新濠影滙「狂電派」全球首演 星光雲集感受狂電力量
Elēkron Launches With A Star-Studded Premiere At Studio City


Igniting Macau with the power and intensity of a lightning bolt, the hugely anticipated Elēkron – the world’s first all-electric indoor theatrical stunt show – launched with a bang at Studio City tonight as it excited celebrities, dignitaries and VIP guests at its spectacular world premiere.


繼新濠天地成功打造全球最壯觀水上滙演《水舞間》後,新濠博亞娛樂另一旗艦度假村項目新濠影滙再度爲澳門打造另一必賞之驚世鉅鑄《狂電派》。滙演與頂尖娛樂策演公司斯達菲(Stufish) 攜手策劃,同時獲得澳門特別行政區政府全力支持。《狂電派》以末日浩劫之後為背景,由全球頂級製作及特技界精英以度身特製之超級電能車傾力演出,為觀眾呈獻一幕又一幕驚心動魄之超難度表演。

Following the unprecedented success of The House of Dancing Water at City of Dreams, Elēkron is the latest must-see attraction brought to the city by Melco Resorts & Entertainment. Developed in partnership with globally renowned entertainment architects Stufish, and with the full support of the Macau SAR Government. The show features dozens of powerful custom-made electric vehicles designed exclusively for Elēkron, engaged in a rapid succession of exciting feats.



Before the premiere, a host of honored guests – including executives of Melco and Stufish, Macau SAR Government officials and Elēkron ambassador Shawn Yue – attended the red carpet event and grand opening ceremony to celebrate the show’s official launch. For the next 75 minutes, the death-defying stunts and non-stop action kept guests glued to the edge of their seats.


Elēkron is an ancient Phoenician word meaning “shining light”, and in the context of the show it represents a beacon of hope in a fictional post-apocalyptic world. In this fantasy realm, the performers play a unified nomadic tribe who must race against time to confront and redirect powerful electrical forces, creating a heroic story of survival in a land where nature has careened out of control.


Against the backdrop of an abandoned power station, all-electric sports cars, customized buggies, quads, trials bikes and FMX bikes wowed the crowd with a succession of high-octane feats and daredevil jumps performed at super-close range to the audience, while fireworks and pyrotechnics provided added flashes of excitement throughout. All of the excitement throughout the night is confined to a tight space of only 900 square meters, smaller than an Olympic size swimming pool, requiring drivers to have impeccable control over their high-torque electric vehicles.

其他重點環節還包括火燒保時捷之亡命漂移表演;及以電單車和四驅車由約4樓12米高空以65度角高速俯衝再急煞的特技表演。滙演以復翼飛機作結,由 7位「天際舞士」於高空在機翼翻騰舞動,場面絢麗。

Other highlights include setting a Porsche on fire and driving it around the arena while motorcycle riders and buggy drivers chaotically drive up and drop in from the top of a huge projection screen at a height of 12 meters, at an incredibly steep 65 degree angle and come screeching to a halt just a couple meters from the audience. The biggest cheer of all arrived when an electric biplane soared right over the crowd with seven world-class aerial wing-walkers dancing on top.


Assembled from all over the world, the cast of Elēkron is comprised of more than 150 international performers, creative specialists, designers and technicians. All the vehicles featured in the show are bespoke and designed from scratch, and powered by Tesla motors with a custom-designed control system. Defying the laws of nature and mankind, Elēkron is set to electrify Macau starting tomorrow.