FRED以Chance Infinie系列歌頌深摯母愛
A Very Special Mother’s Day With FRED

為迎接母親節,FRED從其華麗的Chance Infinie系列中精選出一系列璀璨珠寶作品,向無私的母愛致敬。全新Chance Infinie系列象徵著幸運,以卓然的現代感詮釋優雅格調與女性氣質,靈巧的設計完美地體現了血濃於水的連心深情,歌頌母親為孩子的美好明天帶來的無限可能。

For Mother’s Day, FRED unveils its own exquisite offerings to celebrate the boundless devotion and adoration of motherhood, presenting a series of pieces from its splendid Chance Infinie collection. As joyous and contemporary as elegant and femine, FRED’s Chance Infinie pieces are the perfect embodiment of that deep relationship that is shared between mothers and children – exquisite gifts which pay tribute to the incredible role that motherhood plays in creating a brighter tomorrow.


The infinite depths of a mother’s love are captured in the interleaved figure-eight motif of the collection, a contemporary reinterpretation of the symbol of eternity, the lemniscate, which underscores the timeless charm of FRED’s design and invokes eternal love. With neither beginning nor end, this elegant motif – drawn from the rich heritage of FRED – makes clear the unending bond of love that ties motherhood to the past, present and future of every individual.

精緻的戒指仿如愛的擁抱一般纏繞於指間,每條玫瑰金色的曲線都流露著母親們獨有的女性魅力與溫暖氣息,而閃耀的明亮式切割鑽石則傳達出母親們近乎炙熱的內在力量 — 一種為了守護最親愛的人而勇於衝破黑暗的堅毅決心。

Delicate rings curl around the finger like a fond embrace, every golden curve an ode to the femininity and warmth of a mother, while shimmering brilliant-cut diamonds convey the bright, almost fiery inner strength that mothers possess – a determination to stave away the darker parts of the world to protect, uplift and nurture those that they hold most dear.

Chance Infinie玫瑰金手鐲則以輕鬆的當代筆觸勾勒出巧妙的線條美。交錯的雙環圖案在簡約優雅的設計下顯得純潔且真摯,於日常穿著中亦能顯露出逸緻的優雅氣息和時尚巧思,正如母親們對其憐惜的孩子樸實、毫不做作的摯愛。

Contemporary sophistication is captured in the almost relaxed style of the Chance Infinie bracelets and are complemented by their almost flowing sense of composition – the interlacing loops shorn of anything that might detract from the minimalist gracefulness of their interwoven forms. Purity in design incarnate, the rosy bracelets seem to gild the very concept of carefree elegance and sophistication – no less than a visual metaphor for the unadorned love that mothers bear day by day for their own cherished ones.

耀目的Chance Infinie耳環令整個母親節精選系列更加完整,它們精巧地滑落在耳畔的肌膚,以充滿女性氣質的時尚美態吸引著目光,並自信地向世人展現愛的無上光榮。Chance Infinie系列的珍貴珠寶以利落的線條與輕巧的設計體現了獨具FRED個性的藝術美學和精湛技藝。

Sparkling Chance Infinie earrings complete the offerings for Mother’s Day, and these pieces catch the eye and rest against the skin with an almost careless sense of the love of beauty: stylish, feminine, and supremely proud that they so confidently display to the world. The precious pieces of the Chance Infinie collection instinctively captivate with the smoothness of their lines and the lightness of their design – exquisite craftsmanship that is a hallmark of FRED’s artistry.

FRED的珠寶匠藝與其標誌性的時尚設計無疑是在母親節向每一個人傳達母愛的深邃與意義的完美方式。此系列中的每一件Chance Infinie珠寶均是FRED精心挑選的美好禮物,歌頌著偉大母親們的崇高奉獻。

For Mother’s Day, FRED’s craftsmanship and signature style are the perfect way to express the depth and meaning that maternal love has for each and every one. FRED’s exquisite gifts serve to honour the sublime devotion of motherhood, each Chance Infinie piece giving tangible expression to that love.