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百達翡麗超級複雜功能計時系列玫瑰金黑盤腕錶 (5208R-001)
Patek Philippe GrandComplications 18ktRose Gold BlackAutomatic5208R-001

The magnificent and meticulously-crafted timepieces with top-notch technology are pursued by collectors due to their tremendous value and appreciation potential.

百達翡麗金鷹系列玫瑰金灰盤腕錶 (5980/1R-001)
Patek Philippe Nautilus 18kt Rose Gold Gray Automatic 5980/1R-001


作為腕錶愛好者、收藏家與投資者最愛品牌之一, 百達翡麗擁有獨特而難以代替的品牌地位與認受性;其中,5208系列最早於2011年推出,這也是百達翡麗唯一結合三問、計時,以及視窗顯示的瞬跳萬年曆的錶款,所以也令這款三問計時萬年曆腕錶被一眾錶迷稱為“ 錶王”。這樣高超複雜的功能組合,放眼現代錶壇,依舊鮮少有人能夠超越。由於百達翡麗三問錶的做工精細複雜,產量極少,素來都只開放給品牌頂級VIP預訂,這樣為了保證腕錶落在一級愛錶之人的手上,令腕錶得到最好的保養。所以,5208系列深受鐘錶收藏家追捧,更每每刷新拍賣會售價紀錄。

至於百達翡麗的經典金鷹系列 (Nautilus)自1976年問世後,就已是品牌旗下最受錶迷喜愛的系列之一,其似圓非圓、似方非方的8角形錶殼突破過去腕錶非圓即方的傳統造型,出色銷量和市場好評終究是驗證了百達翡麗的無比魅力,同時也再次證明品牌領銜錶壇的地位。勇於創新的前瞻思維,令金鷹系列當仁不讓成為“ 最高級的運動錶”。不僅每一隻全新金鷹錶都升價數倍,連二手市場都有價有市。

Patek Philippe

As one of the favorite brands of watch lovers and collectors, Patek Philippe has a unique and irreplaceable brand status and recognition. The 5208 series launched in 2011 is the first wristwatch to combine a chronograph, a minute repeater, and an instantaneous perpetual calendar with aperture displays. With meticulous craftsmanship and complex functions, it can rarely be surpassed. As the limited-edition wristwatch is VIP-exclusive, it is highly sought after by watch collectors, and often setting a record for auctions.

With the rounded octagonal shape of its bezel, the Nautilus has epitomized the classic and elegant sports watch since 1976. Its huge sale and popularity testify the incomparable charm and the leading status of Patek Philippe, the innovative and forward-looking brand. Its price appreciates over time, even in the second-hand market.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore 18kt Rose Gold Brown Automatic


愛彼皇家橡樹離岸型系列的計時碼錶,在1993年初問世,到了2011 年尺寸44 mm的計時碼錶首度入列,2018年開啟了迷彩錶帶風潮之後,則一路延燒至今。這款錶於2019年的日內瓦國際高級鐘錶沙龍由先前亮相過的綠色,延展出藍色、棕色的新色陶瓷圈,這次也不同於前款的米、棕面盤配色,搭配錶圈同色的Méga Tapisserie超大格紋面盤,和計時圈的顏色以及錶殼材質做呼應。這極具時尚感與玩味的設計結合,相信會讓該款手錶溢價不少。

Audemars Piguet

The Royal Oak Offshore collection has defied established conventions since 1993, with its sizeable 44 mm chronograph in 2011, and led the trend of camouflage rubber strap until now. It features new colourways at SIHH 2019, all the models feature green blue or brown ceramic bezels and Méga-Tapisserie dial with matching colours and materials. Such avant-garde style and playful design will surely increase its value.

JACOB & CO. Astronomia Platinum Blue


捷克豹不像百達翡麗與勞力士一樣有著悠久的歷史及強盛的名氣,但以時尚珠寶設計起家的JACOB & CO.腕錶獨特的設計在現代鐘錶界可謂別樹一幟,狂想設計更令人過目不忘,猶如將腕錶化身成視覺藝術作品。據說設計師一直被漫天星空所吸引,並且從一座古老的天文鐘取得靈感,於是就有了Astronomia腕錶(俗稱“ 天文錶”)的誕生。這款腕錶向佩戴者展示了北半球夜間肉眼可見的星星的位置,在這一片星空之下,是手工雕刻鑲嵌的星座。放眼整個腕錶結構就是一個星體的運行過程,難怪連奧斯卡影帝萊昂納多.迪卡普里奥也是其粉絲!


Unlike Patek Philippe and Rolex which have long history and great reputation, JACOB & CO., professional in fashion jewelry, stands out in the modern watch industry due to its imaginative and eye-catching design. The Astronomia Tourbillon is a truly groundbreaking timepiece that elevates the art of watchmaking. Inspired by stars and ancient astronomical clock, it is a poetic visual rendering of the celestial world with hand-carved inlaid constellation. Even the Best Actor Oscar, Leonardo DiCaprio is also a fan!

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