Bentley Continental GT Mulliner Convertible

Bentley Mulliner – Bentley’s bespoke commissioning division – introduces the new Continental GT Mulliner Convertible which defines open-top luxury with innovative technology.


作為 2019年賓利全球最熱賣車款,無論是硬頂或敞篷版本,歐陸GT委實擁有令人一見傾心的性感線條與外觀,車系著名的動力線(Powerline)在敞篷版本以不同方式演繹,車側線條隱約地從車門延伸至後方,接連著另一自後輪拱一筆流暢延伸至車尾的線條,賦予卓然出眾的美感。這次個性化客制部門Mulliner以領先業界的超凡工匠手藝來打造這部頂尖車款,且更加專注於創造更精緻華麗的細節來滿足其鎖定的富豪客層的喜好。
車頭水箱格柵首創全新雙菱形設計,並配上帶有“ Mulliner ”徽標字樣的側風網格柵,進一步延續獨特的黑鑽銀色主題。此外,車身塗裝提供高達 61種顏色的選擇,車主也可以支付額外費用將汽車塗成任何顏色。它與一般的歐陸GT敞篷跑車的不同之處,在於車頭前方的“雙菱形格柵”,設計靈感來自賓利獨有的“ Diamond-in-Diamond ”內部縫紉設計概念。這個設計在座艙內部更是發揮到極致:座椅、車門面板、後側圍板,甚至後座艙的置物板都用上這標誌性設計,給整體帶來了更加獨特的感覺。在車艙的修飾上,亦可體現Mulliner的細緻造工,踏板提供照明和 LED迎賓燈,可以看見賓利的 Logo圖案投射在地上。

Exclusive Luxury

As the most popular Bentley car model in 2019, the Continental GT is a revolutionary car available as both a coupé and a convertible with recognizable Bentley hallmarks including the “power line”, which emerges confidently from between the headlamps, tracing a path down the side of the car. Mulliner has gone above and beyond the industry-leading craftsmanship to create the pinnacle luxury convertible in the Continental range, with exquisite and gorgeous details and a whole new level of luxury awaits.
Bentley Mulliner introduces a bold new Double Diamond front grille, inspired by Bentley’s exclusive Diamond-in-Diamond interior quilting design. The diamond theme is visible almost everywhere. This is further complemented by bespoke Mulliner branded side vents that continue the unique silver on black diamond theme. The car will be available in no less than 61 exterior colours, although customers will also have the option to paint it in any color at an additional cost. The mood lighting is uplifted by illuminated Mulliner tread plates and LED welcome lamps that project the Bentley logo to the ground from the door mirrors.

Bentley Continental GT Mulliner Convertible
·引擎(Engine):5,950c.c. twin-turbo W12
·馬力(Max Power):626 hp / 6,000 rpm
·扭力(Max Torque):900 Nm / 1,350-4,500 rpm
·極速(Max Speed):333km/h
·0 – 100 km/h:3.8秒


貫切賓利車廠的奢華優雅格調,車子所有的皮革縫紉均以手工進行,需要大約 40萬針,而每一顆菱形紋理都包含了 712針的縫製,光是研發這刺繡工序就已經需要 18個月,可見車廠對各種細節的追求。Mulliner徽標則在前輪正下方的通風孔和儀錶板等處出現,強調此車的特別身份。傳統工藝加入最新一代技術,像是中央控制台具有鑽石形飾面,當然還配有獨家的百年靈拉絲銀鐘錶,更顯貴氣。
歐陸GT敞篷版轎跑Mulliner特別版將個性化訂製範圍拓展到無窮無盡的程度。車身標準漆色 17種,選配延伸色系更多達 70余種;車室 15種地毯顏色、多種單色或雙色木飾等多項選配,每一處細節皆彰顯視覺美觀、精緻手感的內裝細節兼具創新與實用性,讓車主依自身喜好打造獨一無二的專屬坐駕。

Customized Craftsmanship

It takes almost 400,000 stitches to deliver this quilting across the cabin of the car, with each diamond containing exactly 712 individual stitches. Developing the embroidery process to deliver this process alone took 18 months. Combining traditional and modern coachbuilding techniques, a contrast diamond milled technical finish has been applied to the centre console, finished with an exclusive diamond-pattern brushed silver Breitling clock face with a new chrome bezel surround.
The Continental GT Mulliner Convertible is haute-luxury at its bespoke finest. You can personalize the car, from 17 exterior paint finishes in the core colour with up to 70 hues available in the extended range to the woods, hides, stitching and diamond knurled metal inside. Every detail reflects the visual beauty and exquisite touch with innovation and practicality.

The Royal Choice


Bentley Mulliner, the oldest automotive coachbuilder in the world. The earliest roots of the Mulliner family traced back to carriers and saddlers in 1559. In the 19th century, it was commissioned to build and maintain carriages. It then focused on coachbuilding before the First World War and has crafted some of the most renowned Bentleys. In 1959, Mulliner cemented its partnership with Bentley by becoming a part of the business. Since then, its workshop at Bentley Crewe has been bringing dreams of customers, including celebrities and members of royal family to reality.

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