Tipsy Wine Marathon

Marathon makes your life different. Murakami Haruki puts in “What I Talk About When I Talked About Running” that in Marathon pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. Marathon journey could be full of sweats and pains, but also could be joyful with glasses of wines.




Marathon du Médoc in France

French embrace hedonism so much that they even invented Marathon du Médoc. Runners can enjoy classic wines from chateaus alongside the journey since this event is held in the famous wine region,Bordeaux. Competition is the last thing you should think about in this Marathon. You might miss the pleasure if you rush into the finish line while others take delight in foods and drinks.

Beautiful sceneries and world cultural relics scatter along the Marathon du Médoc: more than 50 splendid chateaus, old castles,modern buildings as well as superb wines. The 34th Marathon du Médoc will be held on 8 September, 2018, running through 59 chateaus with the top 3 Cru Latour, Mouton and Lafite included. If you grab a glass of Bordeaux at every refueling stop, you will finish 3 bottles of wine.So many tipsy participants will put the Marathon aside and have a wonderful sunbath or a nap on the roadside instead.



The theme of Marathon du Médoc this year is Amusement Park,in which every runner can have fun as much as he can. Refueling stops offer famous French delicacies along with wines, including foie gras,oysters, roasted beef, toasts, chocolate, cheese, ice cream, macarons and etc. The whole marathon journey is like a full set of French cuisine.Few people can resist such a feast of aperitifs, wines, champagnes,starters, main courses and desserts. As said by British Writer Peter Mayle in his A Connoisseur’s Marathon, “in this convivial race, speed is far less important than enjoyment”.




Beer Lovers’ Marathon in Belgium

Beer Lovers’ Marathon in Belgium only has been held three years, a relatively you ng event compared with Marathon du Médoc. But it is in every way wilder than Marathon du Médoc as Belgians are fond of beer. This year it will be held in the historic city of Liege on 20 May. Sponsored by 18 handmade beer brands, the marathon will serve beer, Belgium chocolate, waffles and fried potatoes. Bands, dancers and singers will also perform along the journey.

The most fantastic part about it is runners will disguise themselves, such as characters in Star Wars, comic heroes and even Twin Towers. The marathon looks more like a costume party where thousands of runners take pleasure in dressing themselves up, enjoying the beer and being eye-catching instead of competing against each other. After drinking a dozen of beer, participants will start to run merrily. They might even run towards the finishing line while dancing and singing. And you will find your feet and cheeks both in pain; the latter is because watching drunk runners in costumes teasing each other will make you roar with laughter. You might have taken part in marathons held in many places, but this one in Belgium will definitely make you laugh ecstatically.


Belgian beer has a rich variety of strong white beer as well as handmade beer that smells like fresh wheat. It is so mellow that tastes like liquid muffin, enveloping people with sweetness and happiness. The Beer Lovers’ Marathon is a heaven for huge fans of beer and marathon. With dances and songs alongside the run,one can enjoy the exquisite scenery of Liege. Awaiting runners ahead in the next refueling stop a few kilos away will be surprises from another beer brand. Once they hit the road, they will never be eager to arrive at the destination. Indeed, the closer you are to the finishing line, the closer the refueling stops from each other. So why don’t you indulge yourselves in beer since success is just around the corner?

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