Horse Riding Vacation in Wonderland

It is vital for riders to cultivate the communication skills to control horses with great patience and the spirit of respecting life. In ancient times, racers in equestrian competitions were praised by audience to be ‘the king of sports’ due to their gorgeous dresses and incredible performances.





With more than 300 extreme sports, Queenstown of New Zealand is one of the most adventurous countries in the world. In this birthplace of bungee jump, you will enjoy both the exhilarating feeling and the magnificent scenery along the way while riding a horse.

Located in the southwest of Otago Peninsula, Queenstown is a tourist resort of the island. Taking a drive of one hour from it, you arrive at the famous Glenorchy surrounded with landscape of lakes and mountains,which provides the perfect scenes for the movie Lord of the Rings. Local professional schools provide both comprehensive services for experienced riders and basic courses for beginners.

Coaches will assess if you are a fresher before the ride in order to adjust the speed. For beginners, the whole riding experience can be similar to a ramble with the delight of overcoming slopes and narrow paths. You will be notified by the coaches on how to choose horses as the animals’ temperament vary; for instance, some favor boys rather than girls, and others have an uncontrollable character. Besides, the stature of riders should be taken into consideration since strong horses are necessary for the tall. In a ride of nearly two hours, the coach will take you riding through river crossings and forests to seek for the best route. Don’t hesitate to experience the enchanting scenes of Lord of the Rings if you reach the site!




Glenorchy offers great riding opportunities to everyone from complete beginners to the experienced. Enjoy the adventurous ride in the forest and take the picturesque scenery of mountains and wild canyons into your heart!

In addition to stunning views, horse-riding is definitely a physical and mental sport. Studies have pointed out that 40 minutes’ riding consumes more calories than two standard rounds (36 holes in total) in golf. Moreover,the sport is beneficial to the function of viscera as toxins are removed from the body with perspiration during the regular vibrations on horseback. It is essentially a noble exercise that requires not only physical strength, but also wisdom, patience, courage and love.



Farewell to Glenorchy, Numinbah Valley of Australia is another option if you wish to continue exploring the original nature. Named by aborigines, the magnificent valley next to Springbrook National Park has been on the list of UNESCO World Heritage since 2007. Used to be a site of fighter pilots’ field training during World War II, the dense subtropical rainforest nowadays is a well-known resort for horse-riding owing to its unique geomorphology of volcanic rock and rugged virgin forest. As a rider and tourist, you can even take notice of the traces of the wild animals (such as koala, wild kangaroo and etc.) along the way.


Hiking in a tropical rainforest, you can observe just one meter away from the ground. Instead, riding on the horseback showcases completely distinct views and a doubling experience of excitement.Professional staff will check all the safety facilities for you before setting out, therefore it is unnecessary to worry about security issues. Riding on the 2,500 acres’ farmland in Natural Bridge Park is a perfect option for all family members to enjoy the various terrains which include low-lying wetlands, local sugarcane field and estuaries of tropical rainforest.



開幕日精彩項目「香港賽馬會騎師馬術接力賽」同樣令觀眾目不暇給。焦點賽事分別為頂尖騎手雲集比拼速度的「浪琴表速度挑戰賽」,以及壓軸上演的「浪琴表大獎賽」。除此之外,還有香港賽馬會呈獻的「香港賽馬會金盃賽」、比拼馬匹彈跳力的「Maserati Masters Power 」,以及亞洲站獨有的騎師馬術接力賽,一眾精英賽馬騎師將與馬術好手組隊作賽,透過跳躍動作考驗他們的技術,緊張刺激的過程讓觀眾忘我歡呼。

Held for three days, Longines Masters of Hong Kong presented exciting world class equestrian hurdles together with colorful entertainment activities, family friendly competitions and cultural feasts.

Containing the focus event Longines Speed Challenge and the finale Longines Grand Prix of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Jockey Club Relay Race Trophy was a dizzying program on the opening day. Furthermore, Hong Kong Jockey Club Golden Cup,Maserati Masters Power and Equestrian Relay Race also won great cheers from the audience with stimulating competitions.

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