絕色澳門 璀璨仲夏
Blazing Summer in Macau

Travel memories are often connected to colours: red for the autumnal maple leaves in Canada; white for snow in Russia; blue for the blissful Finnish sea. Albeit a small city, Macau refuses to be overshadowed. Follow me, Amber, to discover Macau’s unique summer colours that are bound to impress you.

Text:Anges Cheung Photo:Rosario Lei 
Model:Amber Makeup:Kitty So Hair:Leo Poon

澳門teamLab 超自然空間

互動式體驗的觀光項目近年大行其道,藝術團隊teamLab所打造的空間更在國際上享負盛名,多次在全球各地展開多個展覽,亦憑著實力自2015 年起連續三年獲“ Designboom ”評選為全球10大必看藝術展覽之一,同時亦獲《 時代 》雜誌選為“ 2019年百大世界最佳景點 ”。以往要拜訪此感官色彩聖地,往往要飛往外地,但由今個夏日開始,在澳門亦能到訪,您準備好投入姿態萬千的光影中了嗎?“ 澳門teamLab超自然空間 ”選址於澳門威尼斯人,佔地5,000平方米,藝術團隊將高達8米的空間改造成一個複雜細緻的互動世界,變幻無窮的互動裝置藝術讓人暫時迷失在顏色與光影之中,且夢幻打卡熱點多達19個,掀起觀展熱潮!這次的展覽更設全新作品“ 光之雕刻–平面 ”,由11組雷射光影獨立“ 表演 ”組成,充滿視覺衝擊。說到人氣最熱的作品,定是“ 花與人的窪谷:迷失、沉浸與重生 ”,這個由眾多絢爛花朵圖像構成的區域,會隨時間不斷變化,時而綻放時而凋謝,根據您的一舉一動而決定花朵成長階段,每個時刻極為獨特,各種虛幻與真實此起彼落,使人沉浸這個夢幻國度。

而Amber我就大愛“ 無窮無盡的水晶宇宙 ”,這作品極具標誌性,去過teamlab的人定會在這留下多張美照。通過累積光點所創造的立體作品,看上去像有數千萬顆水晶,加上內裡的燈光會不停變化,展現出不同美態,讓您仿如進入了無限之鏡。遊走在璀璨的光之世界,發揮無限想像力,搖身一變成為空間主人,為自己打造一張又一張絕美打卡照,色彩之多非筆墨所能形容!

teamLab SuperNature Macao

Immersive art installations have become popular in recent years. teamLab, the world-renowned art collective, interdisciplinary creative group has held multiple exhibitions around the world. It has been awarded “TOP 10 art exhibitions” from the world’s biggest creative media “Designboom” for 3 consecutive years since 2015. It was also on TIME’s 2019 list of the World’s 100 Greatest Places. This summer teamLab finally arrives in Macau. Are you ready to indulge in a world of light and shadow?

teamLab SuperNature Macao will be housed in The Venetian Macao, boasting 5,000 sq.m. of labyrinthine floor space. With cavernous ceilings 8m high throughout, the space will be transformed into an extremely complex world with varying elevations filled with a group of heavily immersive, ever-changing artworks. There are 19 photo-worthy spots. Comprised of 11 separate shows, the brand new work “Light Sculpture – Plane series” series has an amazing visual impact with lasers and reflections. Another popular work “Valley of Flowers and People: Lost, Immersed and Reborn” is an installation featuring projections of seasonal flowers. The flowers bud and blossom before their petals begin to wither and eventually fade away. It is forever evolving, changing from moment to moment due to the human movement in the space.

“The Infinite Crystal Universe” is my favourite. It is one of the most iconic installations of teamLab which creates three-dimensional objects and evokes the cosmos using accumulated light points. Wandering in the space filled with crystals and changing lights, one can take countless stunning photos beyond description through infinite imagination!


玩樂一輪後,味覺和嗅覺亦需一番享受。位於美獅美高梅內的蜀道以高級川菜作餐廳概念,主打四十年代民國時期在成都公館大宅內,名流縉紳的川式府邸宴會佳餚體驗,重現具有八十多年歷史底蘊的成都廚藝精髓,定可引領您展開“ 辛 ”和“ 辣 ”以外最地道的品味探索之旅。

成都官邸名流宴會在全盛時期,會聘請當時得令的名廚為一眾達官貴人定制獨家食譜,講求名貴食材、精細技藝、烹調技巧和風味絕倫,顛覆了川菜紅辣的傳統印象。蜀道總廚楊登全是土生土長的成都人,擁有超過30年入廚經驗,憑其巧手打破川菜只有辣的舊有觀念,當中清宮御膳“ 開水白菜 ”與成都菜之技藝經典“ 芙蓉燕液雞豆花 ”最考功夫。此兩味菜餚外觀清澈無奇,其口感溫潤豐富,綿香悠長,被譽為成都菜登峰造極之作!餐廳更設有獨立茗茶區,讓您可一嘗老成都茶館風情,在書法作品下品茗四川傳統養生“ 八寶茶 ”,四川名酒或一系列來自中國最好的葡萄園的上等葡萄酒。

Five Foot Road, MGM Cotai

Five Foot Road in MGM Cotai is a unique dining concept that takes guests back in time to the Sichuanese fine dining experience of official banquets and soirée for the respected society held at the mansions of Chengdu during the Chinese Republican era in the 1940s. Through an over-80-years of culinary dexterity of Chengdu cuisine, guests will embark on a multi-sensory discovery journey with the most authentic delicacies that bring flavors beyond fiery and hot.

During the heyday of celebrity banquets in Chengdu’s official residences, top chefs would be hired to customize exclusive recipes for bureaucrats and the wealthy. They were particular about luxury, technique, delicacy, and richness in flavors, subverting the traditional impression of Sichuan cuisine being little more than spicy food. Yang Dengquan, Head Chef of Five Foot Road, was born and raised in Chengdu and has over 30 years of experience in cooking. With his skillful hands, he has redefined Sichuan cuisine. His signature dishes – “Poached Chinese Cabbagein Bouillon” and “Stewed Minced Chicken Bouillon with Bird’s Nest” – require exquisite skills. Such skills are shown through the clear broth, rich texture and lingering fragrance in the mouth. No wonder they are known as the crown jewels of Chengdu cuisine! To pay tribute to the Chengdu traditional tea houses, the restaurant also has a tea lounge featuring elegant calligraphic where guests can enjoy a cultural welcome of Eight Treasure Tea, and a refined selection of Sichuan liquor, and a list of fine wines which includes varietals from the best vineyard in China.

開水白菜:白菜為常見食材,這個菜餚看來細緻淡雅,但楊師 傳以上等高湯、金華火腿、元貝等上乘材料熬制,入口鹹香清 甜,鮮美無比。
Poached Chinese Cabbagein Bouillon: Simple and common on its own, cabbagein is enhanced with posh ingredients such as Jinhua ham and dried scallop. The result is a complex mix 1 of saltiness, sweetness and freshness.


在澳門常常可看到不同顏色的西式建築,當中每一面牆都 仿彿會說話般,以顏色印記著這個城市的故事。不少旅客都會到瘋堂斜巷逛逛,途中想必會經過一間漆上了黃色外牆的葡式建築,那正是仁慈堂婆仔屋。婆仔屋歷史已有百年,前有一小庭院,植有兩棵老樟樹,環境清幽美麗,而婆仔屋附近更是澳門的創意基地,有不少文創作品和特色小店,新舊融合得相當美妙。婆仔屋附近亦有一棟着色大膽的西式建築,紅黃綠三色在密集的商住區內強烈碰撞,難怪是近年網紅打卡熱點!

Albergue SCM

Between the many European-style buildings from Macau’s colonial past, there is a wide variety of colours – each of them paints a story about the city. Many tourists love to visit Calçada da Igreja de S. Lázaro, a base for the development of Macau’s cultural and creative industries. Located in this district, Albergue SCM, also known as the “Old Ladies House”, features a small courtyard and two century-old Portuguese buildings with yellowhued walls. Two old camphor trees tower over the tranquil courtyard. There is also a boldly coloured western-style building in red, yellow and green nearby, which is a photo-worthy spot in recent years.


談到澳門最古老的顏色,那定是屬於崗頂劇院的薄荷綠。美麗而浪漫的“ 她 ”為中國帶來數個輝煌的第一次:崗頂劇院是中國第一座歐式劇院、中國第一部電影是在這裡播放、亦是普契尼歌劇《 蝴蝶夫人 》在亞洲首演的地方。


Dom Pedro V Theatre

No doubt the most historic colour in Macau is the sage green that belongs to the Dom Petro V Theatre. As the first Western-style theatre in all of China, it has played China’s first movie and hosted the premiere of Italian opera “Madama Butterfly” by Giacomo Puccini in Asia.

With an exquisite and refined architectural design, the Dom Pedro V Theatre emanates a strong nostalgic and romantic ambience. As to the facade of the architecture, it is a 15.7-m-wide porch, with a pediment on the top. The sage green exterior walls featuring atrovirens windows and door are all housed under a terracotta roof. There are many world heritages just around the corner, such as Sir Robert Ho Tung Library and St. Augustine’s Church.


在繁華的都市,要在混凝土堆砌的樓宇中找到一絲喘息空間並不容易。空間叁拾便以一片“ 綠 ”讓大家找回一個都市適用的解壓方法。在位處鬧市區域的小店內,架起一個又一個帳篷,讓您可無視天氣,不怕風吹雨打,隨時隨地來一場“ 都市野餐 ”。


Roomage 30

It is not easy to find somewhere among the concrete buildings where one could enjoy a respite. However, Roomage 30 provides a piece of “green” that allows people to decompress in the city. With tents set up in this small shop downtown, you can go on an “urban picnic” at any time, even under adverse weather.

Stepping into the restaurant, you will first see a dazzling feature wall. The attic on the second floor is covered with artificial grass mats. Seeing all the native American style tents, hippie carpets and wood grain cushions, you might forget you are actually indoor! Apart from a variety of delicious fusion foods, the restaurant also adds new items to the menu regularly to keep customers excited. Just the looks of innovative dishes such as chicken rice with scrambled eggs covered with fresh avocado and exquisite burger dim sum placed in a Chinese style steamer would stimulate your appetite for sure. Besides, you definitely do not want to miss their handmade burgers. For instance, their beef burger served with specialty peanut butter, barbecue sauce, cheddar cheese and fresh vegetables is indeed a treat to enjoy in the summer!



酒吧主打波希米亞風格的雞尾酒,其中有三款以澳門作為靈感,並以極具特色的澳門著名地標為名:“ 三巴遺跡 ”採用玫瑰茶糖漿,把脫水青檸倒進朗姆酒中,然後點燃,最後撒上肉桂,讓人想起燒毁的聖保祿大教堂;“ 氹仔舊城區 ”則採用真空威士忌、焦糖、香蕉、接骨木花、利口酒和肉桂糖漿製成,上面放上一小棵棕櫚樹作為酒吧與舊城區的象徵;“ 紅窗門 ”就以澳門舊紅燈區作靈感,在氈酒中加入甜菜頭、熱情果和椰子水。 另外,酒吧亦推出2杯全新雞尾酒來迎接夏日,“ The Pineapple Affair Medical ”由新鮮菠蘿、青檸、橙酒以及芒果鹽混合而成,口感清爽;“ The Casual-Tea ”則在龍舌蘭酒加進蝶豆花、青檸、薄荷、松露酒和小荳蔻而成。在各式各樣顏色的雞尾酒陪伴下,這個仲夏夜定能過得爛漫醉人。

Goa Nights

The beauty of Macau’s night view has to be embellished with a cocktail.Unlike other bars, Goa Nights is an Indian snack bar and restaurant with patterns carved above the bar counter and shadows of lotuses casted on the walls when the lights are on.

The bar specialises in bohemian-style cocktails, but there are three special ones inspired by Macau and named after distinctive landmarks of the city. “Ruins of St. Paul’s” consists of rose tea syrup with dehydrated lime poured into rum, which is then ignited and finished by a sprinkle of cinnamon, reminding people of the fire at the Church of St. Paul. “Old Taipa Village” is made with whiskey, caramel, banana, elderflower, liqueur and cinnamon syrup, with a mini palm tree placed on it as a symbol of the bar and the village. As for “Happy Street” which draws inspiration from the old red-light district of Macau, beetroot, passion fruit and coconut water are added to gin. In addition, the bar has launched two new cocktails to welcome the summer. “The Pineapple Affair Medical” is a mixture of fresh pineapple, lime, orange wine and mango salt which gives a refreshing taste; while “The Casual-Tea” combines tequila with butterfly pea flower, lime, mint, truffle wine and cardamom. With such colourful cocktails, the midsummer nights will surely be brilliant and intoxicating.

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