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The artistic delivery of creativity of a label is not only reflected in the design of its products, but also its history and tradition. The best way to emerge in the cultural side is to visit its signature venue. Apart from showcasing the label’s finest works, these stores serve gourmet dishes and feature a number of photo spots.

意大利 Italy


從意大利佛羅倫斯市的老橋往內街走,不一會便到達領主廣場,旁邊可見一幢三層高、以磚石建成的古老建築物,晚上在燈光烘托下顯得氣派不凡,這就是著名的Gucci Garden。Gucci Garden以舊Gucci Museo 為藍本,由品牌新任創意總監Alessandro Michele重新設計,以“ 過去、現在、未來”為主體概念。從樓梯往上走便是涵蓋二、三樓的展覽空間和藝術館,展廳將品牌過去不同年代的代表設計及元素分類,輔以錄像加強視覺效果,其中更設有一個小型電影廳,以說故事形式讓參觀者領略古驰的美學精神。

於展館參觀拍照過後,回到一樓,這裡設有古驰專賣店,裡面除了有各式品牌飾物及禮品外,更有Gucci Garden限量版商品發售,如服裝及配飾等。消費過後,記得要到此處焦點之一的Gucci Osteria用餐。餐廳由米其林三星主廚Massimo Bottura主理,他不止負責設計菜式,更參與了餐廳整體設計。他的料理充滿了濃厚的藝術感,菜式都有如藝術精品般,簡單如義大利傳統湯餃、義大利海鮮拌飯,到精美的巧克力榛果冰淇淋三明治,每一道菜都極富美感,讓人捨不得吃下。值得一提的是,這裡的熱門名菜竟然是漢堡!原來Massimo對漢堡情有獨鍾,所以他特別選用了頂級契安妮娜牛配上豬肉腸做成漢堡扒,加上特製醬汁,製成這個令人吃完會回味再三的米其林肉扒漢堡。

Gucci Museo with a Gastronomic Touch

Across Ponte Vecchio in Florence is Piazza della Signoria, where a three-storey historical stone building stands. It looks particularly majestic at night with the lights on. This is the famous Gucci Garden, modelled after the old Gucci Museo. Conceived by the label’s creative director Alessandro Michele, the space blends the past, present and future of Gucci. An exhibition and art space occupy the second and third floors, showcasing different design elements in different eras. Videos are played to further strengthen the visual effect. There is also a small cinema, presenting Gucci’s artistic pursuit through stories.

On the first floor, there is a Gucci shop selling not only ordinary products but also clothing and accessories limited to Gucci Garden. Next to the shop is Gucci Osteria, managed by Michelin three-star chef Massimo Bottura. He is not only responsible for creating the dishes but is also involved in the restaurant’s design in general. His dishes are full of artistic touches. From the Italian dumpling soup and risotto to the exquisite chocolate and hazelnut ice-cream sandwich, every dish is beautifully presented. The signature dish is burger – Bottura’s favourite food. Made with the finest Chianina beef and pork sausages, and complimented by a delicious sauce, it is set to be the most impressive Michelin burger.

美國 United States


說到最具標誌性的品牌,不得不提蒂芙尼,它的產品全都帶有獨特的“ 蒂芙尼藍”青藍色調子,一看便認得。這種色彩有其專色編號,可不是隨便就能調得出,極具代表性。而品牌位於紐約旗艦店的咖啡廳The Blue Box Café,同樣以這種色調為主題。咖啡廳位於店內四樓,內裡不少裝修擺設都用上了青藍專色,包括座椅沙發、杯碟、燈飾等,同時亦有不少玩味擺設,喜歡拍照的話,隨便一個角度都能拍出非常唯美的照片。

The Blue Box Café由Jason Wang擔任主廚,他曾在紐約大都會博物館任職總廚多年,來到The Blue Box Café後,便與蒂芙尼的首席藝術總監Reed Krakoff聯手,度身訂造最能反映品牌意念的菜式。咖啡廳主要售賣早午餐及下午茶,其中不少菜式都採用了蒂芙尼專色,例如甜品、巧克力及糕點,而造型上則以珠寶首飾為靈感,看起來高貴大方。下午茶除了有特色沙拉及三明治外,亦有放滿輕食的三層塔,少女們最愛點這菜式作自拍。飽餐一頓之後,信步逛逛偌大的品牌旗艦店,保證能滿載而歸。

Tiffany Blue in New York

“Tiffany blue” is iconic of the brand. An unique colour, it is recognisable by all fanatics around the world. The Blue Box Café in Tiffany’s New York flagship store is a paradise for people who love the colour. Located on the fourth floor of the shop, the café features Tiffany blue sofas, plates, lamps and other items. There are also decorations of unique designs. Photo spots are ubiquitous.

At the helm of The Blue Box Café is Jason Wang. He used to work as the executive chef for The Metropolitan Museum of Art. After joining The Blue Box Café, Wong worked with Tiffany’s Chief Artistic Officer Reed Krakoff to create dishes that reflect the label’s concept. The café serves mainly brunch and afternoon tea. Tiffany blue is used in many dishes, such as pudding, chocolate and pastries. The presentation is inspired by jewellery design, with an emphasis on elegance. For afternoon tea, apart from salad and sandwiches, there are also pastries served in an eye-catching three-tier stand. After the meal, it is best to have a stroll around the spacious flagship store and search for your dream jewellery.

意大利 Italy


時尚品牌都著重將創作意念傳遞給大眾,莫斯奇諾也不例外,不過它沒有選擇開設餐廳或咖啡廳,而是選擇將品牌形象融入一整幢酒店之中。位於米蘭的Maison Moschino 酒店, 改建自當地的舊火車站,入口的拱門外觀高貴典雅,富麗堂皇,而內部卻又是另一種與別不同的風格,令人意想不到。酒店樓高四層,共有65間套房,分成16種房型,全部由名設計師Rossella Jardini聯同莫斯奇諾設計團隊以超現實風格精心規劃,裝潢夢幻十足之餘又不失現代感,一如品牌的產品設計般天馬行空。

走進大堂,已感受到濃濃的藝術設計氣息:綿羊造型的座椅,還有天花的雲朵飾燈,就像瞬間走進夢幻世界一樣。酒店房間同樣沒有令人失望,設計極之跳脫,例如其中代表作Alice’s Room,就採用了愛麗絲夢遊仙境元素,房內擺放著大茶杯造型桌子,上面還吊著一顆大得不成比例的電燈泡,充滿夢幻感覺。另一間名為Life is a Bed of Roses 的套房則以滿滿的立體鮮紅玫瑰作為床舖,躺在床上,有種睡在玫瑰花叢中的感覺。整座酒店驚喜處處,喜歡夢幻氛圍的話,來到米蘭必定要親身感受一下。

Maison Moschino: A Fantasy

Many brands put an emphasis on communicating its concept to the public and Moschino chose to blend its image into a hotel. Maiso Moschino was modified from Milan’s old train station. Its arch entrance has a classic feel but the interior tells a completely different story.The hotel is four-storey high with 65 suites in 16 styles—all brainchildren of acclaimed designer Rosella Jardini and the Moschino design team. The fantasy style of the hotel echoes the label’s product style. It is dreamy yet modern.

The artistic ambiance can be felt as soon as one enters the lobby. Visitors are greeted by a sheep-shaped sofa, cloudinspired overhead lights. The rooms are just as creative. For example, the signature Alice’s Room features elements from Alice in Wonderland. The coffee table is an oversized tea cup, with a huge light bulb dangling above it. Another suite worthy of attention is Life is a Bed of Roses, with a bed spread of fabric roses. There are surprises at every corner of the hotel. For those who are into surrealism and fantasy, this hotel is not to miss in Milan.

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