The Golden Years of Peru

As the birthplace of the mysterious ancient Inca civilization, Peru is a fantastic country to travel with 12 world cultural heritage. Let’s stay away from the hustle and bustle, be amazed by the magical landscapes of nature and the wisdom of the ancient Incas, and explore the golden years of Peru.


秘魯除了廣為人知的馬丘比丘“天空之城”外,其實還有不少值得觀光的地方,彩虹山便是近年旅客最愛到訪的熱點。色彩斑斕的砂礫岩是典型的丹霞地貌,即是沉積在內陸的紅色岩石經百萬年的地質變化與水的侵蝕切割造成的地質現象,不同的礦物呈現不同的顏色,紅色代表氧化鐵、黃色代表硫化鐵等,猶如上帝在這裡打翻了調色盤般。彩虹總在雨後出現,帶給人希望的感覺,彩虹山就如可踏足、可觸及的七色彩虹,不過要一訪這夢想之地,除要克服5,036 米海拔的高山反應,還要考慮各種天氣因素,可謂絕不容易。

The Palette Overturned by God

In addition to the well-known Machu Picchu, Rainbow Mountain in Peru is a recent favourite for tourists. The multiple colours of Rainbow Mountain were formed by red sedimentary mineral layers in the mountain that have undergone geological changes or been exposed by erosion, with different mineralogical traces giving different colors, such as ferrous minerals for red colors, sulfurous ones for the mustard yellow color, etc, creating an unique place that feels like a color palette of God. Rainbows always stand for hope and Rainbow Mountain is similar to a reachable rainbow on earth. Nevertheless, it is not an easy task to climb this dreamland due to the potential altitude sickness at an altitude of 5,036 m and the weather condition.


The Rainbow Mountain is located from Cusco, you will never be bored during the ride. On the way, you can see alpacas eating grass or looking at the cars calmly. When travellers arrive at the destination, most of them may choose to walk 5 km to reach the top of the Rainbow Mountain with their hiking poles. However, you can choose a more prestigious uphill method by horseback riding. Sitting in the saddle, you can let your body be fully relaxed with the surrounding crystal clear river and the mountain range.


Once you reach the mountain top, the colourful landscapes with beautiful layers come into sight. Definitely not exaggerating to take hundreds of photos! However, due to the unpredictable weather on the mountain and the possible altitude sickness, the local tour guides only recommend tourists to stay at the top for about 20 to 30 minutes. Don’t forget to take a photograph with the lovely alpacas as a testimony for this brave journey!


馬斯拉鹽田位於庫斯科以北40公里,這個依山而建的梯級鹽田位於海拔3,000米,早於印加時代之前已經存在,來自Qoripujio Spring溫泉的泉水蘊藏非常豐富的鹽份,繼而分流到3,000多個鹽田當中,從山上俯瞰,鹽田一格格佔據整個山谷,非常宏觀。而一格格的鹽田依山而建,讓鹽份能有效地保存。



The Wisdom of the Incas

Maras Salt Mines is located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, 40 km north of Cusco, cascading down the hillside valley at an altitude of 3,000 m. Since pre-Inca times, highly salty water emerging from the Qoripujio spring is directed into an intricate network of tiny channels constructed so that the water runs gradually down onto more than 3,000 ponds and the salt can therefore be effectively preserved.

The salt pools are traditionally allotted to the citizens of Maras wishing to harvest salt. The biggest ponds are around 4 sq.m. in area, and none exceeds 30 cm in depth. For the harvesting process, the pond’s keeper closes the waterfeeder notch and allows the pond to go dry. As water evaporates from the sunwarmed ponds, the water becomes supersaturated and salt precipitates as various-sized crystals, forming the marvelous white terraces. Sometimes during the rainy season, they will turn yellowish brown. After the rain, the water-logged ponds transform the area into a stunning reflection of the sky, making it the perfect place to photograph the terraced ponds with vibrant colours!

Besides taking splendid photos, if you truly appreciate the wisdom of the Incas, it will be great to get the Maras salt at the souvenir shops nearby. In addition to plain table salt, there is a selection of salt such as sour salt, rose salt and chili pepper salt.




The Mysterious Nazca Lines

Described as an alien masterpiece, the Nazca Lines can only be fully appreciated when viewed from the air given their massive size. The lines were discovered in 1972 with more than 50 patterns scattered around the mountains and on the ground, including monkeys, astronauts, puppies, spiders, birds, trees, hummingbird, etc. Take a luxurious small airplane which flies low and passengers on both sides can view the geoglyphs clearly when the airplane start taking some hard turns. The first officer may also indicate the unclear ones. Besides the 12 patterns shown on the archaeological map, many of them are not listed, like the road that cut the lizard in half, circles and so on. You can use the imagination to explore the meanings behind these patterns. Perhaps they are the answers to the extraterrestrial world.

After the flight, take the car to the Nazca Lines and view them horizontally. There you can look at the depth and width of the geoglyphs, the drawings of the aliens. Besides the photos taken on the airplane, you can also go to the market and purchase the Nazca Line stones souvenirs.

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