Ferrari Monza SP1 & SP2

有甚麼汽車比法拉利更珍貴?當然是限量的法拉利!以50年代極具魅力法拉利車型為設計靈感,注入最先進的跑車科技,Monza SP1 及 SP2絕對是天下無雙的藝術結晶。
What car is more precious than Ferrari? Of course the limited-edition Ferrari! The new Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2 draw inspiration from the most evocative Ferraris of the 1950s and feature the most advanced sports car technology available today.


剛過去的巴黎車展,法拉利向全球車迷發表了Monza SP1及SP2 車款,新車屬於“ Icona ”系列的首批車款,廠方表示該系列是專為忠實法拉客戶及收藏家而設,據知整個系列的總產量不會多於500部。新車設計以50年代數款最具有魅力之法拉利經典、如:166 MM、750 Monza 和860 Monza等Barchetta船形敞篷車型為設計靈感來源,這些傳奇賽車擁有超凡的性能,在歷史上各項賽事中肩負著勇奪桂冠的榮耀使命,更在世界跑車錦標賽中屢獲殊榮,成功締造法拉利在50 年代的賽道傳奇。

Monza SP1及SP2定位分別為單座與雙座公路敞篷跑車,由法拉利設計中心的設計師及工程師們共同打造,Monza SP1與SP2也將賽車上較為複雜的外觀設計,改為更加內斂嚴謹的設計概念,加上採用向上開啟的車門設計,引擎蓋上並附有碳纖維單體式翼狀裝置,設計處處流露復古奢華風尚。

新車均採用賽車級輕量化的碳纖維車架,內裝也多處採用碳纖維材質,表面更是經細緻打磨後呈現出自然美感,為座艙整體設計更添競賽動感。這樣一款純正無車頂設計的跑車,在車型設計上面臨的一大挑戰便是如何在無擋風玻璃的情況下有效強化駕駛艙內的空氣流動,進而確保超凡的空氣力學效能。Monza SP1與SP2採用了一項稱為“ 虛擬擋風板”專利技術的解決方案。該設計整合於儀錶板及方向盤前方的導流裝置中,透過導引部分氣流,確保駕駛艙內的舒適性。

Legendary Sports Cars

The Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2 have been unveiled during the 2018 Paris Motor Show.These limited-edition (no more than 500) cars are the first in a new segment called “Icona”. Aimed at dedicated clients and collectors,the Monza SP1 and SP2 reference the iconic Ferrari racing barchettas of the past, not least the 166 MM, which originally inspired the name ‘barchetta’,and the 750 Monza and 860 Monza. Designed with the sole aim of winning,these uncompromising models helped build the Ferrari legend in the 1950s by delivering numerous victories in the World Sports Car Championship.

The Ferrari Monza SP1 was designed as a single-seat road car, while Monza SP2 is a two-seater. The Ferrari Design Centre has sought to create a more simplistic and minimalistic design language instead of visually complex solutions. A radical choice was made for the design of the cars’ compact doors which open upwards. Equally important is the all-carbon fibre one-piece bonnet-wing assembly which is hinged at the front.

Similar to racing models, the bodyshell of both cars is made entirely from lightweight carbon-fibre. The entire interior is trimmed in the same material with a natural finish to enhance the sporty impact of the design. Because these are authentic “en plein air” sports cars, one of the greatest challenges in their design was managing the aerodynamic flows inside the cockpit in the absence of a windscreen. The solution was the innovative patented “Virtual Wind Shield” which has been incorporated into the fairing ahead of the instrument panel and the steering wheel. The “Virtual Wind Shield” deviates a part of the air flow to maintain driving comfort.


無論單座或雙座設計的座艙空間內,Monza SP1 與 SP2也是完全以駕駛者為中心所規劃,並將中控台簡化並安置於右方,讓駕駛者視野的前方只有儀錶板與方向盤,營造出完全競技的氛圍,雙座佈局的Monza SP2還取消了座位後方的置物板,並於副駕駛座後方加裝了防護屏和防傾杆,令乘客亦能安全享受熱血的駕駛感受。

至於性能表現方面,Monza SP1 與 SP2則是均搭載了借自812Superfast,法拉利史上性能最強悍的6.5升 V12自然進氣汽油引擎,並將最大馬力由800匹提升至810匹,最大扭力也由73.2 kgm增加至73.3 kgm,搭配7速雙離合器自手排變速箱後,由靜止加速至時速100 公里同樣可在2.9秒內完成,0-200 km/h的衝刺亦只需7.9 秒,極速則可突破時速300公里,讓車手可純粹縱情於風馳電掣般的速度激情中,盡情感受宛若駕駛F1 賽車般澎湃的駕馭體驗。

如此完美的座駕當前,駕駛者難道以普通的波恤短褲上陣?別擔心,車廠早已預備,早以跟頂級豪華品牌Loro Piana 及Berluti合作,為Monza SP1及SP2的車主打造了復古優雅的精品服飾。包括:全套賽車服、針織衫、安全帽、手套、圍巾與專用鞋款,且透過先進的製程與技術,讓這些精品擁有舒適的穿著體驗,更重要的,是輕易展現出人車合一的高貴品味。

A Pure Design for Racing

Both Monza SP1 and SP2 are completely driver-centric, with a simplified centre console placed on the right, hence only the dashboard and steering wheel are in the front, just like race cars. Thanks to the elimination of the tonneau cover and the addition of a second protective screen and a second roll-bar, the two-seat Monza SP2 also enables the passenger to share the same driving sensations.

Equipped with the most powerful engine found in a Ferrari 812 Superfast that Maranello has ever built, a 6.5-litre 810 hp V12, and a manual 7-speed dualclutch transmission, the two cars can sprint from 0-100 km/h in 2.9 seconds and 0-200 km/h in 7.9 seconds,maximum speed over 300 km/h. The maximum torque is 73.3 kgm at 7000 rpm. The racing models guarantee to provide drivers with the uncompromising F1 sports-car handling.

Especially for Monza SP1 and SP2 owners Ferrari, in collaboration with two leading luxury brands, Loro Piana and Berluti, has created elegant gentlemendriver-inspired apparel and accessories. The driver’s selection includes racing overalls, jersey, helmet, gloves, scarf and driving shoes. These feature a number of technical solutions to guarantee a comfortable fit and ensure freedom of movement while driving. Most importantly, the link between man and automobile becomes symbiotic.

法拉利 Ferrari Monza SP1 & SP2:
· 引擎(Engine):6,496 c.c. V12
· 最大馬力(Max Power):810 hp/8,500 rpm
· 最大扭力(Max Torque):73.3 kgm/7,000 rpm
· 0~100km/h:2.9 s

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