Ferrari 812 Superfast

品牌:法拉利!馬力:800匹!引擎:V12 !名稱:超級快!
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Brand: Ferrari! Maximum power: 800 hp! Engine type: V12! Name: Superfast!
Time’s up. The Ferrari accelerates in just 2.9 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h.



812 Superfast的外型,是由法拉利造型中心操刀設計,延續F12berlinetta的路線,採用雙廂式車身搭配Fastback車尾,而整體流線的身型、車頭車身比例,以及高聳的車尾線條,更是向1969年法拉利經典車款365 GTB所取經而來。此外,一如以往,車子身上的每道線條,除了造型之外也具有實質的空力效用,在全LED頭燈旁開鑿氣流孔道、車頭下緣更設有主動式翼板來穩定氣流,至於車尾的亮點在於經典的4圓頭燈,以及能帶來充足下壓力的全新後擾流設計。打開車門進入內裝,812 Superfast準備了充裕的雙座空間,能符合GT跑車長途巡弋的需求,方向盤的設計與其上的按鈕位置則是採用GTC4 Lusso上的設計,且儀表板及各項操作介面,都導入了更人性化的安排,並搭載支援Apple CarPlay智慧型手機連結功能的最新多媒體系統。座椅不僅造型更運動化,也具備更好的人體工學,能兼顧舒適性及激烈操駕需求。


Live Up to the Name

When it comes to naming cars, Ferrari has adopted the most literal approach in the history this time. The company’s latest production,Superfast is indeed, super fast. This car that everyone is talking about not only provides astounding performance, but also excels in interior layout,which is carefully designed to meet the needs for long distance driving,taking the notion of comfort and functionality to new heights.

Designed at the Ferrari Style centre, 812 Superfast is the successor to F12berlinetta, featuring a two-box layout with the high-tailed fastback and sleekness- reminiscent of the classic 365 GTB of 1969. As with all its predecessors, Superfast’s exterior emphasizes both style and aerodynamic efficiency: full-LED headlights are integrated into the design of the sculpted air intakes on the bonnet; at the rear, four classic round tail-lights and designs gave the 812 Superfast a broad, imposing stance, while visually lowering the downforce-generating tail spoiler. The two seater’s cabin
offers comfort and space, meeting needs for long distance cruising. 812 Superfast inherits some ingenious designs from the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso,including the multi-button layout on the high-tech steering wheel. The new instrument cluster and infotainment units are more user-friendly with a smartphone link via Apple CarPlay. The cockpit seats with enhanced ergonomics get a sportier look, while retaining the feel of comfort.


說到車子的動力配備,幸好原廠聽到了全球性能車迷的心聲、延續了V12自然進氣引擎的發展與生命,所以812 Superfast搭載的是一具實際排氣量6,496 c.c.的6.5升、65度夾角V12自然進氣汽油引擎,並採用前中置規劃,不僅可在引擎轉速8,500轉時、輸出高達800匹的最大馬力 (每公升容積可輸出馬力123匹),73.2公斤米的最大扭力則可在引擎轉速7,000轉湧現,而且80%的扭力可在引擎轉速3,500轉提供。因此,搭配重新調校的齒比、且升降檔速度更快的7速雙離合器自手排變速箱後,令新車不但可在2.9秒由靜止加速至時速100公里,極速也已超過340公里,輕易創造出令人血脈賁張的駕駛體驗。

此外,車身前/後配重比率為46:53 的812 Superfast,還是法拉利第一輛搭載Sport EPS電子動力轉向系統的超跑,並配置了第5代SSC側滑控制系統,以及首見於F12tdf、原廠名為第2代後輪轉向系統,能讓它既擁有更容易操控的動態表現,也可同時在公路與賽道上、提供不一樣的駕駛樂趣。值得一提的是,即使擁有800匹的馬力數據,而且仍堅持採用法拉利最擅長的前置引擎/後輪驅動佈局,但是透過後輪主動轉向裝置與軟硬適中的懸吊設定,812 Superfast卻已巧妙地將那驚人的力量調校得恰到好處,高轉速與低轉速域都可收放自如,不僅能給予駕駛人充足的信心,並慢慢地吸引它去誘發深不可測的實力,也再次替超級GT跑車這個頂尖級距、再次樹立了一個對手難以超越的標準!

 Unleash the Beast

Ferrari fans will not be disappointed when they find out that 812 Superfast upholds the company’s noble V12 heritage. Powered by a redesigned 6.5-litre,65° V12 Naturally Aspirated (NA) engine, 812 Superfast is able to achieve its maximum 800 horse power output at 8,500 rpm, which translates to a specific power output of 123 hp/l. Maximum torque is 718 Nm at 7,000 rpm,a significant 80% of which is already available at 3,500 rpm. The power is then harnessed by a new 7-speed dual-clutch transmission fitted with shorter gear ratios,rendering reduced upshift and downshift times. All of that makes 812 Superfast live up to its name: it can hit 100 km/h in just 2.9 seconds, while its top speed is above 340 km/h.

Besides a weight distribution of 47/53 percent (front/rear), 812 Superfast is the first Ferrari to use EPS (Electric Power Steering). It is equipped with the latest 5.0 version of Side Slip Control (SSC) as well as Virtual Short Wheelbase 2.0 system (PCV) originally seen on the F12tdf, making its powerful performance easier to handle, and at same time offering distinct, yet equally fun driving experience both on roads and on race tracks. The 800-horsepower car exploits the beautifully crafted transaxle architecture that couples a frontmounted engine with a rear-mounted transmission, taming the amazing power through every gear. You can enjoy the cruise casually at low speed and unleash the beastly V12 the next second. It is absolutely thrilling to explore the great potential of the car’s performance. Once again Ferrari’s super GT car has set extremely high standards that is hard to reach.

法拉利 Ferrari 812 Superfast:
引擎 (Engine):6,496 c.c. V12
最大馬力 (Max Power):800 hp/8,500 rpm
最大扭力 (Max Torque):73.2 kgm/7,000 rpm
0-100 km/h:2.9 s
極速 (Max Speed):340 km/h

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