Traveling for CHOCOLATE

With mysterious scent and flavor, humans cannot stop indulging in chocolate. To be a true chocolate fanatic, just eating is not enough. There are multiple chocolate experiences around the world for your exploration.

Australia 澳大利亞


澳大利亞擁有美麗的自然風光,其人文活動也是豐富多采。位於墨爾本東南方的菲利普島,有著一個甜美誘惑之地——菲利普島巧克力工厂。工廠由來自馬來西亞的機械工程師Panny建立,他本身熱愛巧克力,短短數年成功創立了Panny’s巧克力品牌,生產超過190種不同的巧克力產品。這工廠不只是生產巧克力,更是一個集快樂和美食為一體的巧克力樂園,是巧克力愛好者必到的朝聖地,在2010年還獲得了“ Tourism ofVictoria ”最佳旅遊景點大獎。

Phillip Island Chocolate Factory

Australia has beautiful natural scenery as well as plentiful cultural activities. Located in Melbourne’s southeast, Phillip Island has the sweetest and most addictive attraction – the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory. Founded by Malaysian mechanical engineer Panny with chocolate as his magnificent obsession, he successfully established his own chocolate brand Panny’s in just a few years, producing over 190 types of chocolate products. Besides chocolate-making, the factory is an amazing paradise of chocolate that combines happiness and delicacies. It also won the “The Victorian Tourism Awards” in 2010.
The entire chocolate journey starts with the admission ticket – as it is literally a chocolate! You can learn everything about the origin and complex production process of chocolate here, or even use the Panny’s Amazing Chocolate Machine to make your very own exclusive chocolate! The art museum is not to be missed for art lovers. It presents imaginative chocolate creations such as various nostalgic chocolate advertisements in Australia and a chocolate world map. The world’s largest chocolate waterfall that has 400 kg of molten chocolate cascading down every 3 minutes also amazes visitors. More than 190 types of chocolate products are available at the retail shop. You can have the sweetest day by sitting in the cafe while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and taking a bite of the seductive chocolate.

Vietnam 越南


說到越南的著名特產,除了咖啡、腰果和果乾,不得不提的就是紅遍全球的Bean-to-Bar巧克力瑪柔!瑪柔於2011 年由Samuel Maruta和Vincent Mourou 兩位法國人創立,從種植可可豆、巧克力製作再到包裝,所有工序都在越南進行,被《紐約時報》譽為“ 最棒巧克力”。品牌選用來自越南六個不同省的可可豆以手工製成黑巧克力,讓您品嚐各地因氣候、種植海拔影響而形成的不同巧克力風味,包裝設計則精美且充滿南洋風情。雖然現在世界各地都可以買到瑪柔巧克力,但是去原產地胡志明市的專門店Maison Marou Saigon才是最獨特的體驗!一踏進店內,可可的香氣撲鼻,您更可以透過透明櫥窗觀看製作巧克力的過程,並選購限定版手工巧克力禮盒,包括多款富越南特色的口味,如越南咖啡、椰奶、腰果等。專門店也是一個咖啡廳,餐飲均以巧克力為主,挑動食客的味蕾。來到這裡,不妨點一杯熱巧克力配上精緻的巧克力甜點,讓您的越南之旅更增甜美。

Marou Chocolate in Ho Chi Minh City

For Vietnam’s famous specialties, besides coffee, cashews and dried nuts, the Bean-to-Bar chocolate Marou founded in 2011 by two French, Samuel Maruta and Vincent Mourou, has been making waves worldwide. From harvesting ripe cocoa pods, making chocolate to wrapping, the entire production process is done in Vietnam. Dubbed as “The Best Chocolate” by The New York Times, Marou built its name on its unique flavours, created with cacao sourced from 6 different provinces, each with its own distinct climate and terrain that contributed to its flavours. On the other hand, the exotic designs of the packaging adds to the mix the unique Southeast Asian aesthetics. Even though Marou chocolate is now available all over the world, you should definitely visit the specialty store, Maison Marou Saigon in Ho Chi Minh City! Once you step into the store, the aroma of cocoa is tangy. You can watch the chocolate making process directly and buy a limited-edition handmade chocolate gift set with a variety of flavors in unique Vietnamese styles, such as Vietnamese coffee, coconut milk and cashews. Don’t forget to visit the cafe and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and different fantastic chocolate desserts.

Korea 韓國



Chocolate Spa in Seoul

Do you love chocolate enough to not just eat it, but to use it as a beauty aid? You absolutely should! Chocolate has redeemed itself as the new skin savior at high-end spas around the world. Located in Myeongdong, Hwanggeum Sauna, the most popular sauna in Seoul, Korea with jjimjilbang, massage, baths and skincare treatments, provides the exclusive Chocolate Massage Package. It opens 24 hours so it is perfect for people shopping in Myeongdong to unwind themselves. For the chocolate spa, one cannot resist the sweet smell of chocolate. Cocoa is a rich source of antioxidant polyphenols, protein and unsaponifiables, which help to firm and reverse aging skin. The rich vitamins A, B2 and E can improve body’s circulation for healthier skin. The natural oils found in cocoa butter can moisturize skin and clean hair follicles. Moreover, the cocoa powder contains theobromine which stimulates the nervous systems and lowers the risk of depression, and also phenylethylamine (“happy hormones”) which fights tiredness and influences our moods in a positive way.

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