This year marks the 65th anniversary of the Macau Grand Prix (MGP). In the fifth consecutive year as the event’s Title Sponsor, Suncity Group continues to work closely with government departments. Through injecting new elements into different aspects, the Group seeks to create an entertaining and hospitable experience for the audience and visitors.

“ 力求進步”
Striving for Progress

太陽城集團公共及社會關係部高級副總裁 李素茵
Gina Lei, Senior Vice President of Corporate & Community Relations of Suncity Group




“ 力求進步、敢於創新”,在5年間統籌的難忘過程中,太陽城集團公共及社會關係部高級副總裁李素茵(Gina)強調,唯有上下一心共同向目標邁進,才得以令每一項細節盡善盡美。

“Strive to improve, dare to innovate” is the motto of Gina Lei, Senior Vice President of Corporate & Community Relations of Suncity Group. For Lei, the past five years have been unforgettable. The experience shows that perfection is only achievable when everyone is striding towards the same goal.

Gina坦然,協調這麼大型的活動,時間管理絕對是其中一大挑戰,各個部門在賽事舉行的半年前已開始籌備,當中少不了各種突發情況,幸好部門之間充分發揮團隊精神、充足的事前準備加上經驗,讓我們每年在協調及臨場部署各方面皆越見進步。“ 由2011年開始,太陽城集團贊助了路車挑戰賽,至2014年,集

“Strive to improve, dare to innovate” is the motto of Gina Lei,Senior Vice President of Corporate & Community Relations of Suncity Group. For Lei, the past five years have been unforgettable. The experience shows that perfection is only achievable when everyone is striding towards the same goal. Time management was a major challenge in coordinating an event as big as this, she said. Preparation work across different departments began six months before the race. There was no lack of unexpected circumstances, but they were swiftly handled with good teamwork and preparation. Coordination and contingency planning become better each year as the team accumulates experience. “Suncity Group has sponsored the Road Sport Challenge race since 2011. In 2014, Chief Executive Officer and Director Alvin Chau decided that the Group would become a title sponsor for the Macau Grand Prix. In the first year, we faced a lot of problems, but we were grateful to have the assistance from the government of the Macau SAR. For example, they let us know that the sponsor of a race can film on the tracks, and inform us of the locations where we could place our logo and promotional banners. With their help, issues were taken care of smoothly,” she said.

對於協調工作所帶來的滿足感,Gina感恩地說:“ 集團可以發揮本身最大之強項,以集團本身及旗下子公司多樣化的業務,加上在娛樂、旅遊推廣等方面擁有豐富經驗的專業團隊,為活動注入更多娛樂及嘉年華元素,大賽車入場人次逐年不斷增加,受注目程度屢創新高,更多旅客來澳欣賞大賽車,這些都是我們樂
於看到的。”“ 力求進步、敢於創新”,在5年間統籌的難忘過程中,太陽城集團公共及社會關係部高級副總裁李素茵(Gina)強調,唯有上下一心共同向目標邁進,才得以令每一項細節盡善盡美。

Lei was grateful about the satisfaction the coordination work has brought her. “The Group’s biggest strength is in its wide range of businesses and network. Its entertainment and tourism branches have groomed a professional team with a wealth of experience who helped inject entertainment and carnival elements into the sport event. The audience size and the attention we get grow every year. We are also happy to see more foreign visitors coming to Macau for the Grand Prix.”

“ 大綱與細節”
Big Picture and Small Details

Suncity Group Events Planning Department



“ 作為活動統籌團隊,我們的工作就是協調活動與統籌各部門的工作,因此,活動事無大小我們也需要清晰了解及有效地迅速解決困難。”誠如腕錶中的齒輪,太陽城集團活動統籌部精英於盛事中施展渾身解數,擔當部門間的重要橋樑角色。

“One of the biggest task of Events Planning Department is to help coordinate between departments. Therefore, we need to be efficient when problem arises.” Like the gears in a watch, the team members connect different departments in grand events with their expertise.

“ 由於需要跟集團各部門溝通及了解他們的進程,例如餐飲安排、物流運輸、貴賓區搭建進度、嘉賓進場秩序、賽車女郎服飾及集團宣傳道具等等我們也需要關注,因此每年差不多早在4月已開始大賽車相關的籌備工作。” 太陽城集團活動統籌部的陳慧妍與岑碧雯異口同聲表示,作為部門之間的橋樑,團隊能於有限時間妥善完成協調工作,除了管理好部門本身工作狀況外,亦需要了解各部門工作進展。當中,備受注目的賽車女郎可說是團隊的一大挑戰:“ 由挑選到服飾到儀態再到臨場工作也需要事事關心,猶幸5年的經驗令我們對很多事情也懂應付,每年由零開始見證活動成功舉行也令我們感受到工作上的滿足感。”

“We communicate with different departments to get an idea of their progress. We are concerned with a wide range of things, such as catering, logistics, the construction of the VIP zone, outfits of the grid girls and the Group’s promotional props. To allow sufficient time for all the preparation, work starts early in April every year.” Bethia Chan and Nicole Sam of the Events Planning Department both said on top of handling work of their own team, it is important to understand other departments’ progress to coordinate well in a limited time. The management of grid girls is a particularly big challenge. “From choosing outfits, training to the girls’ performance at the circuit, we have to pay close attention to every aspect. The five years of experience have prepared us for many different issues. It is great satisfaction to see the event come together from the ground up.”

“ 使命必達”
A Sense of Mission

太陽旅遊經理 吳華如
Janet Ng, Manager of Sun Travel


“ 用心聆聽,了解所需,盡力滿足客人的要。”就是這一份對顧客的承諾,太陽旅遊團隊於每年澳門大賽車舉行期間,以專業的態度與誠懇的服務為貴賓帶來賓至如歸的難忘旅程。

The team at Sun Travel pledges to listen carefully and be understanding in fulfilling customers’ needs. The team’s professional service has brought visitors an unforgettable experience during the Macau Grand Prix every year.

據太陽旅遊經理吳華如表示,澳門格蘭披治大賽車是澳門每年的盛事,太陽旅遊亦會為顧客妥善準備大賽車住宿套票服務,以應付大量貴賓查詢門票、住宿及交通接送等問題 :“由於每年大賽車期間,全澳的交通及住宿安排都非常緊張,我們與各酒店的合作夥伴爭取酒店房間時亦存在一定程度的壓力,同時在行程規劃、行車路線、住宿及賽車門票安排方面我們亦希望能盡善盡美,幸好過去4年來同事經驗不斷累積,無論在車隊接送及預訂服務各項等等都不斷進步。”為澳門的旅遊業出一分力,以專業及友善的態度為貴賓服務,加上貼心向旅客安排及推廣住宿套票,令他們賓至如歸及留下美好印象,就是團隊辛勞工作的最大原動力及滿足感。

Macau Grand Prix is one of the biggest events in the city and the Group’s focus. Sun Travel usually starts getting a large number of enquiries on tickets, accommodation and transportation in October. “Every year during the race, transportation and accommodation in Macau are in short supply. It is difficult to secure rooms even from our partnering hotels. We hope to do our best in planning the itinerary and transport routes. Fortunately, we have accumulated valuable experience in the past so that we could improve in terms of logistic and reservation services.” The team dedicates themselves to serving customers professionally and amicably. They are proud to be promoting the city to foreign visitors and contributing to the tourism industry. It is their biggest motivation and satisfaction to see visitors having a good impression of Macau.

“ 賽場上的華麗派對”
Star-studded Party on the Track

太陽娛樂文化藝人管理部總經理 郭安城
Anson Kwok, Spokesperson for Sun Entertainment Culture



Macau Grand Prix is not only one of the most exhilarating motor race in the world, but also a grand party, a starstudded carnival. The star power makes this sporting event even more popular. Anson Kwok, the spokesperson for Sun Entertainment Culture concurs that he has to race against time to plan for a huge party on Guia Circuit.

近年來,澳門格蘭披治大賽車除了雲集世界頂尖賽車名將在東望洋賽道一較高下之外,來自兩岸三地的影視名人趁此盛事聚首一堂,星光熠熠,令熾熱的賽事頓時化身成熱鬧的嘉年華。能夠成功邀請一眾巨星捧場,有賴太陽娛樂文化團隊的妥善規劃及籌備。Anson表示:“ 準備大賽車活動最大困難是跟時間競賽,因為明星的日程比較緊湊,我們需要及早計劃嘉賓名單及接送安排。記得三、四年前,護送巨星前往會場的途中很容易出現混亂及萬人空巷的擠迫情況,後來得到政府大力協助令情況得以改善。”

Kwok is one of the magic makers working at Sun Entertainment Culture, who manage to turn the motor race into a glamorous fiesta. Attendees include the most famous celebrities and movie stars from Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China. “It is truly a race against time. The most difficult part is to confirm the date and time when a celebrity will show up during the event. There are so many big names – making arrangement for picking each one of them up could be an extremely stressful task,” Kwok said, “and I still remember 3 or 4 years ago, it usually led to chaotic emergencies when we tried to get some famous guests to the circuit. Fortunately, now things get much easier since we have a lot of supports from the government.”

問到Anson參與大賽車的難忘時刻,他回味地說:“ 在這五屆賽事當中,最難忘可說是舉辦蓮花盃明星賽,除了籌備時間長達約一年以外,巨星們由於必須申請有效賽車証才可進行比賽,申請條件要求達到一定賽道時數,所以一眾巨星需要在比賽前到珠海賽車場接受半年訓練。同時,當年由於有藝人因排位賽未能達最低圈速要求,被賽會禁止參與賽事。為了讓落選巨星也可體驗澳門大賽車,同事配合大會於短時間內安排巨星賽車巡遊,最後反應亦十分熱烈。”

For Kwok, the most unforgettable MGP experience was planning for the Lotus Celebrity Cup Race. “In order to join the race, celebrities had to enroll in a half-year training program in Zhuhai. Only when they met the minimum circuits practice requirement, they could qualify for the race,” he recalled. “There were some stars who could not qualify. We managed to coordinate with the MGP Organizing Committee for a race car parade last minute especially for them, which turned out to be an attention grabber that went viral.”

“ 將不可能變成可能”
Making the Impossible Possible

太陽餐飲集團餐飲部總監 凌梓浩
Leo Ling, Managing Director of Sun Food and Beverage Group




“ 每年我們都希望帶給客人一些驚喜,這對我們來說都是一場自我挑戰。”太陽餐飲集團餐飲部總監凌梓浩(Leo)強調,只要有創意及事前做好充分準備,任何場地也可以輕易變成主廚的餐桌。

According to the Managing Director of Sun Food and Beverage Leo Ling, as long as you have a group of creative chefs and preparations in advance, any venue could be turned into a banquet hall.

當賽車進入維修站,專業的維修團隊會秒速替戰車完成補給,同樣地,當貴賓們進入太陽城集團貴賓包廂,專業的餐飲團隊亦會快捷、妥善地送上優質的餐飲享受。據Leo表示,每年的澳門格蘭披治大賽車,就是團隊們發揮全能的大舞台,“ 大賽車舉行前,我們都需要就食材及器材兩大方面作好準備,其中場地布置及器材運輸方面需要的時間會比較多,記得第一年部分器材因不合尺寸,導致需要花費更多時間搬運及放置,往後幾年根據經驗已能輕鬆應付。”他進一步表示,由於比賽日每天朝8晚5,餐飲團隊由每天早上4時便安排材料供應早午下午茶三餐,每天5至6名廚師平均須滿足過千人的餐飲需求:“ 同時為了確保衛生和控制食物質素,食物不能過早全部煮好,每2小時內需要更換,因此在有限的人手及工作空間下提供餐飲絕對是跟時間競賽。”

It only took a few minutes for Ling and his team to bring snacks and food of the highest quality to the distinguished guests after they stepped into the Suncity Group VIP marquee. The annual MGP event provides a wonderful stage for Ling’s team to shine in front of the world. “We have to make sure that all the ingredients and equipment are well prepared and stored before the MGP kicks off every year,” he said. “We got ourselves into clutter and mess one year because we had the wrong-sized equipment. It took us long enough to put everything in order. Since then, we have learned a lot and gained more experiences in preparing for such a huge project.” Every day during the event, the catering team start working at 4 in the morning. Usually 5 or 6 chefs have to cook for about 1,000 guests. “You cannot start cooking too early, since the food needs to be tossed away two hours after it is done. You bet it is a great challenge for everyone in the kitchen.”

將壓力變成動力,Leo說,能夠令貴賓們食得開心,享受大賽車的氣氛就是團隊們最大的滿足感,“ 我們每年都希望帶給客人一些驚喜,例如我們曾於賽事期間推出片皮鴨、天婦羅、新鮮的三文魚刺身等美食,今年亦推出了新鮮出爐的蛋撻,這些相對都是在賽車活動期間比較罕見的食物種類,對時間與食物質素控制等要求亦極高,但只要看見貴賓心滿意足,就算辛苦一點也不算什麼。”

Ling said the team’s goal is to maximize guest satisfaction during the MGP event. “Every year we make some changes to our menu, for instance, roasted duck, tempura or fresh salmon sashimi. This year we will provide egg tarts. Despite the strict time management and food quality control, it certainly gives us a great sense of fulfilment.”

“ 全民參與”
A Festival for Everyone

太陽國際車業銷售經理 陳凱鋒
Chan Hoi Fong, Sales Manager of Sun International Automobile


“ 澳門其實有不少愛車人士,他們熱愛超級跑車,亦喜愛欣賞賽車,一直都希望參與澳門大賽車這個城中盛事,我們就為他們實現這個夢想。”就是這種堅持,太陽國際車業團隊為愛車人士實現難忘的賽車夢。

“There are many auto racing fans in Macau. They love supercars and enjoy watching the race. We strive to make MGP their festival that all of them can participate in and celebrate.” The Sun International Automobile team fulfills an unforgettable racing dream for car lovers.

太陽國際車業銷售經理陳凱鋒坦然,作為澳門汽車業界的一份子,能夠參與澳門大賽車的協調工作已是與有榮焉,同時能夠創辦超跑巡遊更是印象難忘,“ 澳門格蘭披治大賽車是一項國際盛事, 不少澳門車迷除了到場欣賞外,更希望可以參與其中;因此,除了正式比賽之外,我們向政府提議,希望能夠加入一個超跑巡遊環節,令大賽車活動除了緊張刺激之外,同時亦有嘉年華的歡樂氣氛。令人慶幸的是超跑巡遊反應非常好,除了參與名額一早爆滿之外,觀眾的反應亦十分熱烈。同時,我們亦開創了超跑巡遊的先河,非常感激澳門特區政府及大會的鼎力協助。”

Chan Hoi Fung, Sales Manager of Sun International Automobile was proud to be part of the planning process of the prestigious MGP. “Macau Grand Prix is a world-class event, in which all the Macau racing fans would like to take part. Therefore, we have been talking to the government, hoping to create more fan interaction. For example, we suggested to organize a Supercar Parade, which turned out to be an enormously popular event among fans. We also thank for the support from the Macau SAR Government and the MGP Organizing Committee.”

除了超跑巡遊環節,太陽國際車業亦曾經為賽事提供安全車。陳凱鋒表示,由於賽會對安全車的要求與準則十分嚴格,他們在協商的過程中必須妥善安排所有要求及條款,“ 安全車雖然在比賽中不太起眼,但絕對是不可或缺的一環,當年為賽事提供安全車,我們需要提前一年申請投標,只因賽會對車款品牌、規格、安全設施均有著嚴格規定及馬力需求,但是能夠為賽事出一分力也絕對值得。”

Sun International Automobile also provided all the safety cars for MGP. “You may not even pay attention to the safety cars when you are watching the thrilling race. However, they are vitally important in Grand Prix.” Chan said that they adhere to the highest standard set by the MGP Organizing Committee regarding the brand, engine design and safety measures and had to submit paperwork for the tender process one year in advance. “Needless to say, it is well worth all the effort in the end.”