Celebrating Mother’s Day with Chaumet

Chaumet為母親節特別呈獻閃耀之禮,以一系列非凡珍貴的珠寶頌讚純粹真摯、偉大無私的母愛。從簡潔雅緻的 Jeux de Liens Harmony系列到饒富趣味的 Bee My Love系列,再到優雅動人的經典 Joséphine Aigrette系列,Chaumet 的珠寶為天下所有母親譜寫一首首頌歌。

Mother’s Day, Chaumet intends to charm with its magical pieces – presenting exceptional pieces from the Maison’s portfolio to honour thed evotion, dedication, and inner strength of motherhood. From the sophisticated pieces of the Jeux de Liens Harmony collection and the playful offerings of the Bee My Love collection, to the bold femininity of the Maison’s classic Joséphine Aigrette, Chaumet’s Mother’s Day products are dedicated to the inspiring mothers and the incredible role they play in shaping the world today.

啟發自品牌首位繆斯女神約瑟芬皇后(Empress Joséphine),Joséphine Aigrette 系列是向這位優雅而前衛的女性致敬之作。此系列將精緻柔和的曲線與流光溢彩寶石和諧結合,凸顯出女性的高雅與自信氣質。這些加入了珍珠的作品更為經典設計帶來嶄新演繹,同時呈現出雋永之美。如同歲月世事在變,母愛卻始終如一。

Inspired by the eponymous empress, the Joséphine Aigrette Collection pays homage to the pioneering femininity of the Maison’s first muse, combining light and suppleness into pieces that shine with confidence and individuality. Reinventing classic Chaumet design codes, the pearl pieces play with tonality and composition to create a sense of timelessness, drawing parallels to the exceptional woman you deeply cherish.

Bee My Love 系列採用六邊形蜂巢圖案,將象徵勤勞與拿破崙王權的蜜蜂圖案融入珠寶設計之中,正好代表了母親的勞苦與無私奉獻。這些項鏈與耳環以與眾不同的幾何圖形營造出堅毅而靈動的感覺,與現代女性的果敢、堅韌、獨立個性不謀而合。

The Bee My Love collection based on the imperial symbol of the bee transmutes an ancient symbol of France into contemporary jewellery pieces that speaks to a mother’s dedicated and hardworking attitude. Elegant lines and graphic compositions seen on the necklaces and stud earrings designed around tessellating honeycomb motifs captures a sense of playfulness, synonymous with the modern woman that is seen to be tenacious and unwavering.

Chaumet 為Jeux de Liens Harmony 系列推出新款手鏈,並沿用由兩個不對稱的部份組成的圓形吊墜,以此象徵結合、完美與永恆,同時彰顯品牌的工藝與創意精神。吊墜背面可鐫刻名字、日子或一段私密信息,使其成為一件獨一無二的信物。

With the Jeux de Liens Harmony collection, new pieces join the sentimental jewels that make up the heart of the collection, with splendid bracelets joining the other emblematic pieces. Built around the holistic beauty of the circle – a universal symbol for unity, perfection and eternity – the asymmetrical pieces echo the mythos of Chaumet, with their unique design and craftsmanship. Personalized engraving on the gold side of the necklace helps individuals hold that special memory of mom, a memorable date with her, or a heartfelt message.


The combination of these collections brings forth a sense of appreciation and understanding of extraordinary place of motherhood – a role that guides and nurtures, comforts and embraces. Chaumet’s elegance and gracefulness matches up to the pieces of this Mother’s Day gift guide, raising an ode to the lightness and elation of maternal love that brings to life the sincerest of adorations with the Maison’s masterful craftsmanship, detailed designs and unmatched quality.