Unmissable Chocolates Around the World

Nobody can ever resist the lure of luscious chocolate in Valentine’s Day. Running a long history, it is now welcomed everywhere with its fascinating shapes and intoxicating taste.


隨著近年健康食品概念深入民心,巧克力界也順應世界潮流,因可可成分含豐富抗氧化物質,每天適當食用有益健康,所以無糖無添加的黑巧克力Bean to Bar日益流行。

若說到真正的「巧克力王國」,相信比利時比任何歐洲國家更有資格,因比利時目前是全球三大消耗巧克力的國家之一,平均每人每年食用超過10公斤。每年的布魯塞爾巧克力沙龍,更是贏得國際聲譽。巧克力沙龍在全球30個城市舉辦共165次,吸引了全球650萬參觀者。今年恰逢「巧克力與可可世界」系列創辦20週年,沙龍展囊括來自比利時、法國等著名巧克力品牌,包括Pierre Hermé、Franck Kestener、Bruno Le Derf等200家專業巧克力商參展。除了吃到知名巧克力的歡愉,在沙龍展還能跟著大師學做巧克力,欣賞精美的巧克力服飾展、巧克力原料、機器及模具、還有巧克力的美容產品、3D打印、藝術品及烹飪等,項目非常多元化。

Salon du Chocolat Brussels, Belgium

Many brands have launched Bean to Bar, the dark chocolate without sugar or additives, to customers desiring for healthy food as the cocoa contains rich antioxidant and benefits health.

Belgium comes to the top than any other European countries when speaking of Chocolate Kingdom, since it is the third biggest chocolate consuming country in the world with an annual intake of more than 10 kg per capita. The notable Salon du Chocolat Brussels held every year has won the attention worldwide. It has been held more than 165 times in 30 cities, attracting 6.5 million visitors. This year is the 20th anniversary of “Chocolate and Cocoa World” series of the Salon and more than 200 leading chocolate brands will join the exhibition including Pierre Hermé, Franck Kestener and Bruno Le Derf. Visitors can experience various chocolate related items there: tasting renowned chocolate, making chocolate with masters, enjoy delicate chocolate clothes as well as tour around the raw materials, machines,moulds, chocolate beauty products, 3D printing, cooking and so on.





Currently there are two different ways to make chocolate. One is called chocolate artists who buy chocolate from factories, then add in their ideas and make it into well-wrapped products with their styles; the other is called chocolate craftsman who are strict with every process even from picking up cocoa beans, pursuing for the perfect taste.

In this Salon, many famed chocolate factories will invite masters to create artistic chocolate on site. The exhibition even has multiple chocolate statues: Greek nude sculptures, Eiffel Tower,the Brussels Manneken Pis and even real-size withered trees. There will also be speeches about chocolate making and workshops, so that visitors can see and learn how to make chocolate from masters.

The chocolate fashion show is an event not to be missed. 17 Belgian and international chocolatiers create outfits almost entirely out of chocolate. Intricately designed chocolate dresses,hair ornaments, belts and accessories convey the tricky techniques of designers, as the outfits are likely to melt while touching human bodies.


在新西蘭的但尼丁,每年夏季都會上演「吉百利巧克力嘉年華」,活動包括工作坊、美容和乘坐巧克力脆脆火車等,令當地變成巧克力之城。其中最受人矚目的,必然是有趣而充滿愛心的慈善巧克力豆比賽,參加者只需花1元紐幣(約5.6港元)購買一顆圓形巧克力豆就能參加,每顆都會被標上紅、綠或黃色以及獨一無二的編號。豆子集中放在被吉尼斯世界紀錄大全認證為世界最陡的鮑德溫街上,裁判一聲令下,成千上萬顆巧克力豆爭先恐後地從大街的最高處奔跑出來,據統計,最快的巧克力豆「跑」完全程僅需15至25秒,工作人員們最後會記錄下最早到達終點的「巧克力豆選手」。各色的前5名豆子得主可獲得獎勵,如首名獲得價值1,000元紐幣( 約5,565 港元)的食品券、750 元紐幣( 約4,175港元)的加油券還有一籃子價值250元紐幣(約1,392港元)的巧克力。


Cadbury Chocolate Carnival, New Zealand

Cadbury Chocolate Carnival is held every summer in Dunedin, New Zealand, including chocolate-themed events that range from workshops, beauty salon to chocolate crisp train. The highlight of the carnival should be the charitable Cadbury Jaffa Race.

To join the funny race, it only costs each participants NZD 1 (HKD 5.6) to by a coated chocolate bean with red, green or yellow marks and a unique code on it. As soon as the order is given, the great excitement starts and thousands of chocolate beans tumble down the world’s steepest street named Baldwin Street. Provided by statistics, the quickest chocolate bean spends no more than 15 seconds to end the race. Therefore, only with the assistance of camera can the staffs figure out which one arrives first. Five winners of each color will be rewarded while the champion gets a food stamp of NZD 1,000 (HKD 5,565), an oil ticket of NZD 750 (HKD 4,175) and a basket of chocolate which is worth NZD 250 (HKD 1,392).

The most meaningful part of the race should be the host company will donate all the earning to local charities to support children who suffer from illness, the elderly and environmental protection. What’s more, it even invites sick children to participate in the race for free with the wish that the innocent happiness could relief their sufferings and witness the transmission of love.

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