Amazing Hotels with Rare Wildlife

It would be an unique experience to stay in a foreign hotel with great wilderness. You can get close to all kinds of exotic animals while shuttling between the original natural treasure and magnificence.

肯尼亞 Kenya


位於東非肯亞奈洛比的長頸鹿莊園Giraffe Manor,是全球唯一一間能夠讓住客近距離接觸長頸鹿的酒店。莊園位處海拔5,889 米,包含附近約570,000 平方米原始灌木林帶及48,000 平方米私人花園。建築群分為建於1932年的Main Manor,以及後來依此複製建造的Garden Manor,歷史悠久,整體布置刻意保留當年的殖民色彩,無論客房、交誼室或花園雅座,均充滿上世紀歐陸風情。置身其中,一邊享受園區侍者端上的飲料,一邊欣賞園區日夜的天然景致,賞心樂事。

Giraffe Manor屬於非洲瀕危野生動物基金(AFEW)的產業,旨在保育極度瀕危的羅特希爾德長頸鹿。為了不過分影響羅氏長頸鹿的生態,莊園合共只有12間房,並以園區內的長頸鹿命名。入住Giraffe Manor,絕不能錯過每天的早餐時間,因為您可以嘗到與長頸鹿共進早餐的滋味。在用餐區進食時,長頸鹿會從特製的大窗探頭進來討吃,客人可隨便把侍者準備好的飼料餵給牠們,近距離接觸這些瀕危的羅氏長頸鹿。到了下午茶時間,客人更可到戶外隨便撫摸牠們、跟牠們玩樂,旁邊的侍者更會為您拍照留念,保存珍貴一刻。

Giraffes as Breakfast Companion

Giraffe Manorin Nairobi of Kenya is the world’s only hotel that allows guests to get close to giraffes. Located at 5,889 m sea level, occupying primeval shrubbery of approximately 570,000 sq. m. and a private garden of 48,000 sq. m., the estate consists of the Main Manor built in 1932, and the replica building named Garden Manor. With a long history and colonial styles, the guest rooms, common room and garden of the hotel are full of European features of the last century. Enjoying the drinks served by the waiter while viewing the natural scenery of the garden, that is definitely a joyful experience.

Giraffe Manor belongs to African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (AFEW), which aims at conserving the extremely endangered Rothschild Giraffe. The estate has only 12 rooms named after the giraffes inside for the ecological good. At Giraffe Manor, you must not miss the daily breakfast time with giraffes. When you are eating in the dining area, the giraffes will probe their forage from you through a special and large window. During the time of afternoon tea, guests can touch giraffes and play with them outdoor. The waiters will take photos and record the precious moments for you.

印度尼西亞 Indonesia

雄獅獠牙 獸色可餐

Mara River Safari Lodge 是一間以非洲原野為主題、既原始又狂野的渡假酒店。酒店位於印尼巴里島沙發里野生動物園之內,共有39間富有非洲特色的獨立小屋,並設有燒烤餐廳、獅子主題餐廳、露天泳池及按摩服務等設施。酒店外圍則是面積約400,000平方米的動物園區,區內飼有約150種動物,其中更包括有”活恐龍”之稱的科莫多龍。白天乘坐遊園車到野外實地觀賞大象、老虎等動物,再回酒店享受按摩服務,餵食附近的斑馬,與大自然融為一體,讓人身心放鬆。


Dining with Beasts

Located in the Safari Park of Bali, Indonesia, Mara River Safari Lodge is a resort hotel with the theme of African wilderness. There are 39 independent African-inspired cottages, a barbecue restaurant, a lion-themed restaurant, an open-air swimming pool, massage services and other facilities. The hotel is surrounded by a zoo area of nearly 400,000 sq. m. with approximately 150 species of animals, including the “living dinosaur” – komodo dragon. During the day, you can take a tour car to the wild and watch the elephants and tigers, and then return to the hotel for relaxation while enjoying a massage service or feeding the zebras.

As a two-storey hut-like building with red brick floors and totems, the rooms here are designed in the African traditional tribal style, with some of the rooms are very close to the wild. You can view not only the zebras and rhinos from the balcony, but also feed them with the carrots in your room directly. The open-air swimming pool is an ideal place to cool off and watch the wild animals at the same time. What an unique experience! If you want more excitement, the theme restaurant Tsavo Lion equipped with a large transparent tempered glass is the best choice. The fierce lions will look at you through the window while you are tasting a delicate Western meal!

馬來西亞 Malaysia



Adorable Orangutans in Sabah

Next to the pristine beaches of Sabah, Malaysia, there is the luxury Shangri-La’s Rasa Ria Resort & Spa. Situated between the ocean and 260,000-sq. m. of tropical rainforest with many special tropical species, the hotel has 499 rooms, 6 restaurants with different themes and 2 bars. Besides the spa, tennis, golf, horse riding, and a variety of water activities, you can also sign up for the Excellent Orangutan Tour. As the stars of the island, orangutans are gentle, clever and lively. Living in the Kota Kinabalu National Park next to the hotel, the playful performances of these lovely orangutans can be watched at close sight under the guidance of the wildlife officers.

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