Enjoy the Delicacy of Dim Sum

廣式點心舉世知名,只因看似簡單的“ 一盅兩件”用料精博,品種繁多,款式新穎,口味清新多樣,製作精細,鹹甜兼備,能適應四季節令和各方人士口味。清末的西關乃廣式點心的發源地,正所謂“ 食在廣州,味在西關”,但發展至今要品嚐上乘的點心已不局限於西關一帶,款式種類亦愈趨精緻,一口一件,百吃不厭。
There is a popular Chinese saying – “Eating in Guangzhou, tasting in Xiguan”.Cantonese dim sum originates in Xiguan and is one of the most popular Chinese cuisine which requires complicate procedure and comprises of a collection of tastes. You will never get bored with exquisite traditional Cantonese delicates.

金芙蓉蒸蟹鉗 Steamed Crab Claw with Golden Egg White
以龍蝦湯及蛋白做芡汁,蟹鉗來自四斤肉蟹,上桌時再 灒上花雕,蟹鉗吸收了龍蝦汁,鮮上加鮮。Simmered in lobster bisque with a little portion of Chinese wine poured in before serving, the crab claw is amazingly rich in flavor.

珊瑚龍蝦餃 Steamed Lobster Dumplings
蝦痴必吃,底部是大蝦肉、上層再加上龍蝦,極為鮮味, 再放上熱情果粒,淡淡的酸味更帶出一點清新味感。For shrimp and lobster lovers. The lightly sour and sweet Passion fruit make the dumplings taste nice and fresh.

蝦籽遼參芋泥 Deep-fried Taro with Sea Cucumber and Shrimp Roe
餡料極之豐富﹕有芋泥、冬菇、山藥,以及吸收了鮑汁 的遼參,上面再加蟹子。遼參的爽口鮮味與芋泥之軟腴 香甜出奇地配合。With rich ingredients and the texture of sea cucumber pairs perfectly with the softness and creaminess of taro.

Steamed Green Lobster with Organic Black and Golden Garlic Rice Roll

蒜蓉粉絲蒸龍蝦的變奏版,以更健康的黑蒜代替白蒜,龍蝦彈牙,煎腸粉吸收了龍蝦芡汁,香跪之中更添鮮味。Using healthier black garlic with lobster. The rice roll fully absorbs the rich starchy sauce of lobster.


金沙城中心中菜行政總廚葉寶榮師傅,十多歲入行學做點心,先後跟過香港及馬來西亞的點心師傅學藝,入行三十一年大部分時間都在五星級的酒店掌管點心部或擔任總廚,絕對稱得上“ 點心之王”。他說現在坊間不少茶樓為了節省成本,點心都是由中央工場製作,但他一定堅持由碌皮到處理餡料都要手做。“ 好像一個好吃的叉燒包,皮要鬆化有麵粉香,叉燒汁又要有蠔油香。要乎合這些條件,師傅就要拿準麵團的發酵程度,叉燒汁要一邊製作一邊調校味道,不能有半點偷懶,現在中央工場弄的,味道與手製的,是兩碼子的事。”


除了堅持手做,葉師傅多年來亦堅持不斷創作出點心。“ 因為多年來都在五星級酒店或大型渡假集團工作,旗下都不只一間中菜餐廳,若全部的點心出品都一樣,那為何要在同一幢酒店開多間中菜廳呢?二來一個高水準的點心部,一定不會甘於只製作傳統點心,若客人們因為我們的點心而來或吃了會記住我們獨家的點心,那我就心滿意足了。”

 Handmade and Fresh

Executive Chinese Chef Yap Poh Weng at Sands Cotai Central started his career as a teenage apprentice, learning from Hong Kong and Malaysian dim sum masters. With over 31 years of culinary experience,he has worked for several five-star hotels as the dim sum head chef.While many restaurants nowadays purchase frozen finished products from wholesale suppliers, Chef Yap, on the other hand, insists on making dim sum from scratch day by day. “To make a perfect BBQ pork bun, for example, you need to make sure the dough sufficiently fermented and the oyster sauce properly seasoned. Such a handmade BBQ pork bun will taste completely different from those massed produced in a factory,”Chef Yap says.

Cooking Creatively

Besides his conviction on handmade delicacies, Chef Yap is committed to creating and experimenting with new dim sum recipes.“There usually are at least two or three Chinese restaurants in a five-star hotel or resort here, all of which have different styles and specialties,”says Chef Yap, “so we must create our own signature dim sum dish. We cannot provide our patrons with ordinary dim sum that could be easily found elsewhere. I will be truly satisfied if they are favorably impressed with our dim sum dish.”

貓山王榴槤班戟 Fresh Raja Kunyit Pancake
以新鮮貓山王果肉打造的薄煎餅,吃後滿口榴槤香,歷久不散。The rich and unique flavor of fresh durian will linger in your mouth.

玉米奶皇包 Steamed Bun Filled with Egg Custard and Corn
以奶皇、雞蛋、麵粉、忌廉及玉米蓉打芡,外皮加上南瓜水,比起 一般奶皇包多了玉米的香及南瓜的甜。Pumpkin juice is added in the dough before it’s made into the bun, making it taste more luscious.

Executive Chinese Chef Yap Poh Weng at Sands Cotai Central.

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竹笙黃耳素粉果 Steamed Mushrooms Dumpling with Bamboo Pith, Yellow Fungus and Carrot
做成青蘋果狀,以超薄的澄麵薄皮包着竹笙、黃耳及各種雜菇的素餃子。Vegetarian dumplings with bamboo pith, yellow fungus and carrot in green apple shape.

上湯海藻灌湯餃 Poached Pork Dumpling with Shrimp, Crabmeat, Mushroom and Seaweed in Superior Broth
上湯以日本海帶加上花膠熬製,清而不淡。Flavorful double-boiled fish maw soup with Japanese seaweed.

黑椒鮑魚燒鵝達 Baked Abalone Tartelette with Diced Roasted Goose in Black Pepper Sauce
皮是蛋達的酥皮,將燒鵝切粒再加上原隻鮑魚焗25分鐘,鮑魚吸收了燒鵝油香,更為惹味。Puff pastry with diced roasted goose and abalone. Baked for 25 minutes, the abalone absorbs the juice of roasted goose to create sensuous flavor.

避風塘脆皮蟹鉗 Deep-fried Crab Claw Flavored with Chili and Crispy Garlic
選用二至三斤重越南大肉蟹,以避風塘方法炒 之,香口之余肉汁仍得以保留。Used Vietnamese crabs of 1.2 – 1.8 kg and deep-fried to retain most of its juices.


我國最早有“ 點心”一詞,可翻查至《唐書》:“ 唐鄭為江淮留侯,家人備夫人晨饌,夫人謂其弟曰:‘ 治妝未畢,我未及餐,爾且可點心。’”至後來由西關點心師傅發揚光大,傳統的廣式點心種類繁多,豐富程度絕對冠絕中國,以嶺南小吃為基礎,廣泛吸取北方各地、其中亦包括六大宮廷面點和西式糕餅技藝發展而成。


點心通常是採用蒸、煎或炸的,餡料卻非常廣泛,甜鹹、葷素, 點心的品種款式和風味是由皮、餡和技藝構成。高超的點心師傅,就能把不同種類的皮和餡,千變萬化地組合出不同味道和形狀的美點。所以要知道一家酒家的點心是否到達高水準,除了看食材的新鮮程度以及味道外,還要看看這個酒家是否有一些自創獨家的點心。如作為米其林一星餐廳麗軒,除了提供高質素新派美點,如從咸水角蛻變出來的“ 安蝦雞粒咸水角”、又或“ 滋味柑桔蝦球”等,是這裡的點心師傅以紮實的技藝,在傳統點心上加上點點創意,打造出全新的色香味全美點。

 A Little Bit of Heart

Dim sum in Chinese literally means “touch the heart”. It is said that the first dim sum was made in Tang Dynasty. Since late 1800s, local chefs from Xiguan developed a unique Cantonese culinary art, combining the tradition of Chinese imperial cuisine with western dessert making techniques. By then, Cantonese dim sum officially came into being.

Innovate Beyond Tradition

Dim sum is usually prepared by steaming and frying with a variety of savory or sweet fillings. Best dim sum masters are always capable of creating an infinite variety of delicious combinations of buns, wraps and fillings. The dim sum menus of top restaurants such as the Michelin-starred Lai Heen at The Ritz-Carlton, Macau, usually feature exclusively inventive, mouthwatering creations,including “Deep-fried Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Minced Chicken and Dried Shrimp” and “Deep-fried Prawns with Tangerine Sauce” etc. The dim sum chefs at Lai Heen ensure that every single dish is meticulously prepared, and never forget to give it a personal twist.

安蝦雞粒咸水角 Deep-fried Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Minced Chicken and Dried Shrimp
外型做成“ 啤梨”狀,啤梨莖是炸意大利麵,十分可愛。外皮為炸糯米,餡料有雞、蝦及各種菇類,口感豐富。With a cute shape of pear, the pear stem is made of fried spaghetti. Rich flavor with chicken, shrimp and mushroom filling.

滋味柑桔蝦球 Deep-fried Prawns with Tangerine Sauce
以秘制金桔汁製作, 以越南大蝦猛火爆炒,淡淡酸苦味對蝦絕對有提鮮作用。Deep-fried Vietnamese prawns with lightly bitter and sour tangerine sauce which enhances the fresh flavor of prawns.

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