馬尼拉宮廷之夏 Majestic Manila Mania

早在十五世紀,菲律賓的命名就源於西班牙王子菲力普的名字,一直以來就以皇室封地為名,猶如那年代西班牙皇冠上的一顆鑽石!我是菲律賓世界小姐選美亞軍Cassandra Naidas,西班牙文中有公主的意思,叫我Cassy好了,今次就由我來帶大家體驗一下馬尼拉的夏日宮廷生活。一直以來菲國人因受西班牙與天主教節慶精神影響,天性愛自由、熱情與歡樂。在世界價值民調機構調查 : 菲島人民總是位列亞洲最快樂的人!且一起來漫遊一下我出生的「快樂之城」吧!
In the 15th century Spanish explorers named the archipelago Las lslas Filipinas, in honour of King Philip II of Spain. My name is Cassandra Naidas, Spanish for princess, Cassy for short, I’m Filipino-Korean Miss World Philippines 1st Runner-up. Walking through the Spanish heritage of the city, seeking people’s joyful passion of life and lifestyle inflenced by the Spanish and Catholic Church. Research shows that the Filipinos are the happiest in Asia!


在飛機徐徐下降時,最觸目的正是幾幢如金磚般金光閃閃的City of Dreams大樓,中間入口處還建造了一顆巨型金蛋,一如西班牙皮靴貓小說中追尋的神秘寶藏金蛋一般璨璀,在夜裏還會閃閃發着誘人的七色光芒,已然成為新城區的嶄新地標。從機場驅車到此不過十分鐘路程,從34度的夏日驕陽下,即可投入三家頂級酒店跟蔚藍海岸一般湛藍深邃的大型游泳池。




When the plane gradually touch down, the glittering structures are the City of Dreams, a giant golden egg appears at the centre of the compound, as glamorous as the one in Puss in Boots. A symphony of light shine during night falls, it has become the landmark of the entertainment city, with only ten-minute drive from the airport. Cool refreshment pools provided by three hotels are waiting in the blistering hot sun.

Nobu Hotel Manila is a combination of Japanese elements with modern touches. It provides a relaxing and Zen-like ambiance all over the establishment. The Japanese-inspired aesthetic of the place releases a home warming sensation.

Crown Towers Manila’s iconic pool is in a flower shape, right behind the garden is the Jacuzzi, perfect for couples to spend a gentle afternoon. A barbecue party can be held at the pool side cabana at evening.

Hyatt Manila is inspired by the elegant Mediterranean style cyan,flamboyant mosaic decorated the pool. Order a tipsy of champagne to drop her curtain down, and pin it with stars.




游泳池像噴泉一樣令人醒神舒泰,流水的聲音自自然然地令人放鬆,最重要是偌大的花園有着茂密的大樹與葉子包圍,令這個隱藏在鬧市中的小酒店變成一個品味人士聚腳的秘點!客人就包括來自好萊塢與政界名人,我也是翻開國際知名的《Monocle 》雜誌,方才曉得自己的城市有這樣一處小綠洲。

Checking in the 30s colonial style The Henry Hotel Manila, the ceiling fan rotates over decades. It’s like travelling back to the days when the royal and the noble gather around the pool for red wine,flamingo dance, golf and polo.

Today this boutique hotel is an absolute peaceful oasis to get rid of the hustle-and-bustle city life. The lobby restaurant’s interior is nostalgic and famous for providing comfort food with green and fresh ingredients. Cool refreshments and salad are also available.

The flowing water of the swimming pool is just like a refreshing fountain to relieve stress. A majestic garden with plenty of trees is the best refuge to escape the city craziness in the core of Manila. I only discover this paradise from the renowned Monocle magazine.

金光舞蹈節慶菜—— Barbara’s Restaurant


Filipinos never miss a chance of party, most Spanish and Filipino festivals are grandly celebrated, so tonight I have picked one of the best fine dining restaurants in town, Barbara’s, which is famous for Fiesta dishes. Under the multifoil arches by the fountain, one can enjoy a chill white wine and listen to Zarzuela, while having Tinola rice, pescado al ajillo salad (a cuisine featuring chopped onions, tomatoes and greens), Lechon (roast pork with syrup), fried banana and Filipino spring rolls. Meanwhile, you can watch the bamboo dance, a traditional dance performance about a romantic story of the ancient prince and princess.

島國海洋新料理—— Nobu Restaurant


Nobu is a Michelin star awarded Japanese restaurant in Japan,Chef Nubuyuki Matsuhisa introduces his fusion cuisine blending traditional Japanese dishes with Peruvian cuisine. The restaurant features an outdoor platform with exclusive views of Manila Bay,together with the world renowned signature dishes, such as spectacular sushi, black cod miso and various types of fish, matcha ice cream and so on.

異國風情巧手菜—— Spiral Restaurant


Located at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila, going down to the Spiral restaurant’s staircase, exquisite dishes from European to Oriental style filled the buffet tables. Due to the geographical advantage,seafood and fresh juice here are widely available. Let’s try the lobster, foie gras, blue cheese with unlimited champagne refilled! I like sitting next to the pool, as the romantic environment spoil my appetite.


1581年建成的巴洛克式大教堂,就在西班牙古堡及城牆對面,同屬於馬尼拉的古皇城區,已被列入世界文化遺產之中。大教堂前邊充滿西班牙色彩,聖像和雕刻都是歐陸傳統的天使與聖人,騎着傳統馬車可在大教堂周邊遊逛一圈,感受從前宮廷殖民者那種優越豪逸。大教堂最注目是一尊複製自米開蘭基羅的傑作聖母與耶穌像“ La Pieta ”,大殿收藏有神聖無比的聖像畫、祭壇、哥德式穹頂與彩色鑲嵌琉璃畫,憩靜爽涼的大教堂,是城中最讓人心靈得以沉澱的地方!

The Manila Cathedral was established in 1581, located at Intramuros (the walled city), opposite to the Baluarte de San Diego. It is made a cultural heritage by UNESCO, the Neo-Romanesque style building which is full of glass tile windows statue and sculptures of saints. The most iconic of all is the La Pieta by Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni. Get on a carriage and experience the colonial culture.


On the front door of Luneta Hotel marks the year 1918, only one year apart for its centennial. The French Renaissance style structure embellished with marble checkerboard floor, decorated with gold plated lounge chairs and the rotary dial at the front desk. The building itself is a time capsule of antiques. There is a vintage map of Manila in the 30s, I have been informed by the concierge that the ancient bridge shown on the map is actually not far from here. By the way, I particularly adore the cappuccinos served here, with the enrichment of the golden cane sugar.


在馬尼拉欣賞過華麗的古蹟、優越的美食以後,我會想暫別一下城市的繁囂,飛到小島上優哉悠哉一下。在菲律賓七千個島嶼之間, 長灘島在2013 年被《Travel+Leisure 》雜誌選為全球最美島嶼,在此亞洲最美的沙灘之上,我只會做幾件事:縱身海中、享受SPA、饗用海鮮、看日出日落。

由馬尼拉乘直昇機直飛小島的香格里拉長灘島水療酒店 ,才一個多小時已置身於芒果、鳳梨、香蕉、椰子的蔥綠自然生態保護區世界,大片藍天棕櫚與更湛藍的海水,豪華套房前就是350 米悠長的私人海灘,沙質被海浪沖擦成世上最細最柔滑的沙灘,躺在沙上也無傷嬌嫩的肌膚!這裏在清澈粼粼藍海中,任何水上活動都可作安排,浮潛到深潛,滑浪到衝浪任由選擇,浮板、獨木舟、水上電單車應有盡有,我較喜歡滑浪板,在豔陽下滑個痛快!


After the monument tour and glamorous cuisine, it’s time to leave the hectic city and head to the Boracay. Philippines is a archipelago of over 7,000 islands, in 2013 Boracay was nominated by “Travel+Leisure” magazine as the most beautiful island in the world, let’s enjoy the ocean, spa, seafood and the memorable sunset in this paradise.

From Manila to the Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & Spa takes an hour helicopter ride. It likes nowhere else on earth that you can find such supreme white sand and luminous cyan-blue water of the private beach. Water activities like sea kayak, surfing, snorkelling, wakeboard and sailing are all available.

Spa is also famous at this resort, just like a jewel for relaxation. Time to enjoy the cocktail with the massage using fresh local coconut oil.


夜總是從夕陽開始,享受完一整天的休閒生活,是時候回到城市好好玩樂一番。Chaos Nightclub位於馬尼拉灣City of Dreams內未來巨蛋之地標,城中愛夜蒲的年輕才俊愛來的地方,舞台長年有國際級樂隊表演,內裡裝潢和裝飾華貴講究,酒吧枱有兩條真鱷魚標本,據說從前是飼養着活生生的鱷魚,後來才製成了標本,還鍍上了一層金光閃閃。菲國著名攝影大師的傑作放大掛到牆上,倍添綺麗華妍,最獨特的是牆壁以蝮蛇皮紋裝飾,中間還有一個鋼管舞的鐵籠,可以任由技癢者隨勁歌熱舞攀上去獻獻藝哩!


Sunset never means the end, it’s just the beginning of a wonderful night. After having fun at the outlying island, it’s time to head back to the night city. Chaos Nightclub is located in the City of Dreams, which is the most popular nightlife hot spots in town, with state-of-the-art interiors, masterpieces of top photographer in the Philippines hanging on the snakeskin pattern wall, and even two gold plated crocodile specimen and a huge cage for pole dance. International bands perform on stage throughout the whole year. The overwhelming luxury and sensation will perfect your day.

From 15th century onwards carriages roamed the coastline,with the light breeze of Manila Bay. Passing through the boulevard to the extravagant yacht club while enjoying the sunset, every day can end beautifully. Many Jeepneys are on the way, old yet colourful, no wonder Filipinos are the happiest people in Asia.

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