Richard Mille × Jean Todt 50th Anniversary

馳騁在蜿蜒曲折賽道上逾半個世紀的偉大車神Jean Todt,以其對飆車的無限熱忱、注重細節、以及精益求精,使他在賽車場上寫下歷年偉大的篇章,而Richard Mille為了向這位不凡的賽車狂熱份子致敬,推出別開生面的腕表傑作。
With 50 years of automotive passion, the former rally co-driver Jean Todt wrote the greatest pages of motorsport history with an amazing Jubilee. In honor of his friend, Richard Mille has now dedicated new models to this racing fanatic.


2016年於尚蒂伊「藝術與雅致」古董車展上,Richard Mille特別與Jean Todt推出三款紀念腕表:RM 11-03、RM 050和RM 056 Jean Todt職業生涯50周年紀念款,以表示對這位多年合作伙伴的無限敬意,作品底下鐫刻了其名字,並挑選了他最喜愛的藍紅黃等色彩。

Jean Todt和Richard Mille對製表、極致科技以及有關汽車的一切有着共同的熱忱,這讓彼此結下了深厚的友誼。Jean Todt表示:「我喜歡Richard設計的腕表。它們輕便、富有科技感,而且獨一無二,這些都是我的最愛。」兩人對各自的領域有着同樣的火紅熱誠,因而才會惺惺相惜,從這幾款紀念腕表中便可充份體現出來。

RM 11-03 Jean Todt職業生涯50周年紀念款飛返計時碼腕表在古董車展中亮相,是一款名副其實的運動型腕表,設計靈感完全源自賽車,並詮釋了品牌的時尚美學。品牌經典酒桶型表殼高度表現出其運動氣息陽光造型,再加上由5級鈦合金自動上鍊先鋒科技複雜機芯驅動。

配備全新的藍白石英TPT™ 材質防護表殼,這種復合材料由600層二氧化硅堆疊而成,僅厚45微米,絕對纖薄無比,令腕表更輕盈更耐用,並將其浸入Richard Mille專有的藍色熱樹脂中,形成組合材料,再加熱至120度,最終在品牌工廠進行機械加工,先鋒設計與複雜製表工藝融匯一體,超薄超輕超耐用。


At Chantilly Art & Elegance 2016, Richard Mille launched three models for Jean Todt’s exceptional 50-year career path: RM11-03, RM 050 and RM 056 Jean Todt 50th Anniversary, each bearing Jean Todt’s name and favourite colours including blue, red and gold.

Jean Todt and Richard Mille have forged a strong friendship based on their shared passions: watchmaking, extreme technicity and all things automotive. “I love the watches’ lightness, technicity and exclusivity,”shares Jean Todt. The two men agree to acknowledge one another equally obsessive, detail-oriented and demanding in their respective fields, as is clearly illustrated by the special series.

The RM 11-03 Flyback Chronograph is a resolutely sporty watch,wholly inspired by automobiles while displaying the new visual codes of the brand, powered by an architectural automatic caliber in grade 5 Titanium. The case is in white and new blue Quartz TPT. Extremely resistant and light, this composite is obtained by stacking 600 layers of silica only 45 microns thick, which are then impregnated with an exclusive Richard Mille blue resin. The assembly is then heated to 120 °C before being machined in the factory.
Its complex functionality and exquisite hollow craving design showcasing the plentiful property. The invaluable RM 11-03 will be produced in limited editions of 150 pieces.

Richard Mille RM 11-03 Jean Todt 50th Anniversary spec:
· 機殼呎吋 Case Dimension : 49.94 x 44.50 x 16.15 mm
· 機芯呎吋 Dimensions of the movement: 30.25 x 28.45 mm
· 機芯厚度 Thickness : 9.00 mm
· 機芯振頻 Frequency : 28,800 vph
· 機芯寶石 Number of Jewels : 68
· 擺輪游絲 Balance Spring : AK3
· 儲存能量 Power Reserve : 55 hrs

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