ROMAGO SWISS Enriches Enchanting Journey with HELLO KITTY

瑞士高端腕錶品牌ROMAGO SWISS多年來堅守其歷久彌新的瑞士製錶工藝,糅合別樹一格的標誌性設計,與匠心獨運的腕錶結下不解緣。當中鏤空款式的機械腕錶,從設計草圖、裝嵌及品質監控,每一個細緻的工序,均彰顯工匠的精湛技藝,體現品牌力求完美的決心,讓每一枚腕錶深深打動每位愛錶之人。

Over the years, ROMAGO SWISS is always the passionate pioneer which explores the new possibilities in Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship, combining with distinctively original and timeless design, leading to the creation of exceptional timepieces. Every stage in the creation process of the skeletal wristwatch, such as design sketches, assembly and quality control, is meticulously designed and monitored to ensure the timepiece to be completed perfectly, satisfying the demands of discerning watch lovers.

去年,ROMAGO SWISS推出皇家大師藍寶石自動腕錶系列(Royal Master Sapphire),以罕有的原顆藍寶石切割而成的方型錶殼震攝人心,並藉著晶瑩透亮的華麗面貌,詮釋瑞士低調奢華的風格與超卓不凡的鐘錶技藝。ROMAGO SWISS最新呈獻兩款預購限量版HELLO KITTY藍寶石自動腕錶,為皇家大師藍寶石自動腕錶系列帶來嶄新突破。

After the launch of Royal Master Sapphire collection in last year, in which Swiss master watchmakers cut the square watch case from rare and precious sapphire. It was equipped with an automatic movement and alluring brilliance, interpreting of Swiss subtle luxury style and mastery watchmaking craftsmanship. ROMAGO SWISS enriches the collection with two limited models of Royal Master Sapphire X HELLO KITTY timepieces, bringing sparkle to the collection.

ROMAGO SWISS預購限量版HELLO KITTY藍寶石自動腕錶,沿用品牌標誌性的特大46.5毫米柔和透明粉紅色藍寶石方形錶面,原顆方形藍寶石切割增強光線折射,頓變成一件華麗珠寶,更顯閃耀剔透;鏤空錶殼設計,呈現機芯既複雜且完美的工藝與脈搏,剛柔並重;配襯淡粉紅色半透明磨砂矽膠錶帶,豐富了層次感整體設計,讓腕錶高貴優雅卻又不失可愛玩味。

The two pre-order limited models of ROMAGO SWISS Royal Master Sapphire X HELLO KITTY watches are equipped with the stylish 46.5mm pink sapphire watch case made from rare uncut sapphire which helps enhancing the brilliance as if it is a piece of jewel. The skeletal design reveals the advanced and delicate Swiss automatic movement while the pink translucent strap enhances the watch with elegance and playful design.

兩款HELLO KITTY預購限量版藍寶石自動腕錶分39顆鑽石(RM095-KT) 及尊貴型121顆鑽石(RM101-KT) 兩版本,錶面鑲有罕有的粉鑽,更添華麗;圈上的四個十字形螺絲裝飾,宛如夜空星光般閃爍,綻放高貴光芒。完美無瑕的藍寶石錶殻,由完顆藍寶原石經過62個不同角度的精雕細琢打磨和切割,每角落均流露著如藝術珠寶般的優雅;透視設計更是全方位一睹鏤空瑞士製自動機芯的無瑕細緻;加上防水深度達50米,彰顯ROMAGO SWISS對機芯頂尖品質的一絲不苟。兩款HELLO KITTY藍寶石自動腕錶全球限量預售10枚,每枚均刻有獨立編號,突顯其矜貴罕有,彌足珍貴。

Two pre-order limited models of ROMAGO SWISS Royal Master Sapphire X HELLO KITTY watches are decorated with 39 pieces of diamonds (RM095-KT) and 121 pieces of diamond for Premium Model (RM101-KT), featuring with unique pink diamonds on the dial. Four cross-shaped screws are embellished on the bezel like shining stars in the sky, shimmering in sophistication.  The manufacturing processes of sapphire watch case involve cutting, grinding and polishing in 62 different angles, resulting in the elegance of art jewel. Fully transparent sapphire watch case revealing the advanced Swiss automatic movement and water resistance up to 50 meters demonstrates the uncompromising qualities of watches created by ROMAGO SWISS. Two models of ROMAGO SWISS Royal Master Sapphire X HELLO KITTY watches are available for pre-order globally with only 10 pieces respectively. Each will be engraved with specific serial number.