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Caves are pitch black and mysterious, some parts of it is dead silence, mesmerised by the magic of nature. Bored of the traditional way of cave tour? Here are some of the games changing way to travel through the “Underworld”, glowworm caves in New Zealand, kayaking through stalactite cave in Karbi Thailand and the clay bath spa in Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park Vietnam. A brand new experience to travel through the caves, and a trip of a lifetime.

Tourists are just like in the Milky Way Galaxy with millions of glowworms in the cave.
Glowworms inhabited in the pitch black caves, hanging through spinning silk or saliva, and produce chemical reaction with substances nearby to create a glowing blue.



Before enter the cave,a test for sitting on a lifebuoy is required.

Located in the South Island (Te Waipounamu) of New Zealand,there are the famous Te Ana-au Caves with millions of glowworms inhabited. Boats sailing into a true new dimension, embraced by darkness and silence, many glowworms blink in unlimited pitch black, looming as stars in the Milky Way Galaxy, the water reflects the blinking “stars”, as if sailing on the Milky Way, a true art performance by the nature. In this underground world without mobile signal and Wifi, you are disconnected from civilisation, and embrace in a symphony of light.

Glowworms and stalactite are available at Waitomo Caves in North Island.

「黑水漂」回到200 萬年前

至於新西蘭的另一方, 北島的懷托摩洞穴,更被列為世界九大奇跡。這個鐘乳石洞跟南島一樣是螢火蟲的聚居地,名字是毛利語,Wai的意思是水,Tomo是坑洞,加起來便是水穿過洞穴,歷史約有200萬年。跟南島不同是,懷托摩為洞穴增添一份刺激感,洞穴探險旅遊更被形容為「黑水漂」。因這項歷史久遠的活動原先只是一群酷愛冒險的人士鑽爬、漂游於洞穴及溪流間的個人探險活動,由於進洞時常攀爬於岩壁間,弄得一身髒,故行程結束時,冒險人士均會泡在水中漂流出洞,以溪水洗淨身上的污垢,當時便暱稱此行程作「洗衣之旅」,直至1987年對大眾開放,才正式改名為「黑水漂」,並成為新西蘭首個為遊客規劃的洞穴探險旅遊,以及該區的重點生態遊,吸引大批旅客前往。

One of the five tours of Black Water Rafting: Participants need to have rock climbing.

On the other side of New Zealand is Waitomo Caves in North Island, one of the 9 Wonders of the World. Waitomo is Mãori language, “Wai” means water and “Tomo” means a doline or sinkhole. Similar to Te Ana-au Cave in the south, they are both habitats of glowworms for around 2 million years. However, the tour round the cave is a bit different compare to the south, more challenging and exciting. This historic event originally started just as a local rafting spot for local x-gamers’ individual exploring, climbing up and down the rocks in cave might stain the clothing, so the explorers tended to leave through water route to wash out the filth, that’s why it was first called the “laundry”. Till 1987 the cave opened to public and was renamed as Black Water Rafting, and became the first cave adventure tour in New Zealand, attracting lots of tourists.

Climbing the rocks in cave might stain the clothing, participants can wash the filth by water.



Black Water Rafting quickly spread due to the excitement, the nature terrane and fascinating view, and developed different tours. There are mainly 5 tours, some need to take a dip and swim, some can be stayed perfectly dry, some need to bare-hand scrambling or just descend by rope, one can choose the best expedition route according to own ability.

1. 洞穴探險4小時 Tumu Tumu Toobing
Total duration of 4 hours, participants need to swim, climb, walk and raft on ring buoy.

2. 洞穴蜘蛛俠 Haggas Honking Holes
A tour includes exhausting rock climbing and rope descent, will be guided by tutor.

3. 百尺高空迷失世界 Lost World 4 Hour
First 100 feet of rapid descent, hold in mid air and genuinely touchdown, and a boat tour of viewing stalactites.

4. 極限探險7小時 Lost World 7 hours Epic
A combination of activity 1 and 3, and a tour to view nearby waterfalls, animal fossils and the largest glowworm cave.

5. 飛越繩索之旅 St. Benedict Caverns
A zip line wired across the cave, stay perfectly dry.


The glowworm cave in New Zealand is so well-known because of the filming of the Korean reality show “Dad! Where are we going?”, and even the location of Cecilia Liu and Nicky Wu for their wedding photos.

“Big-headed Ghost Cave” looks like a giant skull.

Adventure in Karbi Province

泰國南部的喀比除了熟悉的陽光與海灘外,距離市區51公里,喀比府國家公園內有一個被形容為「大頭鬼洞」的探皮華多洞。由Thalen Bay碼頭出發,坐上獨木舟,在當地導遊帶領下穿梭紅樹林的狹窄水道,沿途欣賞螃蟹、蜥蜴等不同小生物,感受大自然的和諧,直至最後就會划到一個令人驚訝的洞窟入口。「大頭鬼洞」的洞口中間被石柱一分為二,看上去就像一個骷髏頭的樣子,成為洞穴的標誌性景點,彷彿走向骷髏地獄的深處!

Krabi Province is located in south of Thailand, 51 kilometres from downtown. Tham Pee Hua Toe, also called “Big-headed Ghost Cave”, is inside Than Bok Khorani National Park. Departing from Thalen Bay Pier, kayaking through the mangrove forests and observing the ecosystem, at last a giant skull appears. The cave opening is split by a pillar, looks like a skull and the entrance to Hell.

The cave is full of mysterious ancient paintings 3000 years ago such as the creature looks like both a man and a penguin.


With 3000 years of history, the cave was firstly discovered with abnormal skulls which were bigger than those of human beings. Scientists believe that they belonged to prehistoric cavemen, or perhaps it was a sacred ancient altar. The interior of the cave is filled with mysterious ancient symbols and drawings, for instance, a drawing just like both a man and a penguin, and hands with six fingers. Some say the cave is full of supernatural powers.

“Big-headed Ghost Cave” is only accessible by canoe, tourists can hire local boatmen for help.

Heaven on Earth


Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park in central Vietnam contains more than 300 caves, the most famous of all are Heaven Cave and Black Hole with only 10-minute commute, hence visitors can visit both caves with different characteristics within a day. First of all is the Heaven Cave, going down through the wooden staircase, you can view hundreds of stalactites with different shapes. When visiting the Black Hole, safety equipment are compulsory. There is a zip line across the lagoon to the entrance of the cave, under the supervision of the tutor, one can inch forward and enter the dark cave. When you keep going, the floor becomes soggy and eventually muddy. When the mud reaches your waist, it is the destination – the mud pool. It is now zero gravity and your body can float. Perfect time and place to relax, both physically and mentally.

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