Richard Mille RM 71-01 Talisman

纖薄的外形、超高的性能,飾以閃耀美鑽寶石,Richard Mille RM 71-01 Talisman自動上鍊女士陀飛輪腕錶充分融匯尖端技術與精緻無比的高級珠寶藝術。
Slim, ultra-high performance and enhanced with sparkling diamonds and gemstones, the RM 71-01 Automatic Tourbillon Talisman weaves together the
cutting-edge technicity and the unique sculptural qualities of fine art jewellery.

Talisman,意喻護身符。這個詞讓人不禁聯想到神秘的保護力量。部落藝術和裝飾藝術的神秘融合,造就出這一系列的腕錶。品牌女士腕錶系列總監Cécile Guenat坦言,在設計這一系列時,不僅參考了裝飾藝術,還從部落藝術,例如面具、非洲雕塑等汲取靈感,透過內容和形式的融合,勾勒出完美的設計。Cécile Guenat為突顯鏤空機芯的魅力,通過錶殼的鑲嵌和雕刻,實現了諸多可能性。在璀璨寶石的映襯下,錶盤的輪廓呈現出了兩個完全不同的世界,一個生機勃勃的大自然,與一個性感的摩登都會。

RM 71-01 Talisman自動上鍊女士陀飛輪腕錶是名副其實的傑作,它完美融合高級珠寶與腕錶的設計,使兩者毫無違和。無論是機芯、錶盤還是錶殼的設計,處處閃耀著美學、科技和視覺藝術碰撞的火花。 同時,腕錶搭配品牌第8款自產機芯:CRMT1機芯。機芯底板可保護陀飛輪旋轉,同時還保留了其可視性。機芯同時具備了鏤空和標誌性的酒桶形,通體覆鈦合金,厚度小於6.2 mm,重量僅有8克,被牢牢安置於白金或紅金製成的錶殼中。

Cécile Guenat堅持要為品牌複雜的機械結構,找到最貼合的珠寶設計。每一處寶石都襯托著機芯之美由內向外傳遞。十種不同款式的錶盤彷若一頂桂冠,呈現在陀飛輪之上。每款錶盤都經手工鑲嵌,厚度僅有0.9 mm。錶圈上裝飾以交錯排列的寶石,根據每一設計版本,寶石的數量、外形和大小各不相同。底蓋雕刻啞光紋飾,與閃耀的寶石和其他拋光的表面相得益彰。腕錶不僅傳承了品牌牢不可破的機械品質,更如其名,像是一件具有優雅曲線的護身符,日日陪伴、守護著佩戴它的女士。腕錶共有10款設計版本,每款限量5 枚,共50 枚,精彩紛呈。

Talisman. A name that evokes nothing less than magical protection.When Cécile Guenat was designing this collection, she drew not only on Art Deco, but on the Tribal arts like masks, African sculptures, etc, which prefigured today’s design through the fusion of content and form. Cécile Guenat chose to glorify the skeleton movement through the many possibilities for setting and engraving the case. Heightened by sparkling stones, the shape of the dials reveals two deliberately distinct worlds, one that is organic and the other more urban.

A masterpiece in every sense, the RM 71-01 Automatic Tourbillon Talisman abolishes the distinction between jewellery and its case. The movement, dial and case maintain an aesthetic, technical and visual dialogue in each version. Simultaneously, the brand inducts the Calibre CRMT1, its eighth, in-house calibre. The baseplate protecting the tourbillon’s rotation remains open to preserve transparency. Skeletonised and tonneau-shaped,with a thickness no greater than 6.2 mm and a weight of just 8 grams, the Calibre CRMT1 – housed in a case of white or red gold – is clothed in titanium.

Cécile Guenat was adamant about offering jewelled fittings to match the mechanical sophistication of the brand. Each segment of stones echoes one of the movement’s internal vectors. Each of the 10 dials crowns the central portion of the tourbillon. Each dial, a mere 0.9 mm in thickness, is hand set. The bezel is adorned with diamonds in permutations that vary in the number, shape and size of the stones according to the version. The caseback is engraved with matt bands that contrast strikingly with the brilliance of the stones and the high polish of all other surfaces. True to its name, though by no means foregoing the more mechanistic qualities inseparable from the brand, it serves as a talisman, accompanying the woman who wears its graceful lines every day.Limited suite of 10 variations, each produced in an edition of just 5 pieces.

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