All Go Green

In recent years, vegetarianism took the world by storm with the emergence of many new vegetarian restaurants because of health reasons rather than religious beliefs. Eurasian vegetarian cuisine has reached an unprecedented peak due to the high-quality and healthy vegetarian ingredients.

阿斯科利橄欖比薩 Pizza Ortolana
材料有馬鈴薯泥、菠菜、南瓜、風乾番茄及玉米,自家製的餅皮爽脆,風乾番茄的淡酸與南瓜的清甜很夾,是 一款口味清新的比薩。With crispy homemade-crust and fresh ingredients such as mashed potatoes, spinach, pumpkin, dried tomatoes and corn.
意大利扁意麵 Linguini with Vegan Meatballs
素肉丸與番茄醬的完美配搭,再加上異常彈牙的自家製意大利扁 麵條,讓人欲罷不能! The delicious homemade linguine, vegan meatballs and tomato sauce are a perfect match.


澳門金沙度假區最近聯同社會企業Green Monday,在旗下14間餐廳推出多款健康素食美饌。而菜式的最大特點,是以世界各地最先進、最矜貴的植物科研食材入饌,例如來自洛杉磯“超越肉類公司”的產品、“新豬肉”、“植物蛋”等等,為食客提供色香味兼營養俱全的菜式;就像澳門威尼斯人碧濤意國漁鄉的意大利扁意麵中的素肉丸,無論是味道還是質感,都百份百與真的豬肉丸無異,咬下去還會爆出鮮味“肉”汁!

Innovative Vegetarian Meal

As a collaboration between Sands Resorts Macao and Green Monday, 14 of Sands Resorts Macao’s restaurants have provided an array of innovative, nutritious and delicious vegetarian dishes, using ingredients like “Omnipork”, plant-based scrambled eggs from “Just Scramble” and meat substitutes from Los Angeles-based producer, Beyond Meat. For instance, Portofino at The Venetian Macao provides “Linguini with Vegan Meatballs” in which the juicy vegan meatballs share the same taste and texture as the real ones!

碧濤意國漁鄉 Portofino
Shop 1039, The Venetian Macao Level 1,
電話 Tel: +853 8118 9950


玉米粉餃子伴藏紅花燴雜菜 Raviole de Polenta au Ragout Jardinier
雖然看上去就像班戟,但味道卻截然不同,記得要把伴碟的番茄吃完,慢煮後的質感與口 味十分有趣! Even though it looks like a pancake at first glance, the taste is completely different. Don’t miss the slowly roasted tomato garnish which is unbelievable tasty with nice texture.



The French Vegetarian Art

Vegetarian dishes can also become works of art, for example those at Brasserie, The Parisian Macao. For “Tartare D’asperges, Tomate et Avocat”, the upper and lower layers of the tartare are made of avocado and asparagus, while the middle layer is the peeled tomato, with fried ficelle crouton shaped in between 2 rings topped with mixed lettuces, seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, vinegar and a little salt. The “Raviole de Polenta au Ragout Jardinier” is just another masterpiece which includes ravioli dough made of polenta with mixed vegetable ragout, topped with the pan-fried black tuile which is a mixture of flour, olive oil and bamboo charcoal powder. Finally, the dish is decorated by semidried cherry tomatoes that were roasted slowly at a low temperature for 6 hours.

青蘆筍牛油果及番茄韃靼配青菜沙拉伴紅甜椒醬 Tartare D’asperges, Tomate et Avocat
只需一口就能享受牛油果的獨有香氣,略帶黏性的質感有如真的生牛 肉韃靼一般。With a unique aroma of avocado, the dish has a sticky texture like steak tartare.


巴黎人法式餐廳 Brasserie
Level 3, The Parisian Macao
電話 Tel: +853 8111 9200


川椒辣子植物素雞丁 Wok-fried Vegan Beyond Chicken with Sichuan Hot chill and Peppers
使用來自洛杉磯“ 超越肉類公司”的雞肉,由青豆及大豆等天然植物中抽取的蛋白質和營養重組而成,味道與營養都是素菜中的一等一,素雞香辣醒胃,吃到滿頭大汗才叫過癮!。 This spicy vegetarian dish features vegetarian chicken from the Los Angeles-based producer Beyond Meat, which includes a mixture of soy and pea proteins and nutrients.



Chinese Vegetarian Cuisine

Most people may only think of traditional food like vegan barbecue or taro fish regarding Chinese vegetarian dishes. In fact, they have been developing rapidly in recent years. Golden Court in Sands Macao has introduced a number of “high-tech” ingredients to create the dish “Just Scramble Eggless Egg with Fresh Tomatoes”, featuring the plant-based scrambled eggs made from soybeans of “Just Scramble” developed by Li Ka-shing and Bill Gates. Though they taste similarly, the substitute has a thinner texture than the real egg, which therefore requires much more patient and exquisite cooking techniques.

鮮茄煮超人植物蛋 Just Scramble Eggless Egg with Fresh Tomatoes
極考功夫的鮮茄煮植物蛋,吃下去與真蛋的質感無異,成本卻是真蛋的二、 三十倍。Even with similar tastes, the cost of the plant-based scrambled egg from “Just Scramble” is 20 to 30 times that of the real egg.

金沙閣 Golden Court
3/F, Sands Macao
電話 Tel: +853 8983 8222

金沙新豬扒包 Sands Omnipork Pork Chop Bun
非常美味的金沙豬扒包,營養價值要比傳統豬扒包更高! The delicious Sands Omnipork Pork Chop Bun has a higher nutritional value than a traditional pork chop bun.




Nutritious New Ingredients

In addition to the Eurasian dishes, try the “Sands Omnipork Pork Chop Bun” in different restaurants, which replaces real pork with “Omnipork”. Having the same taste as real pork, “Omnipork” comprises a proprietary blend of plant-based protein from pea, non-GMO soy, shiitake mushroom and rice for complete protein and essential amino acids. It is free of hormone and antibiotic with 0 mg of cholesterol.

While health is invaluable, healthy vegetarian dishes are costly. All the nutritious ingredients developed by advanced technology with similar tastes and textures are served to provide the best vegan experience to the diners.

澳門威尼斯人的「帝皇點心」、澳門金沙城中心的「好味館」、澳門巴黎人的「色香味」及澳門金沙的「888美食天地」均可享用金沙新豬扒包。Guests can taste the Sands Omnipork Pork Chop Bun at The Venetian Macao’s Imperial House, Sands Cotai Central’s Tastes, The Parisian Macao’s Market Bistro and Sands Macao’s 888 Food Court.