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男人愛古物,有人喜愛它的故事、有人喜愛它的歷練、有人喜歡修復的過程;當三位愛車狂人走在一起,“ 車”就是他們溝通的關鍵字。

People love antiques for different reasons: some fall for their stories, some admire the traces of age and some like the repair processes. For motor lovers, the word “car” is another link that connects them.


在周末的晴朗早上,鏗鏘爽勁的引擎聲響劃破了寧靜時空,周遭的景物瞬間走遠,迎面而來的是一輛經豐田經典跑車賽利卡、一輛車年齡達39歲的迷彩鈴木越野車、還有一輛六、七十年代風靡一時,就連“ 貓王”普雷斯利也曾擁有的凱迪拉克Seville !這樣的列陣,令我彷如回到過去80 年代的美好時光中。
所有懂車、愛車的人也知道,購買新車只要付上足夠金錢基本上便能購得心頭好,而玩經典車的車主,付出的除了金錢,往往還需要處理大量的維修、改裝,找尋合適部件等,消耗的往往是大量時間及心血!儘管如此,只要當男士拋下一句:“ 懂的自然會懂”,所有事往往就變成合理及理所當然。

For Those who Understand It

A powerful revving-up sound of engine broke the quietness of a sunny weekend morning. Attention was instantly drawn to the classic Toyota Celica coming down the street. Behind it was a 39-year-old Suzuki Jimny in military camouflage and a Cadillac Seville that enjoyed huge popularity in the 1960s and 1970s. Even Elvis Presley owned one. This combination brought me back to the glorious times of the 1980s.
Buying a new car involves little more than paying the required amount. However, for those who collect classic vehicles, on top of money, it is also a commitment of time and effort into maintenance, modifications and the search for parts that you need. It may seem a lot of work for some, but for those who understand it, it is all reasonable.


“ 喜歡車的原因很大程度都是因為父親的薰陶及影響!”豐田賽利卡車主Agostibho坦然,由小時候已開始喜歡車,很喜歡跟父親及家人一起乘车兜风游逛的過程,到成長後擁有經濟基礎便開始玩車,也情傾速度至上的跑車款式:“ 我從小至今特別喜歡跑車,可能因為澳門每年也有大賽車賽事的關係吧,好像這部豐田第4代的賽利卡,雖然手動排檔不少人覺得不方便,但我就是偏愛舊式跑車這種直接、互動及人車合一的感覺。”
不難發現Agostibho在訪問過程談及父親所自然流露的一份祟拜與尊敬,而在他身旁,作為資深汽車發燒友的父親Young,展示的就是另一種汽車品味與態度:“ 汽車跟人一樣,不同的人有不同個性,我喜歡認識不同的人也喜歡研究不同類型的汽車,當我年輕的時候喜愛駕駛摩托車,喜歡那自由無拘束的感覺;有一陣子又喜歡大眾的甲蟲車,自己亦曾擁有3部;至於這部鈴木迷彩越野車雖然出廠至今接近40年,但由於保養得宜性能亦十分優良,令我著迷的原因是喜歡其全能性及粗獷的性格。”
相對於這對父子兵,另一經典車車主Eddie的品味就更為獨特。一輛車體龐大、金色車身的81年出廠凱迪拉克Seville,絕對是收視率滿分之作:“ 喜歡這個品牌原因是由小時候開始已喜歡美國製造的汽車,加上這品牌的汽車經常出現於不少荷里活電影之中,當我發現此車出現在澳門,我便立志要得到它!”身兼澳門經典車文化協會會長的Eddie,坦誠希望透過舉辦遊車河及車主聚會,令本澳經典車發燒友能互相交流,分享喜好:“ 澳門經典車可謂買少見少,因此我們希望做到分享經典車文化,令更多人可以接觸、了解更多有關經典車的趣味與知識,一直傳承這份集體回憶。”

Collective Memory

“My love of cars has a lot to do with my father,” said Agostibho, the owner of the Toyota Celica. His affection for motor vehicles started from a young age and stemmed from the many road trips with his father and family. He began collecting cars as he grew older and became financially independent. “From a young age, I have developed a particular love for sports car. That probably had something to do with the race in Macau every year. Some may find the manual gearbox of this fourth-generation Toyota Celica inconvenient, but the directness and interaction between the driver and the car are exactly what I like about old sports cars. It is as if you and the car become one.”
Agostibho’s admiration and respect for his father, Young, was easy to discern from the interview. Young, standing beside him, demonstrates another kind of taste and attitude towards car collection. “Cars are similar to human, in that each of them displays a different set of characters. I like meeting different people and I like studying different types of cars. When I was young, I enjoyed riding a motorbike for the freedom that came with it. And then there was a time when I was really into Volkswagen Beetle. In fact, I had owned three of them. This camouflage Suzuki Jimny is still in a pretty good shape although it was produced nearly 40 years ago. I like it for its all-roundedness and burly character.”
Compared to the father-and-son duo, Eddie’s taste is even more quirky. The large, gold-coloured Cadillac Seville, produced in 1981, surely turns heads. “My love for the brand originates from my passion for American cars from a young age. Additionally, cars of this brand often appear in Hollywood films. So when I realised the car is available in Macau, I decided immediately that I was going to get it,” he said. As Chairman of Macau Vintage Vehicle Culture Association, Eddie hopes that through road trips and gatherings, fanatics in Macau can exchange information and passion. “There are not so many vintage vehicles in Macau. Therefore, we hope to build a platform to share the culture, so that more people can learn about it and the collective memory can be passed on.”

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