Tycoons’ Toy Box

Mechanized Tower類似立體停車場,可以展示兩輛或以上的超級跑車 Mechanized Tower is a parking tower for two or more supercars.

Most people regard cars as a necessity, but the rich regard them as a luxury to show off. Those with good taste even treat cars as an art piece, and create bespoke private showrooms to display their fancy supercars.


時常聽見人說“ 愛驅 ”,就字面詮釋,“ 愛驅 ”就是心愛的車子,但說到底,車主們對車子的“ 那份愛 ”足夠嗎?有多深?是真愛嗎?那些說一有空便會給車子“ 打打蠟換換油吹吹風 ”的,對不起,那只是基本責任,並不算是愛!因此,為了針對一部分有能力對座駕愛得瘋狂的車主,有設計工作室便構思出一個瘋狂概念,將車主的居所或私人車庫設計成一個概念化的展示空間,完美融合家居設計中,讓車主可以隨時隨地欣賞愛驅,同時愛驅亦登堂入室,成為主人家中的珍藏藝品。
來自阿聯酋的設計室Supercar Capsule,由設計師AndreaSensoli和Alexandre Greep共同創立,專門打造居室的汽車展示空間,從早期構思到最終交付,針對不同的場景創建不同的解決方案,也包含監督設計和施工的各個環節。設計室以定制化的展示單元來與室內生活空間無縫銜接,強調無與倫比的立體觀感。和一般的住宅設計不同,設計概念與色調是根據超跑的色彩元素來定的,比如是灰色蘭博基尼,室內牆面則採用和品牌徽章一樣的明亮黃色,再以立體肌理強調層次,頂部格子天花塑造豐富光影外,牆則採用了古典高貴的護牆板設計,就像從專用展廳出現一樣,帶來無比驚豔的美學體驗。

Show Your Car All Your Love

Have you shown enough care and love for your beloved cars? It’s definitely not true love for those who only wax their cars and fill up oil regularly, as these are just basic responsibilities. A design studio conceives a shocking concept to fulfill supercar lovers and enthusiasts’ passion by turning their homes and ordinary garages into a private luxury car showroom. After all, your supercars should get as much attention as your home and its design, and even contribute to its aesthetic experience, just like a piece of art.
Supercar Capsule is a UAE-based company founded by designers Andrea Sensoli and Alexandre Greep to create dedicated bespoke car showrooms in the house. From early conception to final delivery, the company manages the entire process by providing tailored solutions to various scenarios with customized design and construction management. It aims at transforming the current garage spaces into the house, producing as a consequence a greater involvement of areas which often remain left over. Different from the general residential design, the design concept and color tone are based on the color of the supercars. For example, the wall color of a grey Lamborghini showroom is bright yellow just like the brand logo, with a three-dimensional texture to emphasize the layer. The grid ceiling displays strong light and shadow effects. Together with a classic and noble siding, a luxury supercar showroom is formed, contributing to a stunning aesthetic experience at home.


為了應付不同顧客的喜好與需求,Supercar Capsule特別設有4種設計方案給富豪選擇。Villa Extension概念是將全新展示空間添加到房子的某個部分,與原有房屋的內部空間融合,只要打開一面像是博物館的牆壁,瞬間就能看見陳列其中的汽車;Box Refurbishment基本上是對現有車庫的改造,將原有車庫透過嶄新的修飾和燈光效果,使空間煥然一新,從而突出汽車的美感;Detailed Box是一個單獨的停車區進行獨立展示,建造一個獨立的新車庫,在家中的花園、泳池旁都可以;最後是Mechanized Tower,類似立體停車場,可以展示兩輛或以上的超級跑車,並配有自動升降電梯系統;玩車可以如斯“ 霸氣 ”,或許就是生活與生存的分別所在。
汽車往往可反映車主本身的性格、品位與修養;同時,對於大部分的愛車人士來說,汽車也是一種“ 分享 ”的媒介,無論在外形配件操控各方面都是。認了吧!車主們總有著一點炫耀的心理,透過量身定制的設計裝潢,能將普通車庫變成私屬唯美的展廳,即使關閉引擎,在家還是能欣賞豪華汽車與超跑之美。

Show Your Car Like A Boss

To meet the specific preferences and needs of customers, Supercar Capsule offers four different design alternatives. Villa Extension allows clients to install a new display box in an existing interior so one wall becomes a museum-like showcase; Box Refurbishment involves a complete remodel of a garage interior to lend it an entirely new look, fresh finishes and artful lighting effects; Detailed Box is a separate parking space for people to display their supercars in a sculptural way, detached from the house – either on their backyard or poolside; and lastly, Mechanized Tower is a parking tower with automatic elevators for two or more supercars. You can therefore display your cars like a boss.
Cars can often reflect the owners’ personality, taste and selfcultivation. Admit it! People like to show off their supercars. For most car lovers, cars are a medium of flaunting, including the shapes, gadgets and control. Now through the customer-made project that transforms garage spaces into great-looking luxury car showrooms, you can appreciate your priciest four-wheeled toys at home, even when they are not on the roads.