RM67-02 強者聯盟

RM 67-02 Alexander Zverev

超薄、輕質、多彩、優雅、運動,佩戴RM 67-02出席任何場合,均是最佳選擇。Richard Mille打破先例,設計出這款能夠適應於各種運動項目的腕錶。
Thin, lightweight, coloured, elegant and athletic, the RM 67-02 is the watch for any situation. Breaking with precedent, Richard Mille designed this model which can be adapted to various sporting disciplines.

著名網球運動員 Top tennis player Alexander Zverev

RM 67-02的研發過程中,多位品牌摯友以不同款式演繹各自祖國國旗的顏色,並在田徑跑道以外的各種場合裡,充分測試這款全自動機芯的性能。好像前世界排名第3的網球運動員Alexander Zverev,為了測試他所佩戴的RM 67-02(TPT®碳纖維和紅色TPT®石英纖維材質),在重複加速度衝擊下的抗震性,他將世界各地的網球場轉變為天然的實驗室。

Several of the brand’s partners have developed an RM 67-02 in the colours of their national flags. The abilities of this automatic calibre were tested in a range of settings beyond the athletics track. With Alexander Zverev now ranked no. 3 in the world, testing the resistance of his RM 67-02 in Carbon TPT® and red Quartz TPT® when faced with repeated accelerations, tennis courts around the globe have been transformed into natural laboratories.

著名滑雪運動員 Top skier Alexis Pinturault

至於品牌摯友滑雪運動員Alexis Pinturault所佩戴的RM 67-02必須能夠承受滑雪場的極寒環境,以及在通過旗門時受到的衝擊。而專為5屆世界汽車拉力賽冠軍Sébastien Ogier設計的另一個版本的RM 67-02,則需要能夠陪伴他經歷阿根廷汽車拉力賽的不同階段。所有這些型號都充分展現了CRMA7機芯的機械美感,五級鈦合金的底板和橋板結合白金和TPT®碳纖維的可變幾何結構自動盤,配以完美拋光。

While the RM 67-02 issued to fellow brand partner Alexis Pinturault must withstand the harsh cold of the ski slopes and the shocks received against the gates, a variation designed for 5 time World Rally champion, Sébastien Ogier, will join him along the varied stages of the Argentinian Rally. All of these models preserve the mechanical beauty of the CRMA7 calibre, combining the grade 5 titanium of the baseplate and bridges with the white gold and Carbon TPT® of the variable-geometry rotor, as well as the exceptional finishes.

除了應用強耐磨性的TPT®複合材料打造的錶殼外,這些腕錶都經完美打磨,盡顯美感,同時突出每名運動健將的特點,一切透過手工繪製的五級鈦合金錶盤,盡收眼底。為了實現RM 67-02的極致佩戴感受,Richard Mille採用全新舒適錶帶,整體無縫設計,極具彈性,適應人體工學,完美貼合所有腕部曲線。

Beyond the resistance of the case milled from TPT® composites,these watches boast aesthetically polished renditions of each sports figure’s flag, easily visible across the hand-painted grade 5 titanium dial. For superlative comfort of the RM 67-02, Richard Mille has equipped these timepieces with their new “comfort” strap. Entirely seamless, the strap is highly elastic, allowing it to perfectly fit the contours of each wrist.

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