Deep into The Hunter Valley

Nothing beats a sip of fine wine amid a trip, especially when it is in Australia and completed with a hot-balloon ride. Australia is now a top wine producer in the world. Among the many vineyards across the country, those in the Hunter Valley have the longest history and are best known. As the balloon goes up, a stunning view of the vast land comes into sight; as it descends, local fine wine and delicacies, luxurious spa, and golf await.



想用最悠閒的方式欣賞葡萄園,跳上熱氣球從上空俯瞰就是最佳選擇。一般遊客參加熱氣球活動,多是與十數人一起升空遊覽。想得到截然不同之體驗,這裏可奢侈地獨佔一台熱氣球,盡享私人訂製更獨特的旅程。只有倆口子浪漫地飄到葡萄園的上空,享受晨光初露,一邊欣賞獵人谷美景,一邊啖著氣泡酒和巧克力,陶醉於迷人的氣氛之中。早上清新的空氣使人心曠神怡,陽光映在葡萄園上帶來一片金光,景色更是迷人。當熱氣球旅程完成後,還會安排到當地酒莊Peterson House Winery內聲名及評價俱高的Restaurant Cuvée享受早餐,接著會安排一次華麗的品酒活動,一次過將獵人谷的美景、美食和美酒精華盡攬。


The Hunter Valley in New South Wales enjoys its close distance to Sydney. Ever since the first grapevines were imported from Europe and planted in 1824, the area has grown to become one of the best wine production regions in the world, now housing about 150 vineyards.

A hot-air balloon ride marks the most relaxing way to see the region, either in a group or just by yourself and your loved ones. The golden morning rays and stunning scenery are accompanied by sparkling wine and chocolate. Breakfast at the famous Restaurant Cuvée follows and the experience concludes with a wine tasting session.


當大家仍在沉醉在迷人的景色之中,早餐已由專人端到熱氣球桌上。早晨餐單由Restaurant Cuvée的主廚Chad Pridue主理,並配上酒莊佳釀來品嘗。微風、晨霧、和煦的陽光、舒爽的空氣,加上美景和微醺,此刻與摯愛親朋共享的時光,絕對是旅程上難忘而難得的畫面。這種熱氣球體驗,更並非一般熱氣球之旅能夠媲美。

獵人谷歷史悠久也是區內最受推崇的十大酒窖之一,Audrey Wilkinson酒莊剛度過其150周年歷史,驅車往酒莊的旅途一片秀麗田園景色,遊逛完葡萄園可以進入葡萄酒博物館欣賞一下百年釀酒業的堅毅,然後自然要品嚐佳釀,這裏有澳洲酒評家James Halliday給予94 高分的The Rdge Semillon任由旅客品鑑,走到陽台澳大利亞陽光底下,一邊瀏覽着浩瀚的葡萄藤之海,一邊暢飲着冷厲的冰葡萄酒。若想以更獨特、更深層次的角度遊走獵人谷,可以選擇1858年百年酒莊Tyrells,由駐酒莊侍酒師安排的尊尚私人品酒之旅,酒莊能安排特別的私人直昇機觀光之旅,以獨特的方法欣賞這片澳大利亞最古老的葡萄園,沿途更有專人講解酒莊歷史和故事。

Visitors can also choose to have a private breakfast party in the balloon with friends and family. Tables and seats are set, and as the balloon takes off, breakfast is served.Prepared by Restaurant Cuvée’s master chef Chad Pridue,the food is paired with wine from a local vineyard, and enjoyed over the morning mist and breezes.

One of the most recommended vineyards in the Hunter Valley is Audrey Wilkinson. There, a museum showcases the vineyard’s 150 years of history and visitors are invited to taste the highly regarded The Rdge Semillon, which received a score of 94 from Australian wine critique James Halliday. For a deeper immersion in the fine history of the area, Tyrells is another century-old vineyard which features private wine tours and helicopter rides.




Hunter Valley Wine School and the Wine Theatre are best for visitors looking to enrich their wine knowledge. Among different wines,the iconic white wine and red wine are Sémillon and Shiraz respectively here. In recent years vineyards such as Lindemans, McWilliams, Rothbury and Hardy’s have been internationally renowned.

The two-hour class at the Wine School sees a professional wine master take visitors through the types of grapes, planting information,and the art of wine making. Certificates are given to visitors after a tasting session. The Wine Theatre, on the other hand, first takes visitors through the Hunter Valley on a big screen, and then guides them through the layers and characteristics of different wines in a tasting session. Every October, Opera in the Vineyards blends wine and art,drawing locals and travelers alike.



在這三個高球俱樂部當中,最值得推介的是獵人谷溫緹吉高爾夫球俱樂部,它擁有頂級高爾夫球場球道,並有壯麗的斷背山脈作為映襯。它更是新南威爾士唯一一個出自著名高球手Greg Norman之手設計、兼對大眾開放的高爾夫球場,對於高爾夫球迷來說,可說是非試不可。不能不提的是位於俱樂部內的獵人谷伊蘭堡酒店的The Spa at Chateau Elan,是當地著名的水療中心,設有多間水療休息室及兩個備有暖鹽水的「海水浴療法」室外熱水池,能將打球後一身的疲憊一洗而清。

For golf lovers, the trip will be further enhanced with a visit to one of the three professional driving ranges there – Hunter Valley Golf and Country Club, Cypress Lakes Golf and Country Club and The Vintage Golf Club. With the Broken Back Range in the background,The Vintage Golf Club is not to be missed. It is the only driving range in New South Wales designed by renowned golfer Greg Norman. The spa at hotel Chateau Elan Hunter Valley inside the club offers soothing treatments to rejuvenate a tired body after golfing.


回到悉尼海岸,當然也不乏世界級球道,被全球高爾夫期刊《Golf Digest》喻為英美以外排名第一的高爾夫球場—新南威爾斯高爾夫俱樂部又豈容錯過,這個南半球排名第一的球場優越的地理位置,讓人可以欣賞太平洋的整個海岸線粗獷的壯觀景色,有陡峭的崖岸、也有起伏的丘陵,走在海洋拍岸濤聲中打球,在鬱鬱蔥蔥的大自然美景包圍下,您會發覺進入一種嶄新的球場體驗,也同時開啟了一種高球嶄新的視野。



這裏還有首屈一指的The Dining Room及The Living Room餐廳,城中名人薈萃。在全景落地玻璃窗前一邊欣賞壯麗遊艇梭巡景色,一邊享用高級下午茶;待看遍紅日落到海平線的景緻,正是時候一嘗即場在客人面前燒烤的澳洲牛排和羊排,配上鄰近獵人谷出產的頂級紅酒,或者品嘗這裏碧波下新鮮淘上來的生蠔與龍蝦。若然有機會一睹新年或大節慶的海岸煙火表演,在這裏觀賞更是畢生難忘的震撼體驗!

Back in Sydney, New South Wales Golf Club is ranked the best driving range outside the United Kingdom and United States by global magazine Golf Digest. Overseeing the coastline of the Pacific Ocean,the golf club offers a unique experience with the sound of ocean and stunning scenery in the background.

A good comfortable rest would mark the perfect ending to the trip.Park Hyatt Sydney is located on the other side of the significant world heritage, the Sydney Opera House, with a paramount scenery of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Designed with Australian classical architecture, the hotel’s luxurious harbour view rooms are the best places for guests sitting at the private balconies for enjoying the stunning view of the Sydney Opera House.

The rooms are finely decorated with furniture made of local natural fabrics, local cashmere carpets, coastal lighting, and artworks by renowned Australian artists. Exclusive butler services, spa with whirlpool aroma and champagne at the rooftop swimming pool are all available for a tranquil moment.

The hotel also owns a range of restaurants serving different cuisines, such as The Dining Room and The Living Room. The floor-toceiling class panels overlooking the stunning harbour view, especially for the firework shows during new year and main festivals. Ideal places for having afternoon tea, Australian steaks and lamb chops, fresh oysters and lobsters, with a glass of wine from Hunter Valley.

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