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阿斯頓.馬丁首款SUV DBX秉承其在“惟.美”設計、奢華感 官體驗與駕駛動態性能方面的一貫理念,完美體現出阿斯頓.馬 丁倜儻風範,以全新維度重新定義SUV概念。

Founded on the principles of beauty, luxury and driving dynamics, Aston Martin’s first SUV, DBX, is designed to carry occupants in true Aston Martin style and redefine the very meaning of SUV.


作為阿斯頓.馬丁首款SUV車型,DBX委實背負不少歷史性 象徵意義,廠方強調DBX車型為“第二個百年計畫”中的第四 款,同時也代表著擁有106年輝煌歷史的阿斯頓.馬丁,首次將 品牌的造車美學,推進至SUV的領域。

DBX在外型設計上揉雜品牌經典識別與創新元素,車身尺碼 長、寬與高分別為 5,039毫米、1,998毫米與1,680毫米,線條保 有非常跑車化的設計,車頭標誌性“ DB”格柵與蚌式引擎蓋,保 留車廠一貫美學堅持,俐落感全橫幅尾燈設計,則來自於品牌另 一當家車款Vantage,車尾也同樣可見設計上與Vantage相同的 一體式尾翼,且為了擁有更好的散熱效率。此外,DBX也展現細 節至上的美學精神,從無框車門的呈現、以深色玻璃覆蓋的B柱 線條,銜接與前後側窗無間斷的完美延續平面、以及為了減少進 入座艙所需步幅的貼心窄邊門檻設計,皆讓細節美學更顯非凡。

DBX在內裝的選材上也發揮極大創意,除了以精巧的金屬、 玻璃和木材為鑲嵌主調外,更選用80%純羊毛製作的特殊面料與 新型亞麻複合材料飾板鑲嵌,帶來獨特別致的美感;座椅部分採 用Caithness全粒面豪華皮革,大尺寸全景天窗配備之遮陽簾, 則選用奢華Alcantara面料,提供最佳遮光效果。內裝另一亮點 為拱橋設計風格之中控台,不僅是內飾設計的視覺中心,下方也 提供靈活的儲物空間。

Form and Spirit

A bold new chapter in Aston Martin’s illustrious 106-year history, Aston Martin has unveiled its first SUV, DBX, the fourth car of transformational Second Century Plan that will propel the brand to new heights worldwide.

DBX’s exterior merges the brand’s classic features and innovative elements. Its length, width and height are 5,039 mm, 1,998 mm and 1,680 mm respectively. From the signature “DB” grille at the front, through the sculptured sides and design feature line, to the tailgate with a flip that draws inspiration from Vantage, this is an Aston Martin from first glance to detailed inspection. Beautiful details like the hidden side glass seals on the frameless doors and glass B-pillar finishers add an elegant sleekness and confidence to the stance. Cutaway sills also assist in narrowing the stepover required to enter the sumptuous cabin.

Throughout the cabin, DBX maintains an authenticity of materials, with judicious use of metal, glass and wood throughout the cabin, and an industry first application of a fabric made from 80% wool. A new flax composite – derived from the same plant as fine linen – also provides an alternative to carbon fibre and a distinctive design aesthetic.The seats are trimmed in full-grain “Caithness” leather. The roof blind is available in a luxurious Alcantara® finish. Another design highlight includes the elegantly crafted bridged centre console with flexible storage, a true masterpiece combining aesthetics and utility.

Aston Martin DBX:
·引擎(Engine):3,982 c.c. twin-turbo V8
·馬力(Max Power):542 hp / 6,500 rpm
·扭力(Max Torque):71.3 kgm / 2,200 rpm
·極速(Max Speed):291 km/h
·0 – 100 km/h:4.5秒


誠如CEO Andy Palmer博士所說:“對一部份人而言,DBX 將是他們擁有的首輛阿斯頓.馬丁。因此,我們忠實傳承在GT 跑車中所確立之核心品牌價值的同時,更希望提供一款豪華SUV 所能代表的多樣化生活方式。”因此,除了速度之外,DBX更強 調的是SUV的核心:輕量化的設計、高剛性的車架,以及充足的 儲物空間。

DBX採用品牌旗下GT車型的高強度鋁合金車架結構,兼具輕 量化與高剛性,總車重僅2,245公斤,讓車輛無論在公路上還是越野時,都能維持卓越的動態性能。此款車型在設計之初,就以 車室空間表現為第一考量,在五人座的設定內,不論任何身形及 體重的乘客,皆能擁有舒適寬敞的乘坐體驗。至於車尾箱空間為 632升,加上後排座椅可依照40:20:40比例折疊,讓空間運用更 加靈活。而“ DBX風格生活套件”,提供包括“旅行套件”、“寶 貝毛小孩套件”等十餘種多樣化選擇,讓DBX不僅是征服各項冒 險旅途的首選坐駕,也是準車主們品味生活的風格伴侶。當然, 作為阿斯頓.馬丁的家族成員之一,DBX在動力輸出方面亦絕不馬虎,車子採用4.0公升V8雙渦輪增壓引擎,可輸出542匹馬力及 71.3 kgm扭力,配合9速波箱及四驅系統,0-100 km/h加速僅需4.5 秒,極速可達291 km/h。

氣質超然,風度有余,卻也不乏灼人眼球的鋒芒。既可見熟悉的 經典元素又能感受到來自英倫鄉村的獨特色調與紋理元素,DBX力求 為駕乘者營造非凡的品牌體驗,在您坐上駕駛座椅那一刻,DBX之奢 華與磅礡氣韻噴薄而出。

Outstanding Structure

The CEO of the group, Dr Andy Palmer said, “DBX is a car that will give many people their first experience of Aston Martin ownership. As such it needed to be true to the core values established in our sports cars, while also providing the lifestyle versatility expected of a luxury SUV.” Therefore, in addition to speed, DBX emphasises the lightness and stiffness of the body structure as well as cargo space.

Utilising bonded aluminium, a construction method Aston Martin has refined through the development of its sports cars, the body structure is both very light and incredibly stiff, assisting in the delivery of an overall kerb weight of 2,245 kg. Right from its genesis, it was designed to allow maximum room in the cabin, putting a premium on refinement and class leading spaciousness for up to five occupants. With 632 litres of boot space and 40:20:40 split folding rear seats, DBX possesses a flexible load capacity and 11 accessory packs such as touring pack and pet pack. Powered by the 4-litre, twinturbocharged V8 engine, DBX features an impressive output of 542 hp and 71.3 kgm of torque, managing 0-100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds with a top speed of 291 km/h. Transmitting this power and torque to the ground is a ninespeed torque convertor automatic gearbox, allied to an all-wheel drive system.

The elegant and eye-catching DBX with distinctive English features brings the indulgence expected of a luxury SUV with sports car levels of dynamic performance, creating an exceptional driving experience.

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