雍容大氣 Miss SAKE選舉
Miss SAKE with Elegant Poise

2019 春田早重 Sae Haruta

Japan has many beauty pageants, such as the Japan Bishojo Contest, the Miss Nippon Contest, the Miss Campus Queen Contest and the Most Beautiful 20-year old Girl Contest.

text: 蒲東

2014 森田真衣 Mai Morita

為了將清酒推廣至全世界,日本清酒界於2013 年推出“Miss SAKE Japan”選拔賽,旨在選出一位日本推廣及親善大使,向世界宣揚推廣日本清酒文化及歷史。每屆Miss SAKE都有三項使命:
1. 分享日本酒與及日本之魅力
2. 宣揚有關日本各地域的農業、食品
3. 推廣日本的傳統文化及藝術由於Miss SAKE

不只在日本國內宣揚清酒文化,還會代表日本出席國內外大大小小的400多場活動,所以除了要熱愛清酒及擁有標緻的外貌,評審更着重佳麗的親和力、對外溝通交流能力、外語能力,畢竟她們是代表日本清酒界,需要在各種場合表現出絕對稱職的親善大使角色,所以修養、學識、智慧與親和力來得比美貌重要。就好像剛出爐不久的Miss SAKE Japan 春田早重,她曾負笈美國麥西西比洲,大學亦主修英國文學,英語能力與眼界不容置疑;而2018 年冠軍亞紗実亦曾留學美國,更擁有唎酒師、國際唎酒師等資格,見識亦非常廣博。

Started in Japan in 2013, the Miss SAKE Contest aims to seek for an Cultural Ambassador to share Japanese traditions, culture and cuisines through the appreciation of sake in Japan and aboard. There are three objectives of the contest:
1.Promotion of Japan sake traditions and enjoyment of sake
2.Promotion of regional cuisines, food and agriculture
3.Promotion of Japanese culture, craftsmanship and attractions

Miss SAKE not only actively participates in sake activities, but also more than 400 culture and international events around the world. She needs to be pretty and love sake for sure, and have an affinity to others with good communication and foreign language skills. In fact, as an Ambassador of Japanese sake culture, wisdom and affinity are more important than beauty. The 2019 Miss SAKE Sae Haruta has studied abroad in Mississippi, the U.S., and majored in English literature in university. The 2018 Miss SAKE Asami Sudo has also studied in the U.S. and obtained qualifications such as sommeliers and international sommeliers.

所以每一屆的Miss SAKE Japan可能並非絕色,但每位皆是雍容大氣、學富五車的時尚女性。也因如此,Miss SAKE Japan的比賽項目與參賽條件,與一般選美也有所不同:大會不會對參賽女性身高做出限制、也無需穿著泳衣在台上任人評論,佳麗們會表演書法、舞蹈、俳句等項目,整個賽事充滿美感和文化氣息,據大會說Miss SAKE Japan是一份“帶出女性尊嚴和平等的文化事業”。

由於Miss SAKE Japan代表著整個日本酒宣傳的至高榮譽,更可穿上高雅端莊的振袖(和服的一種,質量上乘的一百萬日元以上)向全世界推廣日本清酒,再加上豐厚的獎金,所以競爭非常激烈。日本各縣都會選拔出熟悉日本酒文化的20-29歲女子代表參賽,每年大約有900多名女性報名參賽,最終選出20多名入圍者,參與最終競選僅有的一席年度親善大使冠軍位,競爭之劇可見一斑。

The champions of Miss SAKE Japan are all elegant and intelligent. Unlike other beauty pageants, There are no height requirements for Miss SAKE, the contestants are also not required to wear swimsuits. Instead, they need to perform artistic and cultural activities such as calligraphy, dance and haiku. Thus, Miss SAKE Japan is a cultural undertaking that brings out women’s dignity and equality.

Since Miss SAKE Japan is the highest honor of sake promotion in Japan with whopping award, who can also wear the gorgeous furisode, a long-sleeved kimono (the quality ones cost more than a million yen) to promote sake to the world, the competition is very intense. About 900 women in Japan from 20 to 29 years old who are familiar with Japanese
sake culture are enrolled each year, around 20 finalists are selected to participate in the final selection with only one Miss SAKE.

2018 須藤亞紗実 Asami Sudo

這兩年為了進一步向世界推廣清酒和日本多元文化,Miss SAKE 競選已擴展到澳洲、香港、台灣和越南。2019年的Miss SAKE Hong Kong 已經誕生,冠軍是27 歲的Bowie文寶兒。她能說日文,在日本食品公司工作,負責清酒採購。擁有SSI國際唎酒師資格的她,擔任過很多清酒賽事的評審,走訪過的酒莊達20多個,閒時更會為餐廳提供清酒內部培訓,清酒知識及經驗絕對是大師級數。再加上她的親和力和健談性格,當選首屆Miss SAKE Hong Kong絕對實至名歸。

To further promote Japanese culture, this program has also subsequently expanded to other countries and regions, such as Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam. The winner that was crowned the 2019 Miss SAKE Hong Kong was the 27-year-old Bowie Man, who works at a Japanese food company for sake purchasing and can speak fluent Japanese. She has got the SSI sake sommelier qualification and served as a judge for many sake competitions. She has also visited more than 20 wineries and provided in-house sake training for restaurants, with expert knowledge of sake. Coupled with her affinity and talkative character, she totally deserves to be the first Miss SAKE Hong Kong.