Vacheron Constantin Patrimony月相和逆跳日曆腕錶限量鉑金珍藏系列
Vacheron Constantin Patrimony moon phase retrograde date Collection Excellence Platine

The elegantly understated Patrimony moon phase retrograde date model is joining the Collection Excellence Platine concept. Launched in 2006, it offers collectors exceptional watches in 950 platinum limited editions. Case, crown, dial, buckle are crafted from this noble metal, while even the alligator leather strap is hand-stitched with platinum and silk threads.

Patrimony moon phase and retrograde date – Collection Excellence Platine

Patrimony月相和逆跳日曆腕錶於2017年首次推出,當時備有白金和粉紅金兩種版本,是江詩丹頓標誌性的時計傑作之一。內斂的優雅氣質以及獨特的創意時間顯示方式,令人一眼辨識。三年後,這款擁有精巧比例的腕錶推出限量鉑金珍藏版,限量發行50枚,僅在江詩丹頓專賣店有售。這款時計秉承Patrimony系列的精神,從江詩丹頓1950年代的錶款中汲取靈感,延續了極簡美學風格,但亦不失對細節的悉心考量,勾勒出優美平衡的線條。腕錶搭配直徑42.5毫米的圓形錶殼,展現出經典優雅氣質,搭載品牌自製2460 R31L自動上鍊機芯,具有精密月相和逆跳指標式日曆顯示功能。為確保時計方便易用,這些功能均可通過錶冠進行調校設置。

The Patrimony moon phase retrograde date model, presented in 2017 in white and pink gold versions, is one of Vacheron Constantin’s signature watches. Its understated elegance and the originality of its display embody the Maison’s identity at first glance. Three years after its launch, this timepiece with its pleasing proportions is enriching the Collection Excellence Platine concept with a 50-piece limited boutique edition. Entirely faithful to the spirit of the Patrimony collection, drawing inspiration from the watches created by the Maison in the 1950s, this timepiece bears witness to the minimalist aesthetic approach with a concern for detail aimed at achieving perfectly balanced lines. The timelessly elegant 42.5 mm round case houses the self-winding Manufacture 2460 R31L calibre with its precision moon phase and retrograde pointer-type date display. For optimal userfriendliness, all function settings are performed via the crown.

Patrimony moon phase and retrograde date – Collection Excellence Platine


With its “Collection Excellence Platine” concept launched in 2006, Vacheron Constantin produces exceptional watches for collectors. Ranging from the simplest to the most complicated, all are offered in limited editions at a rate of one or two models per year. As its name suggests, their distinctive feature is 950 platinum, the watches being crafted in this noble metal from case to dial including the buckle while even the midnight blue alligator leather strap is hand-stitched with platinum and silk threads.


The secret signature on sand-blasted dial of the Patrimony moon phase retrograde date watch is the inscription
«Pt 950» between 4 and 5 o’clock. The moon-phase disc, which can be admired through an aperture at 6 o’clock, is
also in platinum with a polished surface on the stars and a grained texture for the moon circles imitating the visible
irregularities of the lunar surface. The dial is slightly convex around its circumference and punctuated by applied
18-carat white gold hour-markers, appearing at intervals around a likewise white gold “pearl” minute-track. The batontype hands are made of the same metal, blued for the date pointer for enhanced readability.

Patrimony moon phase and retrograde date – Collection Excellence Platine

腕錶搭載江詩丹頓自製的2460 R31L自動上鍊機芯,具備約40小時的動力儲存。透過透明藍寶石水晶錶底蓋,由275個零件組成的機芯結構一覽無遺,可以欣賞到裝飾著圓形粒紋的機芯夾板,以及飾有江詩丹頓標誌性馬耳他十字造型的22K金質鏤空擺陀。

This timepiece is powered by the Manufacture self-winding 2460 R31L calibre with a 40-hour power reserve. The transparent sapphire caseback provides a chance to admire this 275-part movement, notably the circular-grained surface of its mainplate and its openworked 22-carat gold oscillating weight inspired by Vacheron Constantin’s Maltese cross emblem.

Patrimony moon phase and retrograde date – Collection Excellence Platine

錶盤6點鐘位置設有月相視窗,上方環繞0至29½ 的刻度,用於讀取自上一輪新月過去後所經過的天數。這項鐘錶複雜功能被稱為「月齡顯示」,與月亮圍繞地球公轉的實際週期29天12小時45分精確呼應。這一精密月相功能每122年只需調校一次。

The moon phases are displayed through an aperture at 6 o’clock, graduated from 0 to 29½, serving to count off the number of days elapsed since the last new moon. This horological complication, known as the age of the moon, corresponds to the actual cycle of this heavenly body, which rotates around the Earth in exactly 29 days, 12 hours and 45 minutes. The precision moon phases mechanism requires a one-day correction only once every 122 years.


The second complication – a retrograde date indication by means of the central hand – occupies the upper part of the dial. To ensure user friendliness, all operations are performed via the crown: winding, date correction, moon-phase adjustment and time-setting.