The Life Elements

The taste of a drink changes with mood. Life is always a mixture of sweetness and bitterness. Drinks similarly carry a variety of tastes. Are they determined by the mixing skills, quality of the ingredients or mood? Or do the flavours go well only by chance?

Oscar has been bartending for 15 years before joining Four Seasons Hotel Macao in 2017. Skilful at injecting creative elements into cocktails, his works in recent years are marked by an oriental touch.


雞尾酒英文“cocktail”一字最遠可追溯至19世紀,但把酒與飲料或不同材料混合成酒的飲品,在16世紀已經出現。至於起源則有極多版本,最廣泛的說法,是16世紀歐洲一間酒館為了招攬顧客,以雞毛為主題裝飾酒吧,某日一位酒友喝到微醉,叫酒保上一杯“ 雞尾”酒。這位酒保非常有急才,倒了一杯由數種不同酒類混合的飲料,為了不讓酒友更醉,更加水平衡酒精濃度,並隨手摘下一根雞毛貼在杯邊。酒友喝後覺得味道很好,便常來光顧,而雞尾酒亦就此傳揚開去。另外一種說法是19世紀時,新奧爾良一家藥房以法式蛋杯載著白蘭地混合其他飲品給客人,蛋杯法語是coquetier,當地人後來索性將之簡稱為cocktay,這字最後逐漸成為今日人所共知的cocktail。

The Legend of Cocktail

The term “cocktail” originated in the 19th century, but the practice to mix alcohol and other drinks or ingredients dates back to the 16th century. There are many stories as to how cocktail was invented. According to the more popular version, it was invented in a bar in 16th century Europe, where cock tails were used as decoration.

One day, a drunk customer asked for a “cocktail” drink and the bartender improvised by mixing a few different liqueurs. He added water so the customer would not get more drunk. A cock tail was then attached to the glass as a final touch of embellishment. The customer liked it so much that he kept going back and the reputation of the cocktail drink was then spread. Another common belief is that the drink originated in the then French-populated New Orleans, where eggcups, or “coquetiers” in French,were used to measure alcohol tonics. The term was simplified to “cocktay” later and evolved into today’s “cocktail”.

甜 Sweet Hi! Sweety 注入含覆盆子肉及肉桂的氈酒、白糖糖槳、 檸檬汁、新鮮覆盆子、蛋白、香博樹莓力嬌酒
Raspberry Cinnamon Infused Gin, Sugar Syrup, Lemon Juice, Fresh Raspberries, Egg White, Chambord Liqueur
辣 Spicy Not So Vegan 注入煙肉及緣胡椒味的伏特加、香茅糖槳、 青檸汁、青瓜汁、蘋果醋、羅勒、馬汀尼苦艾酒
Bacon & Spicy Green Peppercorn Infused Vodka, Lemon Grass Syrup, Lime Juice, Cucumber Juice, Apple Cider Vinegar, Basil Leaves, Martini Bianco


其實在18世紀的英美,被用作形容混合糖、水及各式含酒精飲品的酒類叫“sling”,後來出現人工冰塊,令這種混合酒類更大行其道,花招更多;發展至今更有人引進分子料理的技巧,創造出分子雞尾酒。雞尾酒之好玩,是不同原料組合下,可有無限多種色彩、味道。常用的酒類有琴酒、威士忌、白蘭地、龍舌蘭酒、蘭姆酒、苦艾酒、伏特加、葡萄酒等,以這些“ 酒底”用來混合不同的果汁及汽水,有時更會用調味料如肉桂、羅勒等。除了配方組合,雞尾酒亦有不同的種類,熱飲如熱托迪,抑或是像冰沙的德比戴克利都有;若你一年365天每天喝一杯雞尾酒,絕對可以天天不同,輕易做到不重複!

Unlimited creativity

In Britain and America in the 18th century, drinks that mix sugar, water and alcohol are called “sling”. Later with the invention of the refrigeration machine, ice became more accessible and the mixture of drinks became more popular. Cocktails continue to evolve over time and now some even bring skills from molecular gastronomy into the drinks. Making cocktail is always fun because with different ingredients, there are infinite possibilities of colours and tastes. More common alcohol bases include gin, whisky, brandy, tequila, rum,absinthe, vodka and wine. Different types of juice and soda are then added to them. Sometimes, herbs such as cinnamon and basil are also used. There are also different kinds of cocktails. For example, the cosy Hot Toddy is completely different from the smoothie-like Derby Daiquiri. If you drink a cocktail every day for a whole year, it is entirely possible to have 365 different drinks!

苦 Bitter 3month Aged Negroni 康帕利力嬌酒、琴酒、紅色威末酒(在橡木桶陳酒3 個月)
Campari, Gin, Vermouth Rosso (Aged for 3 months on oak barrel)

澳門四季酒店的“ 名貴酒吧”,近日推出的五款限時雞尾酒就極堪玩味,以 甜、酸、苦、辣、鹹為主題,分為甜(Hi! Sweety)、酸(Sea Cooler)、苦(3month Aged Negroni)、辣(Not So Vegan)、鹹(Dulce de Leche)五味, 據酒吧的首席調酒師Oscar說,這五款酒的靈感來自人類基本味覺:“ 一般的雞尾酒除了酒味大部分都是偏甜的,很悶蛋。既然雞尾酒有無限可能性,那不就以人類可品嚐到的五種味覺做主題?一來好玩,其次是客人在五味雞尾酒中,總會找到一款合適自己的吧!”

Bar Azul at Four Seasons Hotel Macao is currently offering 5 special cocktails for a limited period of time. They are Hi! Sweety, Sea Cooler, 3month Anged Negroni, Not So Vegan and Dulce de Leche, themed around the tastes of sweetness, sourness, bittnerness, spiciness and saltiness. According to Oscar, the principal bartender, the five drinks reflect the five basic tastes of human. “Most cocktails taste only of alcohol and sweetness. It is rather boring.If there are unlimited possibilities for cocktails, why not use the five tastes as a theme? It is going to be fun and customers are likely to find something they like in the five options.”

酸 Sour Sea Cooler 薄荷葉、哈瓦那蘭姆酒、熱情果糖槳、雞尾酒用糖水、檸檬汁、蘋果汁、肉桂粉
Mint Leaves, Havana Rum, Passionfruit Syrup, Gomme, Lemon Juice, Apple Juice, Cinnamon Powder

Oscar更建議吃晚餐時配合這五味雞尾酒,絕對可以“錦上添花”:“先喝辣的 Not So Vegan,喚醒味蕾,也可以吃吃隨杯附送的煙肉薄脆。之後喝淡苦中帶木桶味的3month Aged Negroni,橡木桶的香味令嗅覺也醒覺了。吃飯時就喝帶酸的Sea Cooler增進食慾,吃甜品時就可喝甜的 Hi! Sweety及甜中帶鹹的Dulce de Leche,尤其是 Dulce de Leche,因為有奶油成份,配甜品一絕。”5杯限時雞尾酒供應期只到2019年2月下旬,生命有時,感受人生五味也有時!

Oscar recommended pairing the five cocktails with dinner dishes. “Before eating, one could go for the spicy Not So Vegan to stimulate the taste buds. It also goes well with the crispy bacons that come with the drink. Following that,the slight bitter 3month Aged Negroni further wakes up the senses with its oak aroma. During dinner, the acidic Sea Cooler stimulates the appetite, while Hi! Sweety goes perfectly with dessert. Dulce de Leche is another excellent option over dessert for its slight salinity and creamy texture. The cocktails are served until February 2019. Time in life is limited, so why not savour the different tastes in it while you can?

鹹 Salty Dulce de Leche 奶油甜酒、龍舌蘭酒、檸檬汁、海鹽、焦糖牛奶
Butterscotch Liqueur, Tequila, Lemon Juice, Sea Salt, Dulce De Leche

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