performances of pianists and harpists.

If your want to try out more, the special menu supplies a military museum which exhibits the tanks, airplanes and armored trains of the Soviet era, and the Siberian Great Railway Museum with locomotives of the late 1800s. For those who prefer escaping from the chill, it is rather joyful to learn Russian language in the lovely carriage while viewing the vast snowfield.


From Singapore to Thailand





Hua Hin of Thailand

In addition to Europe, Eastern Oriental Express launched in 1993 enables passengers to glance at the tropical Southeast Asia. Running from Singapore to Malaysia and Thailand all year round, the luxury carriages are designed in notable oriental style, with paintings embedded in the log, Thai carvings and engraved mirrors. Jasmine flowers are replaced every day to create a flowing natural fragrance. Moreover, handmade lemon grass soaps fill bathrooms with a unique subtropical flavor.

In the 7-day journey, the train passes by four stops: Hua Hin of Thailand, Penang, Ipoh and Johor Bahru of Malaysia.While boarding, passengers all suit up to attend the welcome party at night, and chat over the cocktail. You will then survey the magnificent landscape and taste the local camellia when the train reaches Cameron Highlands. Equipped with spacious panoramic window, teak floor and rattan furniture, the sightseeing coach arouses a graceful atmosphere of the colonial times.

You can fully enjoy while embracing the paddy field in Kedah of Malaysia and integrating into Malays’ life in local stilt houses, touring Penang rainforest and visiting the seaside Hua Hin. Don’t miss local barbecued seafood, Hainan Chicken Rice, satay and other Southeast Asian cuisines. Or choose a fivestar spa to remove the exhaustion of long distance travel and experience the fertile tropics like former royal families. To cheer for the next journey of your life, just immerse yourselves in the speed of slow life.

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