墨爾本豐饒之海岸 Melbourne Coastal of Fertility

The 19th century gold rush has brought Melbourne tremendous wealth. Majestic Victorian architecture and the aromas of coffee and wine are now part of the grandeur of the city. Near the seaside city are the Twelve Apostles, carved by nature and constantly withstanding the fierce waves. Bathing in the hot springs
on the Mornington Peninsula amid sunrise is as much an enjoyment as being sun-kissed at the colourful huts on the Brighton Beach. To the palate, nothing beats a sparkling rosé from Domaine Chandon over freshly caught oysters and lobsters from the Queen Victoria Market. At night, a ride on the giant Ferris wheel offers a mesmerising view of the city.


郁郁葱葱的莫寧頓半島溫泉,宛如城市邊際的一個靈魂洗滌的場所,這裏獲得「2016世界奢華水療大獎」,不奇怪每年吸引來自世界各地40多萬遊客到來。花點時間漫步於美麗的半島溫泉地山中步道,任意在28個大自然泉水中選擇摯愛的露天礦泉浴池,徹底放鬆心神。這裏溫泉水深入地底600多米,已有着一萬年悠久歷史,是絕對無污染的大自然恩賜,幾千年來一直是原住民喜愛嚴冬享受熱泉的地方。兩年前建起這個華美的郊野熱泉度假村,說是一個五星級的溫泉度假勝地絕不為過,有着各種蒸氣房、山洞水療池等設施,以及不同溫度的熱泉,泉水溫度由36 – 42度不等,隨客人自行選擇;泉水豐富的礦物對關節健康、睡眠質素、滋潤皮膚、以至紓減壓力有着神奇的療效。從市區驅車過來才一個小時車程,循着渾然天成石砌的山路一直走上去到山頂的溫泉,原始大石塊砌成的浴池,彷彿盤古初開已經形成的粗厲沙岩有種鮮黃與粉紅色彩,一覽空曠草原地平線上日出的景致,目下盡是翠綠山丘、有果園、橄欖園與葡萄園,呼吸一下溫泉氤氳着的仙氣,更加是對身體與心靈同樣有着療治的效用。

The Peninsula Hot Springs is a perfect place to relax, just one-hour commute from downtown. As a recipient of the 2016 World Luxury Spa Awards, the spa features 28 outdoor pools and winding trails in the mountain, attracting more than four hundred thousand visitors every year. The hot natural mineral waters at the spa – believed to have healing power over joint paints and sleeping quality, also help moisturizing skin – gush out from a bore over 600 metres underground ten thousand years ago. Visitors will also find their stress miraculously relieved in the steam rooms and the wide range of pools of temperatures between 36-42°C and in various settings. The pools are made of natural yellow and pink rocks. Soaking in a hot spring at sunrise amid the cool morning air while viewing the hills, orchards and vineyards faraway is surely an unforgettable experience.



More than 80 colourful bathing boxes on Brighton Beach were built over a century ago originally as the places for placing fishermen’s canoes. Nowadays, they form one of the most popular tourist spots in the city. The private owners of the huts hold a licence to keep their boxes on the beach. The tiny spaces store windsurf boards, canoes, diving equipment and other beach essentials. During sunny days, owners may open the boxes and go for a picnic with barbecued seafood and sparkling wine. What a bourgeois lifestyle! To differentiate their bathing boxes, licensees painted them in different styles: one has a few seagulls over the dark blue background, one has painted Australian flag, while another chose to splash a rainbow of colours. Set against the background of blue sea, the colourful boxes are together a dreamy piece of art for appreciation.

Feeding koala with Eucalyptus leaves is the best way to please it.



For a closer encounter with animals, the Melbourne Zoo houses exotic species from around the world. Tigers, gorillas, elephants, giraffes, peacocks,platypus and other foreign species are at a close distance with visitors, as well as more unique local species are in the Australian Bush section. Feeding kangaroos, or getting close to a timid koala at the reserved session. Penguins and earless seals are also there for a glimpse of the Antarctica animals. The close-up encounter opportunities remind visitors to connect with wildlife, build their understandings of real life conservation issues and help save wildlife. The most popular animal is definitely the cute koala which needs to sleep for more than 16 hours and eat Eucalyptus leaves every day.

The little penguins are the only species to breed on Australia.

Taking a helicopter flight over the magnificent area, watching southern right whales from the shoreline at the nursery in Warrnambool.



Driving on the marvelous Great Ocean Road is the utmost pleasure. The Twelve Apostles off the shore of the Port Campbell National Park along the Great Ocean Road stand solemnly amid the fierce waves. The shapes of the limestone rocks are from erosion by the weather and sea, leaving rock stacks up to 45 metres high. Walking along the coast and looking at the stunning view of the ocean and rocks, one will be amazed by the power of nature. The waves erode the rocks with a fast pace of 2 cm every year. Currently there are eight Apostles left, some of them having collapsed dramatically in 1990 and 2005. For the best view, taking a helicopter flight over the magnificent area, watching southern right whales from the shoreline at the nursery in Warrnambool.

The huge wine cellar at Domaine Chandon.


亞拉河谷香桐酒莊是法國悅酩香檳在澳大利亞買下來的酒莊,位於河谷中央,光是看到法國酩悅.軒尼詩 – 路易.威登集團旗下的悅酩香檳會買下這個遠在澳大利亞的酒莊,就曉得這裏的出產何等高檔次。在市區驅車過來,車道旁的景色漸入佳景,一路變成了片片蔥綠葡萄園,有種去到法國南部的錯覺。這裏的粉紅氣泡酒在澳大利亞數一數二,氣味芬芳、口感清新、甜度適中,很適合作餐前醒胃酒。這裏古老的橡樹與蔓生的葡萄藤,酒莊前的宏大落地窗有着教人着迷的美景,空氣中的酒香瀰漫,把遊人四方八面團團圍住,令人格外心曠神怡。

Domaine Chandon is located at the centre of the wine production region of Yarra Valley. Established by French Champagne house Moet & Chandon, a part of the Wine & Spirits Division of LVMH – Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, Domaine Chandon are stamped with the distinct style. The vineyard’s sparkling rosé is considered one of the best in Australia, this is crafted to create a fresh and elegant aperitif style wine. Even if you are not drinking, the scenery of the old oak trees and sprawling vines, and the smell of fermentation in the air, are enough to make you merry.

Domaine Chandon’s sparkling rosé is considered one of the best in Australia, this is crafted to create a fresh and elegant aperitif style wine.

Special homemade cheese at Queen Victoria Market.



Pacific Ocean oysters are sweet and the world’s most cultivated, which is must-taste food.

Queen Victoria Market is one of the iconic places to experience Australian local food. With a long history, the concentrated and organized stalls at the buzzing market sell freshly harvested organic produce, local street food and fresh seafood. The seafood section is particularly appealing for its freshly shucked oysters, a huge variety of whole fish, lobsters and shellfishes caught locally. A walk around the market leaves you a taste of the sea.

Melbourne is also known as the coffee capital of Australia because of the Degraves Street.



Following the coffee fragrance, one will reach Degraves Street. The narrow alley is home to the best cafes in town, some follow a retrospective style, while others are more hip, no wonder Melbourne is also known as the coffee capital of Australia. The cafes line the alley with parasols and benches and fill the air with the aroma of roasted coffee beans. The colourful graffiti on the walls is as memorable as the city’s signature flat white. Drinking the coffee, while eating Eggs Benedict and avocado sandwiches, one would be deeply impressed even though only stayed there for a brief period of time.

At the balcony of The Langham, one can view the scenery along Yarra River.


探索澳大利亞最酷的城市,當然也要找一個最有格調的下榻之所,五星級朗廷酒店位於南岸,緊鄰中央商務區,走過周邊的林立咖啡館、炫酷酒吧到寬廣的海濱,在偌大的游泳池可望着城市商業區最高的大廈整齊排列,想像城市裡的繁忙生活,自己則身在優悠中暢泳,份外寫意。像古典建築改造的一級級樓層設計,24樓為尊貴會高級套房,一整天可享用會所中的茶點與小吃,晚上更可點杯雞尾酒,欣賞遙遙相對、古色古香維多利亞式火車站的熙來攘往; 21層以上皆有着巨大鳥瞰市區的露台,朝夕看到整條雅拉河繁華的遊船穿梭往來。來到二樓城中著名的Aria餐廳品味其出色的下午茶點,周邊都是老派的紳士淑女享受這一天中最優雅靜謐的午後時光,沉進絲絨面的大沙發,等待那一杯考究的濃茶,還有令人魂牽夢縈的甜美四層茶點架。祖籍英倫的行政總廚,花費不少心思將昔日的味道帶到彼邦,包括手工三文治、蘇格蘭奶油司康餅、英式蛋塔,精緻的果撻、巧古力脆條等等,令人回味恰似在英倫攝政街品味皇室下午茶的貴族氣派。

The Langham is right next to the central business district, with a classical architecture, the plentiful cafes and bars in its vicinity make it as a convenient spot to stay. Looking at the city’s buildings from the swimming pool, such a good way to get rid of the hustle and bustle of the city life. On the 24th floor, the deluxe balcony suites overlook the Victorian train station and the wider city lives, with unlimited supply of the lounge’s snacks. The rooms on 21st floor and above also have the balconies with breath-taking view. Aria on the 2nd floor is famous for the exclusive afternoon tea with artisan sandwiches, scones and custard tarts. The traditional setting reminds visitors of the royal atmosphere on Regent Street in England.

主廚Ben Shewry經常製作出令人驚嘆的菜式。
The Head Chef Ben Shewry always makes amazing and delicious dishes.


被《英國餐廳雜誌》喻為世界50大餐廳之一的Attica餐廳,一家不起眼的紅磚小房子,卻是全澳大利亞最響噹噹,令人紛紛坐飛機過來品嚐的名氣餐廳。由獲評為2011年澳大利亞年度最佳廚師的主廚Ben Shewry烹製出無與倫比的佳餚。這裏單就餐前麵包就奉上三款蘸醬,有酸奶油、橄欖醬和奶油海鹽味,前菜是核桃海貝、海草炸牡蠣砌成的玫瑰;主菜有鹽香袋鼠肉配本土松樹果仁、山葵調味的西澳雪蟹,均利用澳大利亞豐饒海岸線本土新鮮野生食材以及餐廳自家花園種的蔬菜與香草。本土、藝術、美味,精品餐廳讓人甘心等上三個月的訂位時間。

Pear and Maidenii

The most ordinary red brickhouse houses the most extraordinary restaurant in Australia. Attica – ranked as one of the top 50 best restaurants in the world by Restaurant magazine – many tourists come to the country solely for tasting. Prepared by famous chef Ben Shewry, the bread is accompanied by three dips, and the appetisers feature scallops, oysters and a range of other small dishes. Main courses include salt cured kangaroo with bunya bunya and snow crab from Western Australia. The chef blended local ingredients with art, and his dedication to quality has attracted a who’s who of the international culinary fraternity. To secure a reservation, be sure to book three months in advance.

走進皇冠酒店著名的Club 23,您永遠不會預知即將發生什麼美妙的故事。
You can never expect the upcoming wonderful story at Club 23 of Crowne Melbourne.


皇冠酒店的夜店令人樂而忘返,由最華豔的酒吧開始。Club 23俱樂部處處綻放着夜之光華,其著名調酒師喬爾.赫弗南以它製作了全球最昂貴,價值75,000港元一杯的雞尾酒「The Winston」而風靡全球夜店,這杯雞尾酒用上1858年干邑與限量版香橙甜酒調配而成,被列入了吉尼斯世界紀錄。走進這迷幻的酒吧就像未來太空船般的長廊,永遠不會預知即將遇上什麼人、又或者即將會看到什麼精彩的表演。這裏的私人房間可供作私人派對的場所,配上手工雞尾酒與罕有威士忌,每個夜晚的派對也令人留下美妙的回憶。人們傳遞着七色的雞尾酒、罕有年份的威士忌一瓶瓶打開來、表演者在台上載歌載舞火辣辣的舞姿,世界頂尖DJ隨時演繹令人入迷的電音樂曲,這樣一個熱點自然是世界級富豪與知名人士樂於現身的地方。夜店露台視覺環迴整個河岸,在這裏呷一杯雞尾酒其樂無窮,河邊的微風拂面,海鷗帶來遠方的佳音,是一個絕對令人忘不了的夜色所在;黃昏入夜以後,可欣賞酒店前邊每小時的大型噴火匯演,坐在露台上也可感受到熱力四射,將冬日城市一切寒氣驅走個清光。

Club 23制作的全球最貴75,000港元雞尾酒。
A HKD 75,000 cocktail produced by Club 23.

Club 23 of Crowne Melbourne is one of the best locations for a night out. The club features artisan cocktails and rare whiskeys. A HKD 75,000 cocktail “The Winston” by the club’s bartender Joel Heffernan, which was set a Guinness World Record for the most expensive cocktail. The astronomical price thanks to the two sips of 1858 Crozier cognac. The interior of Club 23 looks like a spaceship with a futuristic and cool style. The private rooms and top DJs make it a popular hangout among the city’s celebrities. Enjoy DJ’s maniacal performances and dance with the strong rhythms. The club is also a great place for drinking a cup of cocktail and enjoying the magnificent view. Its terrace overlooks Yarra River, and fireworks can be seen hourly after dusk.

Melbourne Star provides viewers a refreshing panoramic view and an unforgettable memory of the city.



A star shines further away at the Waterfront City. Costing over AUD 100 million (HKD 600 million), the Melbourne Star is one of the four giant observation wheels in the world, similar size as the London Eye. A new angle to view this historical city of Victoria in another perspective, from dusk to night. The 30-minute ride offers a refreshing panoramic view of the central business district and even the Yarra River on a fine day. The highest point is 120 metres, just like viewing on the 40th floor. A private cabin can be reserved for a romantic experience over wine. The staff here said he has witnessed numerous couples proposed in the cabins with stunning view!

Western Australian Gold Rush in Perth



Tourists can try to search for gold at the gold rush.

Going 500 metres underneath and using the gold there for accessories is no longer a dream. Kalgoorlie is a famous gold mine city in Western Australia. The discovery of gold in the city in 1893 unrolled an era of gold rush. Nowadays, big mining companies have replaced individual gold miners, but visitors can still visit the super mine which produces 800,000 ounces of gold every year. Depth is 500 metres, regular shows for gold mine explosion. Aboriginal and gold arts are exhibited, while post-gold-rush ghost towns tell the history of the city. Listen to the adventure of the gold miners and their stories, walk around the remains of the towns constructed by early gold miners, great ways to feel the old wild west. Purchase the natural gold nuggets or accessories, or visit the Goldfields Exhibition Museum by riding camels. The golden trail is best finished with a barbecue over a pint of the most local Hannans Lager.

Excited to see the demonstration of making gold bricks at the super mine.

Seeing dolphins and sea lions along the coastal line of Perth by travelling on the cruise is fantastic.



The 1843 landmark Sail and Anchor shows the city’s long history of sailing, best told by the story of the Royal Perth Yacht Club. Track origin to 1841, 12 years after Captain Charles Fermantle from Britain arrived in HMS Success and declared the Swan River Colony. In that year, a group of sailors staged a regatta to celebrate Foundation Day. Later in 1865, the same group of sailor established the Perth Yatch Club, which received the title and prefix of Royal from Queen Victoria in 1890. The best way to travel in Perth is by boat – whether to travel on Swan River to see the historical bay or along the coast of Kimberly to admire at the natural scenery, drinking a Fremantle beers on board. Seeing sea lions on the shore within routing pass Cervantes, swimming with dolphins at Rockingham or visiting the most southwestern light-house – Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. There are the options of going onto a cruise, staying in a boat-house, or be your own captain.

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