Richard Mille Perfect Match

RM 53-01 陀飛輪Pablo Mac Donough TPT®碳纖維腕錶,限量30枚發售。
RM 53-01 Tourbillon Pablo Mac Donough,limited to 30 pieces worldwide.

馬球是一項真正紳士的運動。它將人與動物、力量與精度、速度與從容完美融合。Richard Mille透過嶄新的科技與技術,為世界最佳馬球選手之一Pablo Mac Donough打造出RM 53-01陀飛輪Pablo Mac Donough TPT®碳纖維腕錶,宛若專為馬球這種高風險運動而設計的結構複雜的全新鎧甲,體現出剛毅的典範。
Every man aspiring to be a gentleman should try polo, which is a powerful and precise, fast and calm interplay of sportsmanship. Richard Mille used polo icon Pablo Mac Donough as a springboard for the development of the RM 53-01 Tourbillon with the case in Carbon TPT®, revealing the fortitude of polo players.

世界公認的最佳馬球選手之一Pablo Mac Donough。
Polo icon Pablo Mac Donough.

創新技術 領先概念

作為最偉大的馬球冠軍之一,Pablo佩戴腕錶一路征戰的形象深入人心,對於如何應對比賽時的猛烈衝擊,這一直是高級製表業多年研究探索的議題。而作為專攻技術創新的先鋒品牌,Richard Mille研發RM 53-01 時,所圍繞的核心目標只有一個:打造一枚既堅固如護具,又能同時展現機芯精妙的腕錶。透過TPT®碳纖維錶殼無與倫比的層壓式藍寶石水晶錶鏡,可以看到懸浮式陀飛輪機芯,充滿運動感與活力。

Richard Mille has tried to ensure that polo icon Pablo Mac Donough can play polo as ardently as ever without worrying about shocks or a quasi-indestructible polo ball inadvertently encountering the watch on his wrist. Hence the brand introduced the RM 53-01 with a laminated sapphire glass Carbon TPT® case and a cable-suspended movement that approaches the polo problem in a new way that only the technology-driven brand could dream up.

The sapphire glass case of the watch.


為了能夠抵御馬球比賽中的種種衝擊,同時讓內在機芯的運轉清晰可見。Richard Mille在打造腕錶的時候,特別與世界聞名的藍寶石水晶專家Stettler合作,製造出一種層壓式藍寶石水晶材質鏡面。這種鏡面包含兩層藍寶石水晶材質,中間由薄薄的一層聚乙烯膜隔開,這是在製表業中首次應用。即使直面馬球球棍產生的強烈衝擊,鏡面表層也只會出現裂縫,但不會碎裂飛濺,最大程度上避免了破碎的錶鏡對機芯內部及佩戴者的傷害。

The watch’s glass is composed of two sheets of sapphire crystal, sandwiching a thin Polyvinyl film, the result of a collaboration with Stettler, a world-renowned sapphire specialist. The inspiration comes from automotive glass, which is laminated with a protective film; it maintains perfect transparency, but improves the shock resistance tremendously.

The cable-suspended movement withstands shocks that any polo player goes through during a match.


震動是陀飛輪機芯的天敵,而Richard Mille卻以懸索式機芯作為絕妙的應對之策。這種突破常規的設計架構由兩種獨立的底板結構組成。第一個底板固定於錶殼,用於支撐張力系統的「外緣」基板。第二個底板被稱為「中央」基板,通過鋼索與外緣基板相連,將構成機芯和上鍊機制的齒輪結合起來。製表師負責通過旋轉位於每個張緊輪中央的花鍵螺絲,張緊鋼索。這一滑輪系統讓張力均勻分佈,保證了整個機制的完美平衡。

To build the cable suspended movement, Richard Mille created two separate baseplates. The first is fixed to the sapphire glass case to support the tensioner mechanism.The second is connected to the first baseplate through multiple cables and incorporates the wheels that comprise the movement as well as the winding mechanism. As a result, there is an even distribution throughout the intricate pulley system with ultimate shock protection.

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